Car Park HDB (What Singaporean Residents Need To Know)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION HDB Car Park (A Beneficial Facility for the Residents) Car Park HDB Renewal HDB Car Park Rate Car Park HDB (An Application for Season Parking) HDB’s Attempt to Make Parking Experience More Comfortable Final Words Disclaimer: The information in this post was produced with the greatest of care and to the best […]
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The Wonderful Transformation of Zermatt Neo’s Kitchen

Who Is Zermatt Neo? Zermatt Neo (born 24 December 1987) is a Singaporean competitive eater and YouTube personality. He is well-known in the competitive eating scene having won the 2017 Food League Singapore Competitive Eating Championship where he finished 92 pieces of chicken wings in 8 minutes. The Transformation of His Kitchen Into A New […]
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Incredible Ideas for Accent Wall in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction What Are Accent Walls? Accent Wall Ideas: Different Designs Best Theme Ideas for Accent Wall in Singapore Accent Wall Living Room Acoustic Wall Panels Singapore Conclusion INTRODUCTION Are you tired of staring at your plain and monotonous walls? Adding an accent wall can allow your eyes to naturally gravitate toward the place […]
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The Most Luxurious Condo in Singapore (An Insight into High-End Living)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION The Nassim (A High-end Luxurious Condo in Singapore) The Sail @ Marina Bay The Astaka @ One Bukit Senyum Other Luxurious Condos in Singapore INTRODUCTION Featuring world-class Architecture, a stunning skyline, and a lush landscape, Singapore is a sight for sore eyes and a hub for luxury properties. Holding the title of […]
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HDB Buying Process (Step-by-Step Guidance 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION Step 1: Start the HDB Buying Process Application Step 2: Decide Whether You’re Buying a Resale HDB Step 3: Apply for an HDB Loan Step 4: Sign the Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) Step 5: Complete Administrative Procedures HDB Resale Buying Timeline Disclaimer: The information in this post was produced with the […]
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6 Popular Coffee Shop Designs in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION Top 6 Most Popular Coffee Shops Design in Singapore 1. Minimalist Coffee Shop Design 2. Industrial-Style Coffee Shop 3. Retro Coffee Shop 4. Rustic Chic Coffee Shop 5. Pastel Aesthetic Coffee Shop 6. Bohemian Café Introduction There’s something about cafes that makes people feel at home wherever they are. Coffee shops are […]
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Flush Mount Sink in Singapore – The Ultimate Guide 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction What Is A Flush Mount Sink? Flush Mount vs Undermount Sink Characteristics of A Flush Mount Sink in Singapore Pros and Cons of A Flush Mount Sink Hachi Flush Mount Sink Interior Themes that Well Match with a Flush Mount Sink Conclusion Introduction A Flush Mount Sink is a type of sink […]
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Plan For A Room – Room Planning for Some Landed Home Types in Singapore 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction What Is Space Planning? Popular Landed Home Types To Do Room Planning Plan Of A 3-Bedroom House Plan Of A 4-Bedroom House Layout Of A Living Room Conclusion Introduction Image source: Before moving to another home or purchasing a property, the floor plan of the area is one of the fundamental […]
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Carpet in Singapore – A Guide to Find Your Dream Carpets

QUICK NAVIGATION About Carpets in Singapore Varieties of Carpet Singapore Carpet Production Using Multiple Materials and Patterns Where to Buy Carpet Singapore Cheapest Carpet in Singapore Nordic Carpet in Singapore Conclusion About Carpets in Singapore Over the years, the demand for a carpet in Singapore is witnessing an upward trend. Undoubtedly, carpets play a significant […]
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#8 Creative Makeup Tables That You’ll Love to Have in Your Bedroom

QUICK NAVIGATION About Makeup Tables in Singapore #8 Creative Make-up Table Styles 1. Hollywood Style Makeup Table 2. Minimalist Make-up Table 3. Makeup Table with Storage and Round Chair 4. Marble Makeup Table 5. Scandinavian Style Makeup Table 6. Luxurious Makeup Table 7. Corner Makeup Table 8. Classic White Makeup Tables About Makeup Tables in […]
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Bedside Table in Singapore [All You Need To Know in 2023]

QUICK NAVIGATION About Bedside Tables in Singapore #8 Most Popular Bedside Tables in Singapore 1. Wall Mounted Bedside Table 2. Industrial Bedside Table 3. Vintage Bedside Table 4. Scandinavian Bedside Table 5. Mid-Century Bedside Table 6. Glass Bedside Table 7. Side Bed Table with Shelves 8. Wooden Minimalist Bedside Tables About Bedside Tables in Singapore […]
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Understanding Resort Style Interior Design in 2023 (Characteristics, Colors, and Furniture)

