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The Bohemian interior design style is like a nostalgic patchwork of design concepts combined to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. The Boho style appeals to people because it is simple, affordable, and stylish. Rather than being too strict, rigid, and symmetrical, its aesthetic celebrates freedom, making it an iconic style for free-spirited people.

Moreover, the style strikes at the core of vintage interior design by fusing bohemian with organic décor pieces and accessories. There’s no wonder why many people are going for the bohemian interior style nowadays. Whether they live in the countryside or the middle of a busy metropolis, there’s no stopping them from adopting the style. Wondering how you can infuse the bohemian design into your home? We’ve gathered a few tips for you to get started. Read on!

1. Opt for Natural Finishes


Natural finishes give an interior space a more organic sense which is the hallmark of bohemian design. Bohemian decor has become known for its use of natural materials, and rustic and worn-in finishes.

The style originates from the simplicity of aesthetics and the sustainable use of décor. It’s all about incorporating materials that can be found in nature, such as driftwood, rattan, rope, whitewashed bricks, bamboo, and others.

2. Select A Softer Color Palette


Vibrant colors and strong, overpowering designs have no place in a boho-styled house. The bohemian aesthetic is delicate and almost fairy-like – therefore, select a color palette with soft hues to create a romantic and light-filled space.

A palette of pastel hues, light-colored woods, and soft textures may provide an elegant yet practical home decoration plan when used in the right proportions. Although pastel colors can convey a calm atmosphere, it might be difficult to keep the design contemporary. On the other hand, they are ideal for traditional and country-style interiors like rustic, cottagecore, bohemian, and shabby chic.

3. Spruce It Up with Vintage Décor and Accessories


Decorating in the vintage style incorporates items from the past to provide a cozy, nostalgic atmosphere. The vintage appearance nowadays is more than just the traditional country aesthetic of old charms and chintz fabrics.

Another approach that is proven to be effective and aesthetically wise when aiming for the bohemian interior design look is to mix and match vintage décor or accessories with modern ones. This technique creates visual texture, making any living space interesting and visually stimulating.  Shop for vintage and antique accessories in flea markets and thrift stores. It doesn’t matter if the items are authentic vintage or imitations, as long as you incorporate objects with a worn appearance to really achieve that traditional nostalgic charm and the nature-vibe of the bohemian look


4. Paint It White


The bohemian interior design is characterized by white against white. When colors are employed, white, whether it be a delicate shade of white or pure white, takes center stage.

5. Choose Relaxed Bohemian Design Fabrics


The fabrics should be loose, informal, and a little bit unmade to complement the design aesthetic. Avoid formal textiles, elegantly pleated embellishments, or fitted upholstery because that’s for an entirely different aesthetic. Focus on something homely and comfortable to the eye and sense of touch.

6. Mount A Bohemian-styled Lighting Fixture


Lighting plays an important role in interior design and creating the right mood or ambiance and defining a certain interior style. The purpose of hanging a bohemian-styled lighting fixture in a house is to elevate the mood by evoking a pleasant, cheerful atmosphere instead of dark, unappealing rooms. The bohemian interior style is characterized by lightness and softness; therefore, your lighting fixtures should also evoke a charming, nostalgic, and romantic ambiance.

7. Blend It Stylishly


Instead of trying to match everything, blend everything to achieve the ideal boho interior design vibe. You can create with elements from more than one era or style if you find similarities in colors, wood tones, lines, and scale to tie it all together. Maintain balance when mixing home design styles by pairing objects that have similar aesthetics together so that none of them looks out of place

8. Add Colorful Soft Furnishings


Soft furnishings can do the job in terms of creating a sense of comfort, richness, and warmth. Adding soft furnishings, like cushions and throws, is a great way to spruce up your space with color. It’s the simplest approach to changing a space’s color and contrast scheme. You can be as creative as possible and select fabrics with interesting colors and patterns.

9. Spice It Up With Interesting Patterns!


Patterns are added to interior spaces for visual interest, giving color and life to a space and expressing individuality. Sometimes, the use of patterns even defines your interior design style. Using patterns judiciously will bring color and visual drama to any room. The goal is to utilize them to complement the other colors and materials in a room.

10. Add Something Vintage


Putting vintage and collectibles in your home’s interior is a fashionable, intriguing, and often functional way to bring life to a space. Adding vintage items will do the trick if you aim to achieve a charming and nostalgic aesthetic. Place a large chandelier that is made of natural materials like wood or macrame in the ceiling above your stairway or your living room space to evoke a sense of nostalgia and create a cozy, rustic modern environment.

When creating a space by yourself, prioritize the concepts you like best. Choose one color to serve as your reference after choosing your color scheme.  Additionally, designing one room shouldn’t be stressful – instead, you should consider it a fun challenge to embark on. Many examples are available to guide you when trying to attain a shabby chic style. If you are planning to redecorate your living room or bedroom with a bohemian interior design theme, don’t hesitate to contact our design team. We will gladly assist you in making your dream bohemian interior a reality.

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