Dining Table: Choosing the right one for your Dining Room (Singapore 2023)



If the kitchen is the heart of the house, then the dining room is where all bonds are formed. This is where everybody in the household gathers to share and partake in three meals, talking about all things under the sun, be it either good or bad. Apart from the living room, the dining room is one other area in the house where guests and homeowners alike are treated to the sumptuous and otherwise engaging activity of dining.

But what exactly makes the dining room complete?

  • Is it the size of the area?
  • Perhaps the wall paint?
  • Or maybe it is the view one enjoys when dining.

Though some will consider all these factors, many overlook the most important factor of all. A dining room is complete if it has the perfect dining set. Over the years, the dining set has evolved from the massive banquet tables to the more practical and space efficient sets. And with various design themes slowly emerging, it’s no wonder why so many dining sets come in various shapes, styles, finishes and looks.


So here comes a predicament that every Singapore home encounters. Which dining set works with the interior? Just because there are so many styles to choose from, doesn’t mean you must be intimidated with the many designs and sizes. Singapore’s many homes have played host to unique and interesting dining sets and many would say that what ties the dining set together is perhaps the dining table. While chairs can serve as definitive compliments, it is the dining table that can solidify the overall look.

Here are several tips to consider as well as the different types of dining table Singapore homes have since employed and how you can apply them in your own home.


As always, size really matters. Nowadays, most of the dining rooms have begun to vary in size and shape. Some properties will have space that can only fir 2 seaters, some might have space to fit up to 4 seater tables, some will have 6 seater tables and if you are fortunate enough, you might have a dining room space that can fit up to 8 or even 10 people. It’s important to get the area of the dining room before buying a dining table Singapore designers often use.


A key thing to note is that most dining tables have specific sizes designed to suit the number of occupants.

  • 2-Seater tables are easily the smallest and  would measure from 800mm to 1000mm.
  • 4-Seater tables are tables that are often recommended for small hdb homes and condominiums, thus making it a practical size most homeowners go to. They usually measure around 1200mm and come in various shapes such as round, square and even rectangular ones.
  • 6-Seaters are usually used in bigger condominium spaces. Like the 4 seater, the 6 seater is still considered a practical size for hdb homes and condominiums; especially if the household has more than 4 members. This table measures around 1500mm to 1600mm and is one of the most common table sizes in the market.
  • For those whose dining spaces are quite big, there are 8-seater to even 10- seater tables measuring at 1800mm to 2000mm. In terms of height, most dining tables are a standard 750mm tall, although there are some tables that can go up to 1000mm.



Take the time to measure your dining space and take into consideration how many members of the household are there and how many times you will be having guests over. Once you have the measurements, you are now ready to decide which dining table suits your dining space.



Now that you have your dining room measurements, you are now ready to begin your search for the perfect dining table. More often than not, when visiting a furniture store, you will see several dining sets priced either by piece or as a group all together. For some, buying a dining set in individual pieces may come off as bit expensive. But don’t worry, there are some furniture stores that sell dining sets at prices that fit your budget.

Dining table sets are sets that comprise of a table and a set number of chairs that complement the table in style, color and material finish. Most sets come in different size variants. For example, a round table set with 4 chairs could also have a larger one with 6 chairs. In most cases, dining sets are already packaged as a set and cannot be broken down. That is to say, if you prefer the chairs, but not the table, you won’t be able to purchase the chairs since it must come with the table.

Dining sets are often marketed to homeowners who have a set budget and more often than not, can be recommended for specific room sizes and styles.



There is no limitation of styles when it comes to dining tables. Singapore homes have fully embraced the idea of different designs, sizes and even finishes when it comes to having a unique dining table. And perhaps one of the most elegant finishes that are making its way to the dining table is marble. Often associated with classical and luxury style interiors, having a marble top dining table adds just the right amount of class and sophistication to your dining room.

Most marble top tables come in various marble finishes such as gray, white, mixed grays and even beige golds, just to name a few. To complete the solid look, the legs could also be made entirely out of marble or for a more modern take, you can have polished chrome or steel legs that can support the overall table top. To complete the overall look, pair it with classical chairs such French neoclassical chairs or for a more modern take on it, pair with fully upholstered high back chairs. A rule of thumb for most designers working with a dining set; if your table top is of a darker finish, always pair them with dining chairs of a lighter color. You wouldn’t want to have a completely dark looking dining room, yes?



If marble table tops give off a luxurious and classical look, then wooden furniture is the go to material for a more timeless and adaptable look. However theme or style you look at, one thing is for certain; the most common material finish present is wood. Wood has always been a constant because of its ability to adapt to any style and partly because of how abundant wood is in Singapore. Because of the abundance of the material, wooden dining tables are a staple for almost every possible style you can think of for your dining space.

One of the most popular design styles that is making its mark in modern design is the mid-century or Scandinavian look. Characterized by the use of polished wood and finishes such as teak, natural oak and white ash, these dining tables provide a clean and more streamlined look. Other bestselling Singapore dining table designs could include panels that can be used to extend the dining table’s overall length, some can even have compartments for plates and sauces, some can even have rotating lazy Susan trays and some can even metallic edge finishes. Between wood and marble top tables, wooden tables tend to be favored due in part to their affordability and varied finishes.



We have talked about dining tables made out of wood and marble, but what about other materials? Are they as good as wood and marble? Maybe even better? Let’s tackle each of them. If wood is deemed a bit out of your budget, you can go for dining tables made out of a combination of wood and medium density fiber board. This kind of table is often employed because of its low maintenance and various finishes.

Another material employed for dining tables is glass. This materials is easy to clean and gives off the impression of an even wider and brighter room. Glass can come in many finishes from clear glass to tinted glass to even frosted and tempered glass, depending on your preference.


Finally, there is the uncanny use of metal and steel top dining tables that give off a polished and futuristic look about it. These particular tables can be paired with almost any modern chair you can think of.


When it comes to dining tables, Singapore designers often recommend choosing tables that make you feel comfortable and at ease with one another when you dine. Choose dining tables that provide you with proper elbow space. If you feel you need professional help. Don’t hesitate to ask a designer as they can help narrow down the dining table that can fit perfectly to your space, style and budget all together. After all, when you dine, you would want to dine with an air of satisfaction and achievement. And what better way to end a hard day’s work is to have a nice home cooked meal with your family.

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