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When you look at the walls in your home, what usually comes to your mind? Normally, you would say “It’s a wall that separates the room. Just paint it”.  But slowly, you realize that paint is too cliché’ and it makes your walls quite dull and lifeless. And even if you have unique eye-catching furniture, it doesn’t seem to somehow complete the look of the room.

Luckily, there is a unique and creative solution to your plain wall dilemma. In every interior space, be it a 3-walled room or a classic 4-sided room, there is always one wall that is designed to give the interior a bit of a personality. This unique wall is often called the accent wall or the feature wall.

Now many feature wall designs can be employed in just about any interior style and theme. This unique and creative way to spruce up a wall can also be employed in many HDB home spaces. So without further ado, here are some of the most popular and unique feature wall ideas that you can use in your design.


Just because it’s paint, doesn’t mean you can play it up a bit. If you’re the type who finds simple painted walls pleasing to the eye, you can try any of these ingenious ways to make a beautiful feature wall design.

  • Gradient Wall: This is a very modern take on wall paintworks in which paint is applied to a wall in varying shades to create a somewhat diluted look on the wall. This also applies when one uses more than one color.  This gradient idea can often be seen in many modern interiors and new-age interiors. Color gradient combinations such as orange, yellow, and blue give off a warm yet comfortable sunset ambiance while blues. teals and greens give off a somewhat refreshing and calming feel. Be experimental with your color gradients and take care not to choose colors that are too bright or too garish to look at.
  • Murals: another staple, yet creative way to enhance a wall. Murals are painted pictures or scenes on the wall. Some interior styles employ this as their accent wall, especially if the furniture happens to be both simple and complimenting. However, doing a mural painting takes quite a long time depending on the height and width of the wall. But if it is something that you would like to see, then you are more than welcome to employ this technique. Go for paintings or images that make the room seem bigger and bolder than it is.
  • Bold Pop of Color: a very simple, but otherwise effective and creative design element. There are some homeowners who opt to have the walls painted the same color, save for one side, which is often painted in a bold and complimenting color. Most homeowners tend to paint their walls in neutral tones like brown, beige, creams, grays, and classic whites. That way, they can accessorize the interior with accessories and furniture of complimenting colors. Use that same principle and select one wall to have that pop of color. Popular colors to use are blues, greens, reds, yellows, and even blacks. Just take care to choose the right color that can easily transition and blend well with other pieces and styles.


Nowadays, some homeowners find it too much of a hassle to paint and at the same time, repainting walls in a different color can also be quite expensive. Luckily, this technique is also employed in many feature walls.  There are many wallpaper designs and motifs to choose from; depending on the interior style you like to have.

  • For modern designs, go for geometric designs like chevrons, stripes, triangles, and interlocking grid lines.
  • For classic designs, go for damask-like prints, scrolls, and festoon prints.
  • Tiny florals and pastels work well if you are opting for a country look while blues and nautical prints for a coastal look.

Apart from printed wallpapers, there are also designed embossed wallpapers that allow your walls to have a unique textured touch to them. Invest in good quality vinyl wallpapers as they can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and can last, with proper upkeep, a good 10-15 years.

There are also wallpapers whose texture and design resemble wood and concrete for a more industrial look and even wallpapers with marble designs for that classic feel. Should you consider having wallpapers for your feature wall, make sure to get the best installers as having the right installer will make your wall more professional and clean.



Another innovative decorative material that is often used today is cladding. This is often seen in modern feature wall design Claddings are slabs or tile that are applied on top of another surface such as walls. Some claddings will have a raised texture while others will have designs.

Apart from manufactured tiles, you can also use thin wood slats as cladding if you prefer having a natural connection to wood in your interior. Additionally, the best thing about cladding is that apart from having flexible design variants, it is also durable, has low maintenance, less expensive, and is often made of fire-resistant materials; which adds a bonus function to your interior



If you happen to own a house that was built a few decades ago, you will notice that it has a small room. This is the bomb shelter or household shelter.  But just because it’s a bomb shelter, doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up. Quite the contrary, most people use the bomb shelter as a little entertainment room of sorts or even their own private office. This gives you more freedom to make a unique bomb shelter wall design.

  • You can choose to make one wall cladding with wood planks.
  • You can also conceal the fact that it was a bomb shelter by making one wall have a built-in open cabinet with shelves to display all your favorite books and knick-knacks.
  • You can even conceal the access door by incorporating the same cladding technique on its wall, thus making it a unique and hidden feature on your wall. As with most feature wall ideas, the only limitation is your imagination.


Another classic feature wall design idea to try is the wall gallery where you can hang your favorite photos and artworks. There are many ways to hang and arrange your chosen artworks and photos such as on picture ledges or arrays like Tetris, mix tape, line up, and the classic block party style. This is not limited to framed pictures and artwork, it can also be applied to unique wall decors like clocks, hangers, and even tapestries. You can also make some interesting wall installation art such as painted tin sculptures, palette board frames, and or even mounted neon lights spelling out a word of your choice.



Have you noticed how some furniture pieces seem to be incorporated into the wall? That is another way of making a unique feature wall. This is often seen in built-in bed headboards and cabinets. For bedrooms, try making the wall where your bed is into the feature wall with the entire section fully upholstered. You can also mount some wooden boards with slats for floating nightstands that can be adjusted to suit the homeowner’s preference. Or you can even have a unique hydroponic herb garden in your kitchen for when you cook. This not only brings nature into your interior, but it will make for a very eye-catching and functional wall. Speaking of functional, you can even turn your wall into built-in shelves for books and small figurines.

This is often a good feature wall idea for living rooms and entertainment rooms. You can also have mosaic mirrors as your feature wall. Go for beveled mirrors as they provide a more textured and varied look. You can also have some LED light strips installed in your feature wall for a cove lighting system, highlighting your wall.


And perhaps the most important tip of all is to have fun when making your feature wall design. Bear in mind that the whole point of having a feature wall is to make a statement in your home. But at the same time, it should not be a bore or a daunting task. Think of it as dressing up an ordinary wall to bring out a little bit of your personality.  

You can search for inspiration online when you go for walks or when you consult your designer or contractor. This is also important, especially for HDB homes and condos, wherein one needs to follow a set of rules set for by the property management.

So when it comes to making your very own unique feature wall, you should have fun in conceptualizing the overall look and style. At the end of the day, your feature wall will be something of a good conversation starter.

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