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A bathtub often serves as bathing equipment, but more significantly, it serves as the focal point of any bathroom, taking up the most room and drawing all of the attention to the bathroom. But bathtubs are not merely for aesthetic or luxury purposes. A tub is required if you have young children, puppies, or toddlers to bathe. A tub is a necessity if you find that the best way to unwind is to soak in one.

A bathroom cannot be considered a full bath without a tub. A bathroom without a tub is called a three-quarter bath. It is common in some bathrooms but a tub is definitely a must-have in master bathrooms and some common bathrooms.

You don’t need to have a huge amount of bathroom space to have a bathtub. In fact, it is possible to have one even in a small HDB unit! Here are a few things to remember when considering installing an hdb bathtub.

Bathtub in HDB Guidelines

There are major criteria and guidelines to follow when it comes to installing a bathtub in an HDB as there are standards to follow in renovation and plumbing. Remember this before embarking on a bathroom reno or a bathtub installation so you’ll know what to do and what not to do.

1. Bathtub placements


One of the main rules to follow when putting a bathtub is that it should be placed in the original bathroom of the HDB unit. For those who are dreaming of having a bathtub with a view near the window, it’s not possible if your bathroom is not located near one. You must abide by these regulations so as not to cause any damage to the unit that might inconvenience your neighbors.

2. Bathroom renovations

The HDB regulations state that any replacement of old toilet floor finishes must be done with permission and at least three years after the block’s construction. Take note of this rule when purchasing a bathtub by making sure that the one you should purchase does not require excessive floor renovation when installing.

3. Bathtub weight

When choosing a bathtub for your HDB house, make sure it is not too heavy. The weight restriction is established at 400 kg per tub and 150 kg per square meter.

This rules out tubs constructed of heavy materials like marble or those with substantial cast iron legs. When considering your alternatives, focus on lightweight substances that are safely within the weight restrictions, such as acrylic or fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Types of HDB Bathtub Design

Choosing the ideal tub from among the many available styles is arguably the most exciting step in the installation process. Here are several hdb bathtub designs you can choose from:

1. Built-in bathtub


Built-in hdb bathtubs, which are also known as alcove or drop-in baths, take up less space than other similar-sized tubs when space is limited. Moreover, the design of built-in tubs blends in flawlessly with your bathroom walls. This is the most common bathtub type seen in most HDB units in Singapore.

2. Corner bathtub

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Due to its unusual design, corner tubs are ideal for the odd areas in your bathroom. Its rounded border also gives an additional element of shapeliness to liven up the appearance of an otherwise squarish bathroom.

3. Standalone bathtub

Standalone bathtubs are a straightforward yet striking addition to most bathrooms that is sleek and contemporary. Not to add that installation doesn’t involve hacking and that placement possibility are more versatile.

4. Jacuzzi


You can reduce your stress levels by using a Jacuzzi. You may relax and release physical tension when bathing in warm water. It aids in reducing any negative thoughts you may have after work. Additionally, nothing seems handier than lowering stress levels while relaxing at your home.

5. Japanese-style bathtub


With a Japanese ofuro, or wooden tub, you can recreate the calming onsen experience in your own house. It is a tight choice to fit into tiny HDB bathrooms since it is often shorter in length.

Most Japanese ofuros also have walls that are slightly taller, extending up to the neck region, allowing you to relax without having to expose your upper body to the cold.

6. Walk-in bathub

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A walk-in tub is a must if there are elderlies living in the house. It’s easy to enter and exit the bath with ease with the ultra-low step-in, handrails, and wide door. The traditional bath or shower just cannot provide the same level of safety and convenience that a walk-in tub does.

How To Properly Maintain Your HDB Bathtub?


You’ll frequently need to give the tubs a thorough scrub at least once a week because of the extra corners that bathroom filth may get caught in and the cracks that can grow over time. Maintenance requirements vary depending on the material. In comparison to wood, reinforced plastic and fiberglass are easier to keep mold-free.

To keep the space dry, make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Also, think about adding an exhaust fan. Get a bathtub with basic design features; ones with grasp handles or elaborate side tiling will require additional cleaning. Utilize tub repair kits available online to fix tub cracks on your bathtub.

A Quick Tip: How To Use A Bathtub In A Hotel?

When you are planning to go on vacation or have a relaxing staycation in an Airbnb accommodation with a luxury bathtub experience, consider cleaning up the bathtub first before soaking yourself in it. Hotels and Airbnbs do clean their bathrooms but there’s nothing wrong with making sure that you’re not just enjoying a wonderful bath but a clean and safe one as well. Maximize your bathtub relaxation by adding essential oils to the water, lighting a scented candle for relaxation, and putting on a facial mask for a complete and satisfying experience. 

What Are Some Popular Bathroom Brands In Singapore?

  1. Hera – where you can find the ideal HDB bathtub regardless of how small or big your bathroom space is.
  2. Kohler – KOHLER offers a gorgeous selection of bathtubs for your bathroom, including walk-in, standalone, and drop-in baths.
  3. Toto – for bathtubs that are durable, sleek, simple, and perfect for minimalistic spaces.
  4. Nobel – find unique designs of standalone bathtubs and other bathroom accessories at Nobel.


Now is the perfect moment to start working on realizing your goal of adding a bathtub to your HDB’s bathroom. Need help in designing your bathroom or selecting the perfect hdb bathtub for your space? We’ve got your back! Send us an email of your concern and we’ll gladly assist you in making your dream bathroom come to life!

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