QUICK NAVIGATION About Resort Style Interior Design Resort-style Interior Design: The Origins Characteristics of Resort Style Interior Design Colours and Patterns Furniture in Resort Style Interior Design Pros and Cons of Resort Style Interior Design Resort Style HDB Interior Design in Singapore Conclusion About Resort Style Interior Design Resort-style interior design, especially in Singapore, may […]
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HDB Point Block: Definition, Evolution and Significance in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION About HDB Point Block in Singapore Point Block HDB Meaning History of Point Block HDBs in Singapore HDB Point Blocks 4-Room and 5-Room Units HDB Point Block Interior Design The Evolution in HDB Interior Design HDB Point Block: A Significant Part of Singapore’s Urban Landscape Conclusion About HDB Point Block in Singapore Image […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Mediterranean Interior Design in 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION About Mediterranean Interior Design The Origin of Mediterranean Interior Design? What Is Modern Mediterranean Interior Design? What is Greek Mediterranean Interior Design? Characteristics of Mediterranean Interior Design Pros and Cons Is Mediterranean Interior Design Applicable To Singapore Homes? Conclusion About Mediterranean Interior Design Mediterranean interior design is a popular style that incorporates elements […]
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Where to Stay During Home Renovation in Singapore? (A Few Suggestions 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction It’s Necessary to Move Out When You Are Renovating Where to Stay During Home Improvement Programme? Conclusion Introduction Home renovation can be an exciting and much-needed change, but it can also be a hassle, especially when it comes to finding a place to stay while the work is being done. If you’re […]
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7 Best Ideas of Bicycle Rack for Home in Singapore

Table Of Content What You Need To Know About Bicycle Rack in Singapore What Is A Bicycle Rack For Home In Singapore? What Are Popular Bicycle Racks Designs/Models in Singapore? Bicycle Rack for Car In Singapore What Is The Benefit of Having A Bicycle Rack For Home? What You Need To Know About Bicycle Rack […]
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Embracing the Beauty of Mixed Styles in Eclectic Interior Design 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION What You Need To Know About Eclectic Interior Design Eclecticism in Interior Design: The Origins The Typical Characteristics of This Theme Fusion of Colors and Patterns Furniture in Eclectic Interior Design Eclectic in Interior Design: Pros and Cons Focal Point of Eclectic Interior Design Conclusion What You Need To Know About Eclectic Interior […]
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Service Yard Window: The Heart of Your Home’s Service Area

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction About Service Yard Window & Door What is a Service Yard Window? Placement of Service Yard Windows Popular Design of Service Yard Windows Service Yard Door Types of Windows for Service Yard Areas Materials for Service Yard Windows Guidelines for Installing Windows in Service Yard Areas in Singapore Conclusion Introduction About Service […]
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Modern Colonial Interior Design 2023: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

QUICK NAVIGATION About The Modern Colonial Interior Design The Characteristics of Modern Colonial Interior Design 1. Intricate Patterns and Motifs 2. Elegant Furniture Pieces 3. Lighting Fixtures 4. Decor How To Achieve Colonial Style Interiors? How To Blend Different Interior Styles with Colonial Style Interiors Conclusion About The Modern Colonial Interior Design Image source: […]
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Understanding The HDB Ceiling Height & Tips to Deal with Ceiling Leaks 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION All You Need To Know About The HDB Ceiling Height Floor-to-Ceiling Height HDB Ceiling Leak – The Main Causes It’s Important To Keep Your HDB Ceiling in Good Condition? How To Identify A Leaky Ceiling? Possible Repair Methods How Can You Maintain Your Home Well To Avoid Ceiling Leaks? Conclusion All You Need […]
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Material Matters: A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right Material for Kitchen Top

QUICK NAVIGATION Kitchen Top Materials Pros & Cons of Popular Kitchen Table Top Materials Which Interior Design Themes Suits These Kitchen Top Replacements? When to Consider a Kitchen Top Replacement? Conclusion – What Are The Best Materials For Kitchen Tabletops? Kitchen Top Materials When it comes to selecting new countertops or tabletops for your kitchen, […]
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Unearthing the Charm of Singapore Scandinavian Furniture 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION About Scandinavian Furniture in Singapore Characteristics of Scandinavian Furniture The Unique Interiors 1. Scandinavian Sofa in Singapore 2. The Scandinavian Beds 3. Seating in Style: The Scandinavian Chairs 4. Minimalistic Dining: The Scandinavian Dining Tables 5. Complimenting Interiors: The Scandinavian Accent Pieces Conclusion About Scandinavian Furniture in Singapore The Singapore Scandinavian furniture has […]
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Buying a Condo in Singapore (Ultimate Guide 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION You Need To Read This Article Before Buying A Condo in Singapore How to buy Condo in Singapore – 8 Things To Consider? 1. Find out if the condo unit is freehold or leasehold 2. Make sure you have convenient access to the nearest transport lines 3. What are the amenities in the […]
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Modern HDB Toilet Design: Elevating the Functionality & Aesthetics of Your Home

