The Best Automated Laundry System in Singapore (Comprehensive Guide 2023)


All You Need To Know About Automated Laundry System


When looking for a residential unit to move in, homeowners will always consider how they’re going to do their laundry. Doing laundry is quite a straightforward task that can be done if you have a washing machine and a dryer available. If you have walked along the busy residential streets across HDB buildings, clothes hanging on the balcony to dry is a common sight.

While hanging your clothes out there to dry is a cost-effective and easy way to do laundry, it also has its drawbacks. There’s the risk of a strong wind blowing your clothes off the rack or the unexpected heavy thunderstorms in the afternoons.

Luckily, there is an automatic laundry system that allows you to dry your clothes inside the house. This kind of appliance uses technology to mimic the sun to properly dry your clothes. Laundry system racks are practical and efficient because it helps you finish your laundry without the hassle of hanging it outdoors.

How is it used? Is it practical for you to have one? What are the most famous and reliable automated laundry systems available? We’re going to answer all of that in this blog.

How Is An Automated Laundry System Used?


If your unit is located in an area that doesn’t get enough sunlight, getting your clothes dry outdoors is a tough challenge. Your clothes might not dry properly which can be such a hassle. While there is an option of purchasing a dryer. However, your utility bills may increase dramatically as a result of the electricity required to operate one. An automated washing system offers a practical solution to all of these issues.

Automated laundry systems don’t require manual pulling like the ones that are provided in today’s BTO apartments. The majority of them in Singapore also include additional features that speed up the drying process. Some also have antiseptic qualities, while others include smart features that let you operate the washing system from a distance.

Should I Get An Automated Laundry Rack System?


An automated laundry system is for you if you don’t have enough time to do your laundry. Doing laundry is one thing but drying them is another. If you find drying outdoors a hassle, definitely invest in an automated laundry system. This will ease up your life and allows you to do laundry fast and efficiently.

Another reason why an automated laundry rack is best for you is if you don’t have an outdoor space or balcony to dry your clothes. Some HDB units have balconies but there are also units that lack one. You can’t just leave your laundry to dry naturally indoors without proper sunlight and ventilation because they will definitely smell.

If you are a working professional who’s busy with work every day, an automated laundry rack can be your most helpful appliance. Because having one will enable you to finish your laundry fast, you’ll be able to focus more on other important tasks and not worry about the unwashed laundry in your basket.

What Are The Best Automated Laundry System in Singapore?

You might be confused about where to start when selecting the best brands of automated washing systems for your house given the wide variety of options available. Here’s a tip: Choose the features you want and the ones you can go without. Here are ways how to choose the best-automated laundry system in Singapore as well as links to some reputable brands.

1. Determine the load of your laundry

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The capacity of a washing system is among the first features to check for. The size of your family, the size of your laundry load, and the number of garments you intend to put out to dry at once will largely determine the size of the laundry system you should choose.

If you intend to hang out multiple loads of laundry to dry, invest in an automatic laundry system with a larger maximum loading storage size and more poles. Don’t forget to measure the size of your rooms as well and make sure that the laundry system you’re going to purchase will fit in the available space. For HDB units with small spaces, a Steigen Solar Mini brand is a good option.

2. Get an automated laundry system with a heater and fan

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Consider purchasing a fully automated washing system with a heater and fan to hasten the drying process and maintain the fresh scent of your clothing. A laundry system with an integrated LED light may be useful if you tend to do your clothes at night. As a result, your space would be less visually congested.

The best products we can suggest are Orlants OR-SGM11 model and MD03 Mensch.

3. Look for smart features

Think about investing in a sophisticated, automated laundry system. The majority of these laundry systems have remote controls, but the ones with smart features can also be operated by smartphone apps or other computer gadgets. This entails that you can control your automated laundry system’s numerous features without going outside the service yard by remotely turning it on and off.

4. Consider safety


When selecting a proper automated laundry system, safety should be a top concern for households with small children and senior residents. Some versions have child safety locks that will prevent curious fingers from being exposed, while others automatically stop when they sense an obstruction.

5. Inquire about the installation and warranty

The automated laundry system’s basic installation often entails mounting it to the concrete ceiling. You will probably pay substantial installation charges to accommodate the fixtures. Remember to look into the warranty coverage when purchasing laundry equipment.

Whether you like to do laundry or not, investing in an automated laundry system would be beneficial. Laundry is a difficult task that many of us dread having to do. However, you can reduce the amount of work necessary to hang and dry clothes and make laundry an easy chore by using automatic laundry racks.

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