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Have you been struggling lately in keeping your closet organized? It might be because you don’t have the right wardrobe design that works for your kind of routine. You see, some people think that wardrobes are all the same. Actually, there are different kinds of wardrobes that people can consider in their bedrooms (depending on their preferences). Some might prefer the open concept wardrobe where it is easier to access clothes while others may want the traditional closed wardrobe to keep everything hidden in plain sight.

If you are looking for the best wardrobe style that will help maximize the space you have in your bedroom while, at the same time, keeping your stuff organized, this article is for you. We’ve gathered several open-concept wardrobe ideas you may want to try in your bedroom.

1. Rack Open Concept Wardrobe


The first that we have on the list is a rack wardrobe. A rack wardrobe is very simple. It is basically made up of wooden sticks fitted together to form a rack where you can hang your clothes. This works best for minimalist and contemporary bedrooms with limited space. Rack wardrobes like these are very convenient because you can move them around the room in case you want to rearrange your bedroom’s layout. Moreover, clothes hung on racks can be easily accessed which is very convenient for people who often get dressed in a rush.

2. Shelf Wardrobe


Shelf wardrobes can either have doors or not. Shelf wardrobes with doors are common in most homes. It is basically a closet that has multiple shelves inside where you can organize your clothes accordingly. An open concept wardrobe is also becoming more popular these days. With the rise of organization hacks, many people subscribe into the minimalist interior movement and are adapting to the aesthetic which typically involves displaying items around in the open.

3. Contemporary Open Wardrobe Ideas For Small Bedrooms


If you are looking for modern, sleek, and streamlined wardrobe ideas for a room with limited space, go for something contemporary in design. Contemporary wardrobes can be purchased readily in furniture stores. They are easy to assemble, durable, and flexible. Wardrobes like these are designed with practicality, functionality, and aesthetics in mind. So, if you are looking for a straightforward solution to solve your organizing problems in the bedroom, check out some contemporary wardrobe designs on furniture stores, hardware, and other furniture online stores.

4. Hidden in Plain Sight


Some people prefer to keep their stuff hidden in plain sight. While open shelving and racks are becoming a popular aesthetic nowadays, nothing still beats having a streamlined interior space where all your belongings are tucked neatly behind a closed wardrobe. Wardrobes like these are ideal for people who don’t have the time to arrange and organize their clothes every day. Having to do this almost every time you change clothes can be daunting. Rather than leave your clothes hanging on chairs, on the bed, or on the floor, it is best to get a closed wardrobe where you can tuck your clothes away to keep everything in your room organized and pleasant to the eyes.

5. Mirror Wardrobe

Image source: bettawardrobes.com.au

For bedrooms with very limited space, squeezing in a large wardrobe might make the space too cramped. One trick you can do is to install mirrors on your wardrobe doors. Mirrors can brighten the space and creates the illusion of more space because of the reflections. Therefore, if your aim is to make your room bigger and more comfortable, consider putting mirrors on your wardrobe doors.

6. Traditional Shabby Chic Wardrobe

Image source: founterior.com

A shabby chic wardrobe is not only for traditionally-styled bedrooms. Among other designs that embody the traditional country vibe, shabby chic furniture is perhaps the most versatile among them. This type of furniture complements modern and contemporary interiors in a unique way. They add a sense of story and emotion that makes one feel like the interior is telling a narrative more than just displaying a design composition. If you want to try out new things when it comes to interior design, consider a shabby chic wardrobe and complement it with a modern piece.

7. Wheeled Wardrobe

Image source: create.obi.at

Wheeled wardrobes are considered a storage solution for many homeowners. However, a wheeled wardrobe does not look aesthetically pleasing compared to other wardrobe designs that are made of wood and are fully finished or painted. A wheeled wardrobe can be more around effortlessly because of its wheels. If you are looking for a temporary wardrobe, wheeled wardrobes are the best way to go. You can store them away when not in use or easily transport them when you decide to move houses.

8. Sliding Door Wardrobe


A sliding door wardrobe takes its cure from Japanese-styled interior spaces. Sliding doors are a common design feature in traditional Japanese houses. Many people (especially young professionals who are starting to build a life in the city) prefer minimalist and practical designs when it comes to decorating or furnishing their homes. A sliding wardrobe is considered practical and it saves a lot of space. If your interior design scheme is geared toward Japanese minimalism, then a sliding door wardrobe would be perfect.

9. Mini Walk-in Wardrobe


If you are lucky to have more space in your bedroom, then don’t hesitate to go for a walk-in wardrobe. A walk-in wardrobe is way more convenient because you can also place your bags, shoes, and other belongings there. Having them placed makes sit easier to organize them. On top of that, you don’t have to scour your drawers and closet doors when looking for specific clothes because you can neatly organize them and display them in your walk-in wardrobe/closet.

Organizing your closets saves you time and stress. When your clothes can easily be found and pulled out from one certain place, you can avoid wasting your time rummaging through each drawer. An organized bedroom equates to an organized life. Therefore, to keep your bedrooms neatly organized and clean, consider changing up your wardrobe into an open-concept wardrobe or redesigning your bedroom to improve your routine and make your life easier.  

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