QUICK NAVIGATION About Modern HDB Toilet Design Characteristics of a Modern HDB Toilet Design Furniture and Accessories for Creating a Coordinated Toilet Look Colors for A Modern Bathroom Design Modern Toilet Door: Adding the Finishing Touch to Your Toilet Modern Bathroom Ideas to Transform Your Space into a Relaxing Oasis About Modern HDB Toilet Design […]
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Rattan Furniture In Singapore 2023 (Everything You Need to Know)

QUICK NAVIGATION About Rattan Furniture in Singapore Different Types of Rattan Furniture Best Rattan Furniture to Add to Your Home Which Interior Designs Are Most Suited For Rattan Furniture? About Rattan Furniture in Singapore Rattan is a naturally renewable vine-like palm, similar to bamboo that grows in the tropical regions and jungles of Africa and […]
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Cement Screed Wall: The Ultimate Wall Treatment 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION What Do You Know About Cement Screed Wall? 1. What Can It Do For Your Walls? 2. The Application Of Cement Screed Wall 3. Alternatives To Cement What Do You Know About Cement Screed Wall? Whether you want to admit it or not, an interior’s wall finish can either make or break the […]
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How To Correctly Place Corner Ceiling Fans in Your Space (2023 Updated)

QUICK NAVIGATION About Corner Ceiling Fans in Singapore 1. Corner Celling Fan In The Kitchen 2. Ceiling Corner Fans In The Living Room 3. Lanai 4. Fans In The Dining Room 5. In The Bedroom About Corner Ceiling Fans in Singapore In many modern homes, particularly those in Asian countries like Singapore, you will find […]
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Should You Get a Fluted Glass Door for Your Space?

QUICK NAVIGATION About Fluted Glass Door 1. What Is Fluted Glass? 2. How Big Is It? 3. What Are The Pros & Cons? 4. Where Can I Use It? 5. How Do I Get The Right Fluted Door? About Fluted Glass Door When it comes to glass, many homeowners would be surprised to know that […]
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Mold Removal in Singapore (How to Treat Mold The Right Way in 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION Tips To Remove Mold in Singapore 1. Find The Source of Mold 2. Practice Safety Habits 3. DIY Mold Removal 4. Go The Professional Route Tips To Remove Mold in Singapore Image source: If there is one thing considered a very dangerous eyesore, it is mold. Not the one by yeast, but […]
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How To Unclog A Sink (Best Tips 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION How To Unclog Sinks? 1. Exercise Preventive Measures 2. Hot Water 3. Baking Soda and Vinegar 4. Liquid Drainers 5. Plunger 6. Plumbing Snake 7. When In Doubt, Hire a Professional How To Unclog Sinks? There is nothing more frustrating than having to wash your dishes in the sink and see that the […]
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Wall Designs for Bedroom and Living Room

Table Of Content What You Need To Know About Wall Designs 1. Board and Batten Paneling 2. Accent Mirror Wall 3. Color Blocked Wall Designs for Bedroom 4. Creative Mural Wall Designs For Living Room 5. Pastel Paint Color 6. Fluted Bedroom Wall Design 7. Wood Slats 8. Floating Shelves 9. Wallpaper Designs For Living […]
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#17 Most Popular Interior Design Themes to Style Your Home With

QUICK NAVIGATION About Different Interior Design Styles #17 Most Popular Themes for Interior Design 1. Modern Interior Design Styles 2. Scandinavian 3. Industrial 4. Contemporary 5. Classical 6. Luxurious 7. Bohemian Interior Design Styles 8. Mid-Century 9. Minimalist 10. Nautical 11. Oriental 12. Retro 13. Rustic 14. Eclectic Interior Design Styles 15. Farmhouse 16. Japandi […]
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Winning The IDEA 2022 Award

About The Organization & Award: The Design Excellence Awards (DEA) is the leading Awards program in Asia Pacific that celebrates interior design excellence. It is organized by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS) the professional body representing Interior Designers in Singapore, supported by the government agencies Design Singapore and Enterprise Singapore. The Interior Design Excellence […]
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Winning The SIDA 2022 Award

