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Perhaps one of the most ingenious elements of a modern style house is the sliding doors. Apart from effortlessly defining one space from the other, it also serves as an unintended decorative element, as well as saves and maximizes the space; the latter evident in some homes favoring sliding doors over the traditional swing doors.

Taking its design cue from traditional Japanese Shoji screens, sliding doors have flexible designs and has since employed new and innovative materials and mechanisms since its early inception. In today’s slowly rising trend on minimalist and innovative home design, many Singaporeans agree that installing and investing in a well-designed sliding door is the way to go. So here are several ways to have a unique sliding door Singapore style and how to maintain it.


1. Glass Sliding Doors


Arguably a classic, sliding glass doors have been the preferred sliding door Singapore design for several years. This is due in part to homeowners admiring the look of glass doors serving as both window and door. The sliding glass door Singapore if often employed in patios, balconies and quite recently in container houses.

Tempered glass is highly recommended due to its heat resistant and shockproof durability, while also moderating light and sound distribution at the same time. Take care to choose the right size and right design that best fits your budget and interior. A rule of thumb is that the part that slides must always be inside rather than outside.

2. Kitchen Sliding Doors


Traditionally, kitchens have always been located along with the dining room or even in a separate room. But for today’s modern look, defining the kitchen space, especially in an open plan, requires creativity and ingenuity. Employing kitchen sliding door Singapore is one way to creatively separate the kitchen from the dining room.

This type of sliding door Singapore can be used either in one panel as a divider or two panels on either side as a window or glass wall. When using this particular sliding door, using heat resistant and moisture resistant glass is highly recommended. This is due to the fact that there will be a lot of cooking done and the steam and moisture could easily fog up the glass; you would want to have glass that requires little maintenance.  In terms of designs, you can have sliding doors styled like modern window panes or like one solid glass partition.

3. Wood Sliding Door


A popular style that is slowly making its mark in many modern homes is the rustic farm look. This style uses distressed aged wood, brass hardware and light natural paint. Apart from distinguishing elements such as white wooden planks and oak furniture, it can also be distinguished by one design element and that is the wood sliding door Singapore or barn door; as it is commonly referred to. This sliding door uses a solid hardwood door that is attached to a heavy duty, black brass hanger and glider. It is then accented with either bolts or a large handle, which make for an easy grip when sliding it open.

If you prefer a more traditional type of wooden door, you can opt for a traditional wooden door attached to the hangers and make for a beautiful transitional door. However, if you are going for this type of sliding door, you will need to use a door that is well sanded and treated. Don’t go for doors that are either too big or too small; always go for the right size and weight. The latter is essential, since the hanger and glider can support a specified weight and size.

4. An Alternative Door for Small Toilets


Nowadays, modern HDB homes and condos have rather small spaces for the toilets. This is due in part to most homes utilizing basic fixtures for the toilets. That being said, small toilets tend to be quite restrictive when it comes to doors. A good solution is by having a sliding door installed instead of the conventional swing door. Not only is it space efficient, having toilet sliding door Singapore has more than several applications apart from it being a door. It can serve as a hidden access concealed with either a mirror or a painting.

You can even have cladding like mirrors, wood or even a painted mural. The best thing about having a sliding door for your toilet door is that you can use just about any material imaginable. However, most experts often go for wood or frosted glass as the preferred material.

5. Lighter Sliding Doors

For design purposes, sliding door frames, especially those with glass, are often made out of steel, stainless steel, wood and even PVC plastic, which is often the most common material used in many sliding door Singapore HDB homes. However, another material being used in sliding door frames is aluminum. Now what makes aluminum sliding door Singapore unique is that aluminum is lightweight, weather resistant, and easy to manipulate and is considered cost efficient.

Apart from having the typical aluminum finish, it also comes with powder coat finish and even a wood finish look. The drawback of most aluminum sliding doors is that it may give off a different look and feel. However, with proper maintenance and clever detailing and design, you are sure to have a unique door feature in your home.

6. A Balcony Sliding Door Unlike Any Other….


During the early days of the balcony, the kind of door that was often use as an access was the ordinary flush door. But now, the trend of having a seamless looking window serve as the access to the balcony calls for a more suitable and artistic design element. This is where the sliding door comes into play.

Having a balcony sliding door installed is the epitome of modern luxury and innovation. You can see this particular look in many modern hdbs and condo units; particularly those with a rather beautiful view to look at. Most sliding door designs would vary from the simplest cut like panels to a more sophisticated look employing the very latest and innovative materials. You might be wondering how much would a balcony sliding door cost?

When it comes to costs, the balcony sliding door Singapore price varies depending on the size, the materials used and the installation fee. The average starting price for most sliding doors will range from $300 for basic designs to $1,600 and above for high end door designs. Again, this price range is an estimate and not all door suppliers have the same estimated price range. A good way for you to determine how much it would cost would be to have a door supplier quote and design your door. Not only do they provide an accurate quotation, they can also recommend materials that fit both your interior and budget.

7. Maintenance 101


Just because it is a sliding door doesn’t mean you overlook its overall maintenance. Believe it or not, sliding doors require a lot of aftercare and maintenance. And having sliding doors replaced, should they get damaged, would cost from maybe $2,000-$2,500. Pretty pricey, huh. So as much as possible, it is best to consider these basic maintenance rules.

While some glass sliding doors require basic cleaning like a soaked rag and soap, other types of glass require specific shine alls and cleaners to remove moisture residue and other types of dirt.

Aside from that, you will need to take care of the sliding doors’ gliders and other mechanisms. A common problem for most sliding doors is when the door panel dislodges from the glider; which can make it quite difficult to mount back again.

Another problem involves the track itself. As much as possible, the track must be well oiled and maintained on a weekly basis. Invest in quality machine oil and make sure that there are no obstructions in the track like dirt or dust.


And if this overwhelms you, you can always consult experts who specialize in sliding doors. As mentioned earlier, experts and suppliers can help you find the ideal type of sliding door for your interior based on the set requirements and budget. The best thing about sliding doors is that they help regulate the air and natural light that comes in as well as the overall acoustics inside the home. And there is no limit to how many panels you would want in your sliding door. You can have your basic one panel or two panel or even three to four panels that slide either way. It’s all about using your creativity and what exactly you need.

Having a sliding door Singapore installed is perhaps one of the best investments you can think of. Apart from having a clean looking, architectural element, it is perhaps considered a transitional structure that can adapt to just about any style be it contemporary, retro or even minimalist. And it makes your space look even bigger than it normally does; effectively making your home a modern marvel in its own right.

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