Shoe Cabinet Design In Singapore (Expert’s Advice 2024)


A common luxury that is often in everybody’s list is a new pair of shoes. Whether it be for work or leisure, it is a known fact that everyone has more than one pair of shoes for every occasion. And just like clothes, shoes need to be placed and stored in an organized space. And with that comes the need for unique and storage-efficient shoe cabinet design.

This is true, especially for HDB homes whose space and area are often times restricted to accommodate the necessary basics. But just because there are a few restrictions, it doesn’t mean one cannot get creative in designing unique shoe cabinets. Here are a few creative ideas you can try and a few tips to consider when creating your shoe cabinet.




This is very important when you are making your shoe cabinet design. First, think about how many shoes you own now and how many you will most likely own in the future. This will help in determining how wide or how tall your shoe cabinet is going to be. Once you have that in mind, check the area where you intend to put your shoe cabinet.

  • Is it small?
  • Is it wide?
  • Is it near the entrance door?
  • Is it in the hallway?
  • Is it in your master bedroom?

Take the area measurements and see if they will work well with your intended shoe cabinet size. If your design is too big for the area, try to adjust it. Consider also the style you would like to go for.

  • Do you want to have a built in cabinet?
  • Or a Nordic style cabinet?
  • Or maybe you like a closet type?  

Consider also the materials you will use.

  • Will you be using wood or laminates?
  • Steel or particle boards?
  • Are they treated?
  • Can they withstand the test of time?
  • Can it retain its shape and stability?


If your HDB house has a space for a walk-in closet, why not incorporate a built-in shoe cabinet design wardrobe feature? You can place small cubicles at the base of the cabinet with compartments for every shoe. Another cool idea to try is to have shelves outfitted into the wardrobe. Then you can categorize your shoes from frequently worn being on top to occasionally worn at the bottom.



Some houses or units, if you notice, will often have small corners or niches that are the result of the foundation posts that support the entire building. While some opt to leave it as is, others would cover or patch it up in order to make it look seamless. Instead of covering it up or leaving it as is, why not make it into a full-height shoe cabinet?

More often, the depth of the empty corners would range from 20cm to 30cm, which corresponds to the depth of most columns. This is more than enough to have a unique built-in HDB shoe cabinet design. You can create varying shelf heights to suit the shoes you have like boots, sandals, and sneakers.

A really unique idea to try is by having slanting pockets instead of the classic straight shelf. If you want to go the extra mile, try using pull-out mechanisms and trays that will help add more storage to your shoe cabinet. You can even use a pull-out mechanism in creating concealed full shoe cabinets in the wall or pull-out drawers.



If you prefer stand-alone shoe cabinets, don’t worry. There are many types of shoes cabinets designed to suit any styles and needs.

  • You can have the usual shoe cabinets that have equally spaced shelves or compartments.
  • You can also go for cabinets where the compartments open out like a fan with slanted spaces for maximum capacity.
  • You can try using cabinets with drawers for your shoes and socks.
  • You can have long drawers for boots and short ones for sandals.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect shoe cabinets’ designs to suit your tastes and needs. You can also have these stand-alone shoe cabinets customized to suit your preferred height, color, material and even function.



The trend for most furniture pieces, especially for hdb houses and condos, is having more than one function. The same can be said for shoe cabinets. A classic take would be having a hallway bench that has shelves underneath the seat for shoes. This is very useful, especially if you are rushing out.

Having a bench by the hallway provides you with a place to sit on while you put on your shoes. You can elevate this classic style by having your shoe cabinet attached to a bench. Make sure to have a firm, yet comfortable seat cushion on your bench.

Another cool idea to try is making your shoe cabinet your hallway console table. To conceal the fact that it is a shoe cabinet, place some books or statues on top of the cabinet. You can also hang a mirror on the wall above it to complete the look.

Another unique minimalist approach is having your shoe cabinet and sitting area in a pocket space against the wall. You can also incorporate hooks for hanging your bags, hats and scarves above the bench. The perfect example for a dual purpose shoe cabinet is when you have drawers underneath your bed to store your shoes in.



This is the part where you can be a little creative in your approach to creating the most unique look. You can look for inspiration online or try these interesting details in your design. .

  • Japanese Aesthetic: the Japanese have a unique feature in their houses. They have a small anteroom or space preceding the hallway where they take their shoes off and store them before entering into the main room. Use that feature by creating a small space next to a wall. Add some floor decks so that you can place those frequently worn shoes in place. You can also incorporate this feature in a full height shoe cabinet design or by mounting your shoe cabinet a few inches from the floor in order to provide a decked space.
  • Nordic Aesthetic: the Nordic or Scandinavian design relies solely on the principles of practicality and functionality. It also uses wood in order to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. A really unique idea that follows the principle of Nordic design is having your shoe cabinet in a rotating column. Not only does this save space, it operates on the principle of d practicality, it also adds a bit of character to an otherwise dull space.
  • Modern Aesthetic: you can never go wrong with a style that can easily stand the test of time. If your hdb house has a flight of stairs, apart from using it as a bookshelf, you can actually use it your shoe cabinet. To make it look even more aesthetically pleasing, you can cover the shoe cabinet with a decorative door panel or frame.  You can also make shoes cabinets in wall pockets and cover them with unique wall art or a sliding wall panel.


Now that you have an idea of what you want, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by where to start and what to use. This is perhaps the most important tip for you. When in doubt about what you want to achieve, consult a specialist. Interior designers, especially those who are on the HDB certified list, can help you with your overall design. You can discuss with them what you want and they will advise whether the concept can be used in your house.

You can also consult companies who specialize in custom-made cabinetries. You can search online for these companies and designers and you can even request for their portfolios and sample works. What’s more, these specialists can measure your area, conceptualize the shoe cabinet to fit both the space and your budget, and as mentioned before, can give you advice on whether the design is feasible or offer alternatives.

While most people would opt to just buy ready-made shoe racks, storing shoes in an aesthetically pleasing place not only shoes how much you value your shoes, but also how you make the most of your space. Shoe cabinets may seem like a frivolous add on, but if you work them in your space, you will see how a unique shoe cabinet design makes your space look more interesting and unique.

But perhaps the most important tip of all when designing your shoe cabinet is making sure that it serves its ultimate purpose which is to carefully store and organize your shoe collection, thus minimizing clutter and disarray. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of coming home to an organized house?

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