About The Organization & Award: Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) 2022, organized by SIDS, aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe and is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised. About The Award-Winning Project: Project: Explorable House (View all project photos: here) […]
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Winning The IDEA 2021 Award

About The Organization & Award: The Design Excellence Awards (DEA) is the leading Awards program in Asia Pacific that celebrates interior design excellence. It is organized by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS) the professional body representing Interior Designers in Singapore, supported by the government agencies Design Singapore and Enterprise Singapore. The Interior Design Excellence […]
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Top 10 Cupboard Designs for Small Bedrooms to Make Your Space Organized

Table Of Content About Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms 1. Large Floor-To-Ceiling Cupboard 2. Bedroom Cupboard With Mirror 3. Cupboard Design With Dressing Table 4. Multifunctional Cupboard 5. Hidden Cupboard For Bedroom 6. Cupboard Design With Sliding Door 7. Cupboard Design With Shelves 8. Bedroom Cupboard With A Small Study Desk 9. Cupboard Design Near […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Shaker Style Cabinets

QUICK NAVIGATION About Shaker Style Cabinets What Are Shaker-Style Cabinets? What Are Shaker-Style Cabinets? Top 6 Interior Design Style Where You Can Incorporate Shaker Design Cabinets About Shaker Style Cabinets When redesigning or renovating a kitchen, one of the most important things that one should consider is the style of the cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry takes […]
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How To Equip Your Toilet with Exhaust Fan

QUICK NAVIGATION What You Need To Know About Toilet with Exhaust Fan 1. Window Mounted Bathroom Exhaust Fan 2. Ceiling Mounted Toilet Exhaust Fan 3. Inline Fan What To Consider Before Purchasing Exhaust Fans 1. Air Changes Per Hour 2. Noise Level What You Need To Know About Toilet with Exhaust Fan Most buildings in […]
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#10 Amazing Tips To Achieve The Bohemian Interior Design Style

QUICK NAVIGATION About Bohemian Interior Design … 1. Opt for Natural Finishes 2. Select A Softer Color Palette 3. Spruce It Up with Vintage Décor and Accessories 4. Paint It White 5. Choose Relaxed Bohemian Design Fabrics 6. Mount A Bohemian-styled Lighting Fixture 7. Blend It Stylishly 8. Add Colorful Soft Furnishings 9. Spice It […]
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Pendant Light in Singapore (for the Dining Area)

Quick Navigation About Pendant Lights in Singapore How To Choose Pendant Light Singapore for The Dining? The Best Pendant Lights for Dining Tables 1. Multi-light Pendants for 6-Seater Dining Table 2. Globe Pendant Lights 3. Drum Shape Pendant Lights 4. Rustic Shade Pendants 5. Modern Glass Pendants 6. Vintage Pendant Lights 7. Minimalist Caged Pendant […]
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10 Unique & Creative Space-Saving Bed Ideas

QUICK NAVIGATION Are You Looking For Beds That Save Space? Below Are 10 Ideas Of Space Saving Bed That Can Save Your Space 1. Murphy Bed 2. Loft Bed 3. Bed With Storage Space Underneath 4. Foldable Bed 5. Trundle Bed 6. Desk-Convertible Bed 7. Bunk Bed With Lots Of Storage Space 8. Cabinet Bed […]
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Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in Singapore

Quick Navigation About Kitchen Sinks in Singapore Where To Buy Kitchen Sinks in Singapore? 1. Hardware Stores 2. Appliance Stores 3. Online Here Are The Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in Singapore About Kitchen Sinks in Singapore The kitchen must be functional more than aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetics and function must come hand in hand when […]
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#5 Interior Light for Living Room to Make Your House Stand Out

QUICK NAVIGATION Lighting For Living Room Ideas Most Popular Living Room Lights Here Are 5 Ideas for Living Room’s Lighting 1. Minimal Yet Eye-catching 2. Match Made in Heaven 3. Meticulous Interior Light for Living Room Details 4. Modern and Luxurious 5. Subtle and Organic Lighting For Living Room Ideas Lighting plays an integral role […]
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Top 5 Common Types of Window Blinds in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION What You Need To Know About Window Blinds in Singapore The Difference Between Window Blinds, Shades, and Curtains? 5 Types of Curtain Blinds in Singapore 1. Smart Blinds 2. Wooden Blinds 3. Vertical Blinds 4. Venetian Blinds 5. Panel Blinds Blinds Installation Singapore Guide Why Choose Window Blinds Singapore? What You Need To […]
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The Most Common Types of Cabinet for Living Room

