The Perfect Bedroom Interior Design [2024 Updated]

There is one room in the entire house that is given as much importance and precedence as any of the other rooms. It is the bedroom. The reason for this is because this is where you will retire to after a long day’s work and where you will rest and relax. As such, you would want to create the perfect bedroom. But where to start? Here are a few bedroom interior design tips and trick to consider when creating your picture perfect bedroom.


About The Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

There is one room in the entire house that is given as much importance and precedence as any of the other rooms. It is the bedroom. The reason for this is because this is where you will retire to after a long day’s work and where you will rest and relax. As such, you would want to create the perfect bedroom. But where to start? Here are a few bedroom interior design tips and tricks to consider when creating your picture perfect bedroom.

Style & Necessities - Bedroom Interior Design

It is important to have an idea on how your bedroom would look like. Think about what theme or style you want. Do you want to have a very luxurious looking bedroom? Or a very simple bedroom? What colors do you want? What furniture pieces do you want in your room? It is always good to sit back and think about what you want for your room. Consider the style you want.

Nowadays, most would like to have a modern bedroom, which is characterized by straight lines, neutral colors and multifunctional pieces that maximize both storage and the overall space. This is very popular with condos, hdb houses and small homes. Start by making a checklist of what you want in your bedroom, the style, the color, the pieces you will use and most importantly, your materials and budget. This will serve as a guide when you start creating your picture perfect bedroom.


Study Your Area When Renovating Your Bedroom

It is important to know your area. Or in this case, the size of your bedroom. Once you have an idea on how your bedroom would look like, it’s time to see if the space will allow it. Some bedrooms, especially the ones in condos, tend to be smaller than regular bedrooms. As such, certain furniture pieces may be eliminated or customized.  For example, you might have an existing bed that takes up most of the room’s space or a bed that makes the room barer. So it is best to gauge what specific size of furniture you will use.

Take note of windows and other access points like balconies, sockets and doors… This will help in placing each piece accordingly. If you have a steel tape, measure how wide and high your walls are. Do a quick sketch with the measurements and placement of windows and doors so that you can decide on where you would like to place what piece. Don’t forget your electrical switches and sockets, as they must always be readily accessible for your electronics.

"This Bed Is Just Right ... "

Goldilocks wasn’t kidding when she uttered that famous ‘just right’ line about Baby Bear’s bed. Like her, it is very important to find the right bed for your bedroom. Beds come in four sizes namely single, double or full, queen and king; with the king size being the biggest bed and often used in large master bedrooms.

The size of the bedroom will play a big factor when choosing your bed. Single beds are preferred in small rooms where there is one occupant or used in pairs if the room’s occupants are children or if the room happens to be a guest room. Double or Full beds have been the go-to-size for condominiums, hdb houses and small homes due to it being somewhere in between a single and a queen bed.  Queen and King Size beds have always been employed in bedrooms that are large and spacious. 

Once you have decided on the size you like, pick the right mattress height for your bed’s mattress. An ideal mattress height must be at least 8” to 14”. This is to ensure that apart from having the perfect bed size, you’ll also have the perfect comfort when sleeping.


Built-in & Multifunctional Pieces - Bedroom Interior Design

The one thing that you must always consider is maximizing the storage capabilities of a room. Especially if the room is small. Bedrooms are notorious for having most of the occupant’s things. As such, it is vital to have ample storage for all your things like clothes, shoes, books and accessories while maintaining a clean and compact look.

Nowadays, closets have been built into the room’s overall architecture, giving the bedroom more space for other furniture pieces. A good multifunctional piece to invest in would be a bed that has multiple storage like drawers and hydraulic storage under the mattress. You can even opt to have your bed customized to a specific design with drawers and compartments for your things. Several options include a murphy bed; which is a type of bed that can be fixed or folded into a closet, a loft bed that can have both the bed and work desk made into one.

Another idea to consider is having your closet and desk customized against one long wall so that you can save space and make the most of it.  You can search for ideas and inspiration online for pieces that would help maximize your room. The only limitation is your imagination.


The Right Linens for Your Bedroom

Just like picking the right bed, it is important to pick the right linens for your bedroom. This includes bedsheets, blankets, and comforters and of course pillows. When shopping for your bed linens, check the pack for the thread count. This indicates how soft the sheet is. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Most bed linen thread counts range from 200-800.

White is the most popular color for beddings, but if you like a bit of variety, you can go for other neutrals like grey or beige. This leaves you the freedom to use pops of color in the form of comforters or pillows.

The Right Lightings for Your Bedroom

Similar to the bed, you need to consider lightings when it comes to your bedroom. This is because more often than not, you will need adequate lighting when you are inside your bedroom. Especially if your bedroom has limited windows.  There are three types of lighting that are often employed in the bedroom.

  • The first is Ambient Lighting; this type of lighting makes use of either portable or fixed fixtures that generally illuminate the entire room.
  • The next one is called task lighting and you can see this with lamps on night tables. This kind of lighting is used when you need to work on a particular task like reading a book at night or working on your desk.
  • The last one is called Accent Lighting and you can see this in cove ceilings or floor lamps illuminating a particular part of the room. This type of lighting is meant to ‘accent’ or focus on a particular part of the room, be it an accent chair, a unique ceiling design or simply a gorgeous bed.

Another tip to consider is the type of light you will use. For a cozy and intimate feel, use lightbulbs that give off a fluorescent yellow light and for general lighting, use lightbulbs that give off a bright incandescent white light.  


Accent Pieces

Like every interior, an accent piece makes the room standout and makes it even more comfortable and distinctive. You can opt to have an accent chair by the window, especially if you’re the type that likes to sit and watch the view. Another decorative idea is to have an accent wall. This means that one side of your bedroom walls are of a different paint color and pattern. You can even opt for a unique headboard as your accent piece.

Adding Personal Touches

Your bedroom is your bedroom. That means you must include elements that represent you or your overall personality. If you like vintage and country style elements, you can have a handmade patched quilt that showcases all your favorite country patterns and prints. If you like bold and industrial elements, you can have two industrial lights hanging on either side of your bed or even incorporate an industrial pipe as your door handle. If you like to have a sleek and simple look, you can have wallpapers installed that would serve as your headboard. The possibilities are endless with the end goal being the creation of your ideal bedroom that you can rest and relax in.


When In Doubt, Consult A Designer

You might feel overwhelmed with so many ideas on what you want for your bedroom.  It is a good idea to consult a designer so that they can help you with your style. Designers are trained to understand what a client wants in their area and can come up with various options for them to choose from. You can ask their professional opinions if you should do major works or what pieces would work. They can also suggest places and suppliers for you to go to when you start creating your ideal bedroom.

So there you have it. Creating the perfect bedroom interior design may be a bit challenging at first, but once you have created it, you will find that sense of satisfaction when you go inside and lie on your well-made bed and relax.

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