Kitchen Renovation In Singapore (#11 Mistakes To Avoid)

Kitchen renovation might be among your most important investment (that can last for years, not only helps increase your entire house's value, but also level up your lifestyle). However, during 25 years in this business, we have heard many sad stories about homeowners in Singapore who suffered really terrible & stressful experiences during their kitchen remodeling.Below are #11 most common mistakes people make when renovating their kitchens (you will probably want to carefully check to avoid repeating them on your own project).
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4-Room BTO / HDB Design in Scandinavian Style (Virtual Home Tour)

This project is a 4 Room HDB in Teban Gardens for a young couple. The design brief was to create a wide common living space not only for future children, but also for their dog and cats. Scandinavian designs with contemporary elements are the couple’s preferred style and used throughout the apartment.
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#10 Practical Lessons for Small HDB Bedrooms Design [Tips by Weiken]

While Singapore BTO & HDB flats have been getting smaller overtime, it doesn’t mean we can’t have our dreaming bedrooms come true. In contrast, do you know that a proper layout & design can totally create a miracle in turning a small bedroom into a functional & spacious haven without sacrificing the beauty & style?
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HDB Portfolio

Your home should reflect who you are. Our interior design concepts mirror the lifestyle of our homeowners and combining it with a strategic execution of a modern, contemporary design.
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Current Traits of Homeowners Maximize Their Room Fully as Functional Area as Compare To The Past

Special things come in small packages – even on apartments and condo units. Because no one says that you have to have a huge space to enjoy interior design in Singapore, many little houses are slowly turning into majestic homes. A common approach in designing a small space or a studio-type condo is through minimalism – a little furniture on the corner, a small table at the center, then it should be fine. But to make your place more worth living, you should go with the current trend of having a functional interior design.
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Just Moved In: Tips On Designing Your New Home

Nothing is more exciting than designing a new home, whether it’s your first time to live alone or it’s a new flat that you just moved into. New settlers can’t help but go for quick interior design tricks that can turn their new sanctuary into a haven of homey feeling. If you are one of those new homeowners who’s struggling to decorate your new home, we have a couple of tips here that can help you start a new life in your new home.
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Shelf It: Samples of Shelves that are Both Functional and Creative

Regardless of how big or small your office is, it always seems like you can never have too many shelves. Whether you use it as a way to display your office accessories, hold legal documents or store supplies in the pantry, shelving is a practical solution that adds the perfect hint of beauty and functionality to your office.
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Unique Office Design in Container Concept

After much comparison and consultation with various ID firms, my partner and I still decided to go with Aside from the expertise & experience they possess, we also found them to be one of the most cost effective" -- said Mr. Charles Ding (Business Development Manager)
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Festive Home Décor Ideas that Look Good Year-Round

With a few clever ways to make use of your festive décor year-round, you now have the excuse to extend your Christmas décor! It will not only save you from the trouble of packing up immediately, but it’s also an economical way to use your holiday decor for the next eleven months or longer!In this article, Weiken, a trusted home and condo interior design firm in Singapore, enumerates the ways to repurpose your festive décor.
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Design Inspiration: Creative Staircase For Homes And Offices

Building a home or an office that’s higher than one floor requires a staircase. But do you know that in the modern interior design in Singapore, staircases are more than just a couple of woods lined up to give you a hallway to go upstairs? Many houses and workplaces have embraced an innovative and creative way of executing their staircases. And not just that, these staircases are both stylish and functional.
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Cook Like a Pro: How to Make a 5-Star Kitchen

As one of the best interior design firms in Singapore, we take kitchen remodels seriously. We believe that even if you don’t do much of the cooking, the style and functionality of your kitchen is more important than ever. After all, it’s where you start with your day - sip your first coffee and read newspapers in the morning.So, where to begin? We share the best tips on how to upgrade your kitchen like a 5-star chef.
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Minimalism: 6 Space-Saving Rules for Living in Small Apartments

Even to a casual observer, it’s obvious that apartments in Singapore are shrinking in terms of floor area - and it’s all due to the scarcity of land that also influences the monotony in the layout and configuration of most apartments in the city.But, amidst all these, people are adapting to the situation thus, the rise of minimalist living. A trend that will only gain even more traction in the future, minimalism seems to be the way to go with the persistently decreasing inhabitable spaces in the metropolis. It aims to reduce the clutter in your home, keeping it simple, cohesive, beautiful and functional all at once.
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Kiddie Room: How to Create a Child-Friendly Bedroom

Designing a bedroom is relatively easy, but designing a kid’s bedroom is entirely a different matter.Even if you’re feeling pretty confident in making sure that your kid’s bedroom looks good, chances are, you’re missing out on how to make it functional and kid-friendly. It’s easy to lose the idea of what it should be - a room that is more than merely a place to sleep but a sanctuary that will foster imagination, a safe environment where they can run wild and free.
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Choosing The Right Smart Home Accessories For Your Home

We may not be experts in the smart home technology, but as a trusted home interior designer in Singapore, we have worked with clients who wanted to integrate artificial intelligence solutions in their homes. So, to give you an idea, we made a list of what we think are the most in-demand smart gadgets available today along with some tips on finding the right ones for you.
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SquareRoom Presents Design Your Home With

Creating your dream home need not be a difficult task. Let SquareRooms and help you. We are inviting all homeowners-to-be to meet us so that we can help you design your desired home. For a start, simply register your interest below and bring along your floor plan to get a free consultation with the designers.
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Mentioned [1st Position] on “Best of Qanvast 2018”

It’s no surprise that this apartment is a fan favourite. Light wood hues, dining bench, a platform and half-hacked kitchen wall? This Japanese, ryokan-inspired interior, with its serene atmosphere, checks all the right boxes when it comes style and function.
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Weiken Company Team Bonding (July 2018) Interior Design Pte Ltd ️?"The Longest-Running Interior Design Firm in Singapore". We are a “one-stop service” for interior design with a team trained and experienced in matching clients requirements, preferences with the latest, best available solutions.
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“Dream Home Come True (Faizal & Rasidah)

"Thanks Weiken to make our reality come true! Thank you for fulfilling all our wishes and enable us to shift into the house before the fasting month" Designer in Highlight: Design Pte Ltd HomeRenoGuru Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Interview of Mr Vincent Neo & Goh Joo Hong

With many years of experience in the industry, Neo and Goh are both still constantly upgrading themselves to keep up to current standards. They place their heart and soul into ensuring their best for their customers. Committed to the Company’s philosophy of “placing a client’s design wishes first, coupled with design creativity, quality workmanship and excellent customer service”, they work towards their mission of turning their customers’ dream interior space into reality.
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