Table Of Content About Cabinet For Living Room 1. Floating Cabinet for Living Room 2. Sideboard Cabinet 3. TV Stand Cabinet 4. Hidden Cabinet On Wall 5. Cabinet in TV Wall Panel 6. Ornate Cabinet Furniture 7. Glass Display Cabinet 8. Side Table With Cabinet About Cabinet For Living Room Cabinets are essential furniture pieces […]
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Bathroom Mirror (Common Types of Mirrors Used In Singapore)

Table Of Content About The Bathroom Mirror in Singapore 1. Concave Toilet Mirror 2. Bathroom Vanity Mirror 3. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet in Singapore 4. Bathroom Mirror with Shelf 5. Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirrors 6. Decorative Mirror 7. Full-Length Mirror 8. Wall-Mounted Mirror with LED light 9. Pivot Bathroom Mirror in Singapore About The Bathroom […]
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Floor Renovation Ideas (What Are the Best Materials to Use?)

Quick Navigation About Floor Renovation in Singapore Common Floor Renovation Material To Use In Singapore Homes 1. Bamboo Flooring in Singapore 2. Vinyl Flooring 3. Hardwood Floor Renovation 4. Laminate Flooring 5. Tile Flooring in Singapore About Floor Renovation in Singapore If you are planning to renovate your home or do a little upgrade on […]
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[Singapore Gas Stove] Important Points to Consider Before Buying

QUICK NAVIGATION About Gas Stove In Singapore What Is A Gas Hob in Singapore? Induction Stove vs Gas Stove Induction vs Gas Cooker 7 Points to Consider When Buying a Gas Stove in Singapore About Gas Stove In Singapore Source: RINNAI Gas Stove Kitchen appliances are always considered a huge investment. When buying them, […]
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Gas Water Heater In Singapore [A Simple & Straightforward Guide 2023]

Table of Content What Is A Gas Water Heater? Gas Heater vs Electric Heater: What’s The Difference? When to Use an Electric & Gas Water Heater? What Is A Gas Water Heater? The Macro Instantangeous Gas Water Heater | Image source: A water heater warms cold water and keeps it in storage until it […]
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The Best Automated Laundry System in Singapore (Comprehensive Guide 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION All You Need To Know About Automated Laundry System How Is An Automated Laundry System Used? Should I Get An Automated Laundry Rack System? What Are The Best Automated Laundry System in Singapore? 1. Determine the load of your laundry 2. Get an automated laundry system with a heater and fan 3. Look […]
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Best Built-in Oven in Singapore

Table of Content Introduction What Is A Built-in Oven? Is a Built-in Oven Suitable For Your Kitchen? What Are The Benefits Of Having A Built-in Oven? What Is The Top 3 Best Built-in Oven For Baking In Singapore? What To Look For When Buying A Built-in Oven? Are You Looking For The Best Built-in Oven […]
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10 Trendy HDB Toilets Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

QUICK NAVIGATION About HDB Toilets Design Ideas… 1. Color-blocked Walls 2. Luxurious HDB Common Toilet Design 3. Old HDB Toilet Design 4. Industrial 5. Scandinavian 6. Japandi 7. Rustic Chic 8. Modern Toilet With A View 9. Patterned Walls 10. Minimalist Suspended HDB Toilets Design About HDB Toilets Design Ideas… The bathroom is one of […]
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Kitchen Door In Singapore: Find the Perfect Types of Door for Your Kitchen

QUICK NAVIGATION About Kitchen Doors In Singapore #9 Kitchen Door Ideas Singapore 1. Sliding Glass Doors 2. Bi-fold Doors 3. Barn Doors 4. French Doors 5. Frosted Glass Doors 6. Screen Doors 7. Kitchen Sliding Doors In Singapore 8. Kitchen Door With Sliding Partition About Kitchen Doors In Singapore A kitchen door may serve as […]
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#8 Hidden Door Design Concepts Popular in Singapore Homes

QUICK NAVIGATION About Hidden Door Design… Why Install a Hidden Door? 1. Minimalist Hidden Door 2. Hidden Door Beside TV Wall 3. Double Swing Hidden Door 4. Pocket Sliding Hidden Door 5. Hidden Door With Shelves 6. Bathroom Door Disguised As A Closet Door 7. Geometric Illusion Hidden Door Design 8. Slatwall Hidden Door About […]
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#7 Elegant Cove Lighting Ceiling Ideas to Add Characters to Your Home

