#8 Creative Makeup Tables That You’ll Love to Have in Your Bedroom


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Makeup tables are a must-have in the bedroom. If you always find yourself rummaging through a pile of cosmetics and beauty products every time you get ready, then having a proper makeup table should be your priority. It can make a big difference not just in keeping your room look tidy and organized but also in making it look aesthetically pleasing.

If you are thinking about getting a makeup table or you’re currently looking for different makeup table designs from online stores, then this blog is for you. We understand that choosing furniture, such as a makeup table, can be a stressful and daunting task. With the thousands of choices out there, it’s hard to narrow down and find exactly the perfect makeup tables suited for your needs. In this blog, we put together a list of some of the most creative and stylish makeup table ideas that you can incorporate into your bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

#8 Creative Make-up Table Styles

Whether you are planning to buy or create a customized makeup table, you can take note of the following styles and choose which among them embodies your personal taste and buy or create that makeup table.

1. Hollywood Style Makeup Table


A Hollywood-style makeup table, as the name implies, refers to a glamorous table with a large mirrored surface and desk area where one can apply makeup and style hair. This type of makeup table is often adorned with lights and has a luxurious appeal. You’ll often see this type of make-up table in Hollywood Glam bedroom interior styles and high-end or luxurious homes. Aside from the functionality it brings to the bedroom as a makeup table, it also adds to the overall interior composition and can be a focal point in a certain corner or area of the bedroom.

2. Minimalist Make-up Table


If you have a bedroom with limited space, adding a makeup table may be the least important to you. However, having one can help make your bedroom organized. You don’t have to place your makeup essentials and other hygiene kits everywhere because you have a designated space for them. The best makeup table for small bedrooms is, of course, the minimalist type. These are often desks made of wood with slightly tapered wooden legs and a mirror. This table usually has small drawers underneath where you can keep your stuff.

3. Makeup Table with Storage and Round Chair


Makeup tables are usually bought as a set together with a chair. There are, however, makeup tables that do not come with a chair. You can opt for this if you are looking for an affordable makeup table or if you are planning to repurpose old tables as makeup tables. A makeup table with a round chair, however, is a great option for creating continuity in your bedroom’s interior and a sense of unity in the overall aesthetic of the room. Makeup tables like these are also a great option for luxurious bedrooms that requires a bigger makeup table.

4. Marble Makeup Table


We all know that Marble is the most popular and sought-after material used for tabletop surfaces. A makeup table with a marble countertop is popular among contemporary, modern, and even transitional and traditional bedroom designs. Marble gives spaces a sense of elegance and grandeur which is necessary when achieving a luxurious aesthetic in the bedroom. Marble makeup tables can now easily be found in most furniture stores online and in physical shops.

5. Scandinavian Style Makeup Table


A Scandinavian-style makeup table is perfect for those people who are planning to decorate or style their bedrooms in Scandinavian style. Scandinavian makeup tables are simplistic and practical in both design and function. This type of makeup table is commonly made of wood. Some interior and furniture designers choose to paint half of the makeup table in white or other colors, while some parts feature the natural wood grain of the wood specie that the furniture is made of. Placing a Scandinavian makeup table adds extra warmth and coziness to modern or minimalist bedroom spaces.

6. Luxurious Makeup Table


When we say luxurious makeup table, we’re talking about a sleek modern design with clean lines and a high-gloss finish that shines like a mirror. The surface of a luxurious makeup table is big, with plenty of space for all your beauty products. Luxurious makeup tables have a style fit for a queen. Whether you want a Hollywood glam bedroom or a Regency-styled interior design composition, you can never go wrong if you choose a luxurious makeup table. You can also customize your makeup table by getting an exquisite organic-shaped mirror and installing the mirror light bulbs by yourself.

7. Corner Makeup Table


Another ingenious way to incorporate a makeup table in a small bedroom is by using a corner makeup table. Get rid of those dead spaces within your bedroom and install a corner makeup table instead. One of the best features of a corner makeup tale is its versatility. A corner makeup table can fit effortlessly into any space. There are countless creative ways to install a corner makeup table. If you want a minimalist look, opt for a wooden tale that you can seamlessly mount on the wall. If you want to a space-saving corner makeup table, go for something creative that you can tuck away when not in use.

8. Classic White Makeup Tables


The classic white makeup table is perhaps the most popular and common option among homeowners. Of course, white is a versatile color that can fit in just about any interior design style. The white finish of the table adds a crisp and clean touch to the bedroom, and it evokes a sense of spaciousness. Classic white makeup tables are also easy to find in both physical and online stores. Whether you want a clean Scandinavian look, industrial, or modern contemporary, a classic white makeup table will complement your style effortlessly.

What we have presented are just a few of the many makeup table design ideas you can find out there. We hope this list has given you an idea of what makeup table would work best for your bedroom, considering the space available and the function it will serve in your room. If you are still unsure of what makeup tables design works best for you or if you are finding it hard to decide whether to opt for a customized one or buy a ready makeup table furniture in the store, don’t hesitate to reach out to our design experts and we’ll gladly assist you in making an informed decision that you’ll never regret.

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