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When we say something is vintage, it primarily denotes something that is of high quality, either an object or style dating from the past. Ironically, vintage style is still trendy. A lot of people are attached to the vintage look, the vintage interior design included, mainly because of its historical charm that seems to take people back to the old times. One particular style that interior designers and home décor enthusiasts love to incorporate in their spaces is the eclectic combination of modern and vintage elements which then gives birth to a new designs style referred to as “modern vintage interior design”  

In this blog, we’re going to walk you through the vintage interior design characteristics. What makes it so popular? And how can you achieve it in the modern interior setting? Continue reading to find out.

Why is Vintage Interior Design So Popular?


Vintage Interior Design is the art of decorating spaces with old and classical objects and items to create a nostalgic appeal. Many people are attracted to old things. There’s just something beautiful and charming about the old styles that makes interior spaces look luxurious and classy. Vintage interior design tells a story. It is more than just décor and style. It is a sentimental concept that evokes emotion which makes the home soulful both in appearance and ambiance. People love that in their spaces. This is why vintage is still as attractive as ever in today’s contemporary setting.

How Can You Achieve The Vintage Interior Design Look?


One common misconception people have when they decorate their spaces with vintage is that “oh I’ll just buy old furniture in vintage stores.” Or “it’s just about displaying my vintage object collections.” While those could work, it doesn’t really ensure that your space will have a coherent look considering that you’ll have to mix and match both modern and vintage to achieve the style. But don’t worry, this blog is here to help. We’ve gathered 7 tips on how you can pull off the vintage interior design look in your modern home.

1. Incorporate antique pieces


Of course, it’s not a vintage look without the antiques. If you have a collection of antique pieces, that’s a great advantage. However, keep in mind that choosing the right antiques to display is both an art and a science. Yes. It may sound complicated but it’s actually just the basics of arranging objects in a frame to create visual harmony. Select antiques to decorate your console table. It could be a vintage telephone, jars, clocks, paintings, and other collectibles.

2. Add vintage patterns and colors

To fully get a sense of the mood and color schemes of a particular vintage style era you are trying to achieve, study the elements of that interior design style. Common examples are Victorian style, Regency style, and Georgian. If possible, use an image from the past as design inspiration so you can understand how these ideas were implemented at the time. Polka dots patterns for instance, quickly transfer you to the 1950s, or rich, deep reds equates to the Victorian era. Colorful splashes of color in textiles connect to a somewhat cultural aspect of vintage or more on heritage.

3. Shop for vintage furniture pieces


Furniture pieces are the biggest item that is instantly visible in the space. Therefore, it is highly suggestive to opt for vintage furniture to pull off the vintage look. Keep in mind that you don’t always need to switch your existing furniture with old classical ones. Instead, what you can do is create contrast and use vintage furniture pieces to accentuate modern ones. Pair a modern sofa with classical accent armchairs or place a vintage console against a neutral contemporary background.

4. Mix and Match Seating and Tables


As previously mentioned, you don’t need to buy vintage furniture to get the vintage interior style. The goal is primarily to combine modern elements and accentuate them with vintage ones. Create balance within the two when arranging them. Try putting modern chairs around a historic table in your living room, kitchen, or home office. Pair a simple dining room table with velvety antique seats to enhance. Mixing furniture types is a terrific way to bring a space together!

5. Create balance with neutral colors


If you’re mixing vintage wall art, contemporary furniture, and decorations with other elements in your house, make sure there’s enough breathing space. While various patterns, vivid accents, and bright colors are fashionable, you may balance them out with neutrals to avoid the space seeming uncomfortable or congested.

6. Use vintage accessories and art as a focal point


Let your antique home décor take center stage! Guide the eyes of your guests to your dining room chandelier, or living room wall art piece. Make your vintage decor stand out by placing them in the spotlight. There is a myriad of ways to make vintage items a focal point. You can create one in the dining area, workspace, and even a vintage interior design bedroom.

7. Play with lighting and lighting fixtures


One of the finest methods to blend interior design styles is through lighting! For a unique look, place an antique light on a modern or antique table. Antique sconces and pendant lights may be used to bring drama and warmth to a minimalistic, contemporary, or industrial setting. To add interest, hang a classical chandelier in a modern living room. Spruce console tables with a mix of modern and vintage lamps. Play with lighting temperature and tune brightness and glow to pull off the ultimate vintage look.

It’s one thing to get a vintage interior design aesthetic, but it’s quite another to combine the modern and vintage elements in one composition. Because the former can be tough in and of itself, it’s reasonable that the latter will be difficult as well. However, there are other resources available on the internet, and this simple instruction has already provided you with ideas on how to create the style. If you find it difficult, don’t hesitate to ask questions or contact us with your concerns. We’d be delighted to assist.

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