QUICK NAVIGATION About Lighting In Interior Design… What Is Cove Lighting? What Type Of Lighting Is Best Suited To A Cove Ceiling? 7 Best Ideas Of Cove Lighting Ceiling About Lighting In Interior Design… Good lighting is essential in interior design. It adds character to the room and sets the overall ambiance of the space. […]
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Wall Partition Design In Singapore [Creative Ideas 2023]

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction About Wall Partition What Is A Wall Partition? Why Is There A Need For Partition Walls? Common Wall Partitions Ideas 1. Glass Wall Partition For Office 2. Wall Partition Design That Has Storage And Display 3. Pocket Doors 4. Folding screen 5. Curtains 6. Trellis Screen 7. Drywall partition 8. Wooden Slats […]
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[Japanese Furniture in Singapore] Why People Love Them

Table Of Content Japanese Furniture Is Popular In Singapore? Why Singapore People Love Japanese Furniture? Japanese-Style Furniture Commonly Used in Singapore Houses Home Styles that Suit the Japanese Furniture Japanese Furniture Shop in Singapore Japanese Furniture Is Popular In Singapore? Japanese furniture in Singapore is straightforward, cozy, and flexible. It skillfully combines contemporary features with […]
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House with Rooftop Design (#9 Ideas for Modern Homes 2023)

QUICK NAVIGATION About Rooftop Design 1. Open Terrace Rooftop Design 2. Roof Garden 3. Glass Rooftop Railing Design 4. Pergola Rooftop Shed Design 5. Outdoor Living Area Rooftop Deck Design 6. Rooftop Bar 7. Mini Cinema House With Rooftop Design 8. Lounge And Dining Areas 9. Rooftop Pool About Rooftop Design Image source: If […]
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How to Design an Effective Dry and Wet Kitchen?

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION ABOUT DRY AND WET KITCHEN What Is A Dry And Wet Kitchen? How To Build A Dry And Wet Kitchen Design? INTRODUCTION ABOUT DRY AND WET KITCHEN Kitchens have developed over time to play a larger part in our lives. Today, we use them for much more than just cooking. We frequently gather […]
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HDB Altar Design Ideas You Must Check In 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION Introduction Of HDB Altar Design 1. Altar Table Design 2. Wall HDB Altar Design 3. Altar Above A Cabinet 4. Altar Beside A TV Wall 5. Exclusive Altar Nook 6. Altar In The Hallway Why Have An Altar At Home? What Should You Put in The Altar? Introduction Of HDB Altar Design Home […]
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Comprehensive Guidelines for HDB Bathtub (2023 Updated)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION Bathtub in HDB Guidelines Types of HDB Bathtub Design How To Properly Maintain Your HDB Bathtub? A Quick Tip: How To Use A Bathtub In A Hotel? What Are Some Popular Bathroom Brands In Singapore? INTRODUCTION A bathtub often serves as bathing equipment, but more significantly, it serves as the focal point […]
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Penthouses in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know (2023 Updated)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION What is a Penthouse? How Are Singapore Penthouses Different From Apartments & Condo Units? What Is The Layout Structure Of Penthouses In Singapore? What Is The Estimated Price Of A Penthouse? What Are The Benefits of Living In A Penthouse Some Popular Designs Concepts For Penthouses INTRODUCTION Wallich Residences Penthouse | Image […]
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Wall Colour Combination For The Living Room

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION What Is Colour Theory? 1. Analogous Wall Colour Combination 2. Monochromatic Colour Combination 3. Complementary Colour Combination 4. Split-Complementary Colour Combination 5. Triadic Colour Combination 6. Tetradic Colour Combination The Key to Understanding Colour Combinations INTRODUCTION It’s natural for people to have preferences when it comes to colour selection. The reason why […]
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10 Colourful Kitchen Cabinets Designs That Make Kitchens Interesting

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Wood and White Cabinetry 2. Bright Yellow 3. Cool Mint 4. Zesty Orange 5. Olive Green 6. Classic Blue 7. Minimalist Colourful Kitchen Cabinets 8. Beige 9. Dreamy Pastel 10. Charcoal Gray on White INTRODUCTION White is the most popular colour for kitchen cabinets for many reasons. White is versatile, which […]
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Elegant Home Bar Design Ideas for The Perfect Entertainment Experience

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Luxury Marble 2. Classic Black 3. Emerald Touch 4. Rustic Chic 5. Maximalist 6. Hollywood Regency 7. Industrial Vibe 8. Exquisite Nook 9. The Bachelor Pad Home Bar Design 10. French Style INTRODUCTION Going out to bars with friends is fun and exciting. However, these activities were prohibited during the peak […]
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Dreamy Room Ideas For Girls They’ll Surely Love

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Whimsical 2. Vintage Chic 3. Sweet Minimalist 4. Pastels and Rainbows 5. The Canopy Bed 6. Bedroom with Swing Chair 7. The Twin Bedroom Ideas for Girls 8. The Bohemian Vibe INTRODUCTION Children are very creative, adventurous, and curious at a very young age. To stimulate their curiosity and creativity, parents […]
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Creative & Practical Car Porch Design for Landed Homes

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION Minimalist Car Porch Contemporary Car Porch Design The Wood Textured Car Porch The Detached Car Porch Tiled Car Porch Cantilevered Roof Car Porch Design Stone tiled Car Porch Plain Concrete Car Porch Flooring INTRODUCTION A lot of people don’t really think much about the design of their car porches. But a car […]
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How to Remove Sticker Residue?

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION How to Remove Sticker Residue (Step-By-Step Guide) Additional Tips To Remember INTRODUCTION One of the most unnerving problems home decorators and room renovators face when redecorating a room is removing sticker residues on the walls. If you are reading this now, you’re probably wondering how to remove sticker residue as well. What […]
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Condo Renovation Rules Singapore: #8 Things You Should Know Before Getting Started

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Be clear of the changes you want to make. 2. Obtain planning permission. 3. Get a management corporation approval for any changes. 4. Know the Condo Renovation Rules Singapore restrictions. 5. Access to the unit might be limited. 6. Make plans to have the bulky renovation waste removed. 7. Make sure […]
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[Room Divider in Singapore] Smart & Stylish Ideas to Separate Your Living Space

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Glass Accordion Door 2. Shelves Room Divider Singapore 3. Old Metal Grills 4. Wood Slats 5. Low Console Table 6. Wooden Portable Room Divider Screen 7. Room Divider Curtain 8. Beaded Curtain INTRODUCTION An open-planned living room layout might look streamlined and sophisticated for some. But for others, it means there […]
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[Chimney Hood HDB] Different Kinds of Hoods for Your Kitchen

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Chimney Hoods For HDB 2. Slimline Hood 3. Island Kitchen Hood 4. Downdraft Hood 5. Updraft Hood 6. Range Hood Inserts What to remember when buying kitchen hoods? INTRODUCTION Hoods are an important appliance in the kitchen. Unless you don’t cook in your kitchen, you don’t need a kitchen hood or […]
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[HDB Corridor Ideas] 8 Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Corridor Space

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Create a Vertical Garden 2. Color block the wall and floor 3. Decorate with faux florals and plants 4. Place an artificial grass carpet 5. Style it with lanterns 6. Place a stair plant stand 7. Put up a small picnic bench/chairs/table 8. Place a wall-mounted parcel drop box HDB Corridor […]
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[HDB Recess Area Design] How to Style the Extra Space of Your HDB

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION About HDB recess area design… 1. Create a Seating Nook 2. Make a small garden 3. Repaint the walls 4. Install a colorful Peranakan Tile Pattern 5. Place a shoe storage cabinet 6. Decorate with lighting 7. Apply a wall treatment INTRODUCTION Do you have a demand of design your HDB recess […]
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[HDB DB Box Design] 7 Creative Ways to Conceal Your DB Box

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Inside A Cabinet 2. Storage Space 3. Camouflaged Panels 4. Mirror Panels HDB DB box design 5. Behind a Painting 6. Hang a Tapestry 7. In The Mudroom Cabinet Storage INTRODUCTION A DB box or distribution board is an essential element to have in a home. It is considered part of […]
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How to Make Your Interior Space Interesting with Peranakan Tiles Design

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION The Origin of Peranakan Tiles Design Why are Peranakan tiles Popular in Singapore? What Makes It Different? How to Incorporate It Into The Modern Interior Spaces of Today’s Homes? INTRODUCTION Image source: The word “Peranakan” refers to someone who is of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian ancestry. Some Peranakans in Singapore may […]
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How to Achieve the Vintage Interior Design in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION Why is Vintage Interior Design So Popular? How Can You Achieve The Vintage Interior Design Look? 1. Incorporate antique pieces 2. Add vintage patterns and colors 3. Shop for vintage furniture pieces 4. Mix and Match Seating and tables 5. Create balance with neutral colors 6. Use vintage accessories and art as […]
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[Room Design For Kids] Bedroom Ideas Your Children Will Love

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. The Soft Minimalist 2. The Disney Room Design For Kids Themes 3. The Mural Wall 4. Pastel Wallpapers 5. The Playful Scandinavian 6. The Jungle Effect 7. Colorful Geometry 8. The Fairytale Dream 9. Little Astronaut INTRODUCTION Decorating a kid’s room is a fun and exciting process. Unlike designing living rooms […]
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[Fluted Panel TV Feature Wall] Why Is It So Popular?

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION What is a Fluted Panel? Fluted Panel TV Feature Wall Why Is It So Popular? INTRODUCTION Using feature walls in an interior space is a terrific way to add character to a wall and draw attention to it. Rather than leaving walls dull and empty, interior designers have come up with new […]
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#10 TV Unit Design Ideas for The Living Room

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Wall Mounted Console 2. Solid Wood Backdrop 3. Cabinet With Floating Shelves 4. Scandinavian Tv Unit Design Stand 5. Luxury Modern 6. TV Unit with LED Lights 7. Modern Minimalist 8. Low Lying TV Unit 9. Classic Tv Unit 10. Contemporary Clear Glass INTRODUCTION The entertainment wall is the focal point […]
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[Toilet Light] Your Ultimate Guide to Light Up a Bathroom

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Task Lighting 2. Ambient Lighting 3. Decorative Toilet Light 4. Accent Lighting What Type of Bulb Should You Use in A Bathroom? Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Lighting for Bathroom INTRODUCTION The bathroom is the tiniest room in the house. If you don’t want it to be dark and gloomy […]
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[Tiles Design for Toilet] #10 Creative Ideas for Your Bathrooms

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Mosaic Tiles 2. Marble Tiles 3. Geometric Tiles 4. Check Pattern 5. Argyle Pearl Pattern 6. Hexagon Tiles 7. Herringbone Tiles 8. Brick Tiles Design for Toilet 9. Natural Earth Slate 10. Tiny Square Tiles 11. Subway Tiles INTRODUCTION The bathroom tiles are what define the interior design of a bathroom. […]
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Different Kinds of Kitchen Countertop in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Marble 2. Granite 3. Laminate 4. Ceramic Kitchen Countertop 5. Soapstone 6. Quartz 7. Slate 8. Concrete 9. Stainless Steel 10. Recycled Aluminum 11. Recycled Glass INTRODUCTION Designing the kitchen is no easy task. It requires effort, time, and resources. And more than that, it also demands extensive planning, material searching, […]
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How To Create A Living Room Without Sofa (2023 Guidance)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Bean bags 2. Build a window seat right below your bay window 3. Hang a hammock 4. Use accent chairs 5. Use floor cushions 6. Tatami chairs 7. Iconic lounge chairs 8. Spruce up with ottomans 9. Place a chaise lounge 10. Industrial bench INTRODUCTION When we think of a living […]
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The Most Popular Maisonette Designs in Singapore 2023

QUICK NAVIGATION What is Maisonette? For the Living Room Look 1. Modern 2. Colonial 3. Contemporary 4. Midcentury Modern 5. The Mediterranean 6. Sustainable Home 7. Smart Home Maisonette Kitchen Designs 1. Modern 2. Traditional 3. Industrial 4. Asian 5. Scandinavian Maisonette Staircase What is Maisonette? The word “Maisonette” originates from a French word that […]
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#7 Things You Should Consider When Designing A Private Dining Room in Singapore

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. The Location 2. What Type of Occasion Are You Celebrating? 3. What Interior Design Theme Are You Going to Do? 4. Choosing the Appropriate Dining Table and Chairs 5. The Table Setting Design 6. Layout and Access 7. Lighting Design INTRODUCTION Private dining rooms in singapore have become a lucrative option […]
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12 Ways to Achieve the Muji Minimalist Living Room Style

QUICK NAVIGATION What Is The Muji Interior Design Style? 1. Select Wooden Furniture 2. Stick To Neutral Colors 3. Pick Beige-Colored Fabrics 4. Go Organic 5. Declutter 6. Incorporate Potted Plants 7. Create An Open Minimalist Muji Living Room Layout 8. Paint Your Walls White 9. Paint Your Kitchen White 10. Opt For A Solid […]
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#8 TV Wall Design Ideas (How to Decorate Them)

QUICK NAVIGATION INTRODUCTION 1. Marble Panel Effect 2. TV Wall Cabinet Design 3. Minimalist Wood Effect 4. Industrial Style Concrete Panel 5. Open Shelving 6. Contemporary Wainscoting 7. Color-Blocked Panels 8. Shabby Chic Brick Wall TV Wall Design for Living Room Decorating Tips INTRODUCTION A living room is not complete without entertainment walls. In almost […]
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