HDB Altar Design Ideas You Must Check In 2024


Introduction Of HDB Altar Design


Home altars are considered a traditional and cultural feature. While they may be connected to a specific religion, altars may also be used for personal purposes (for example a designated area for meditating, or for paying respect to objects/people you value). Anybody can benefit from having an altar actually.

Most people who are religious put high regard to it while others who are not simply want to have one for design/decoration purposes and to bring luck and positive energy to the house. Regardless of your stance, if you are considering having an altar, here are some creative and interesting HDB altar design ideas you can check out.

1. Altar Table Design

Putting up an altar in a small HDB unit is quite a challenge because of the limited space available. Some HDBs, condos, and apartments are too small to even have a designated space for an altar but this does not mean you can’t have one.

If you really want to have your own altar in your home, you can set it up on a small table and place the table on one of the corners of your home or any space where the table might fit.

Choose a long and narrow console table and keep your statues, figurines, and other alter decorations to a bare minimum to not make it look cluttered. Opt for a minimalist style and make your altar design simple yet significant.

2. Wall HDB Altar Design


Another HDB altar design that is ideal for homes with small limited space is a wall altar. Designate a part of your wall and convert it into an altar. You can offset the wall or place a floating cabinet or shelf where you can place your altar decorations.

An altar on the wall is common in contemporary and minimalist spaces and is a great option if you just want to have a tiny meditation corner in your home.

3. Altar Above A Cabinet


Altars are pretty easy to set up. You don’t need a huge space or fancy decoration compositions in order to have one. Look around your HDB unit and find a surface you can declutter or organize to squeeze in a small altar.

If you have a cabinet or shelf in your living room, you can free up the space above it and utilize the space for an altar. This altar design is commonly seen in HDB and Condo units where there is not much space for an altar. Decluttering a particular area or table space in your HDB and transforming it into an altar can make your house look organized and well-designed.

4. Altar Beside A TV Wall


In one of our previous blogs, we’ve talked about various tv wall designs you can create in your home. Did you know that you can also set up an altar beside your tv wall design?

TV wall designs often have cabinets, shelves, and counter spaces that you can utilize as an altar. Doing this will save you enough space and can serve as part of your TV wall decoration. Keep your altar simple, minimalistic, and organized for a much better aesthetic appeal.

5. Exclusive Altar Nook


You have the option to build a big altar if you have extra space for it in your home. Many religious people include an altar space as part of their home’s floor plans. If you have a house with a dead space or nooks and corners, consider transforming that into an exclusive altar.

This type of altar is considered semi-private which means it is accessible by people who live in the house but not too exposed to guests. You can have this kind of altar if you frequently do meditations and prayers privately.

6. Altar In The Hallway


Hallways are typically empty but oftentimes, this is where we place our credenzas or console tables to add a little bit of decoration. Narrow hallways don’t need decorations or furniture because they might block the way.

But for houses with big long hallways, you can make use of that space by placing a console table or a wall cabinet shelf design to put your altar. This can make the house appear fully furnished rather than dull and empty.

Why Have An Altar At Home?


You may use a home altar for anything you like, but most people use it as a place to meditate.  The altar can assist you in keeping your meditation concentrated and in sync with your aspirations. The things you hold important in your life might be recalled by visiting your personal altar. This might be your loved ones, your hobbies, or your passions. Others may use it as their spiritual practice, which may involve using incense and icons.

What Should You Put in The Altar?


Your altar should be a physical reflection of whatever you’re honoring, whether that’s your loved ones, yourself, your aspirations, or your religious beliefs. Add items that relax you and make you happy if it’s merely going to be a place for meditation.

Here is a list of often included elements in case you’re unsure of exactly what you want to include:

  • Incense
  • Flowers
  • Religious icons/statues
  • Crystals
  • Picture frames
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • Small potted plants
  • Candles

Your HDB altar design depends on what kind of altar you wish to put up. If it is for a religious purpose, you might consider something exclusive. If it is for meditation, opt for a semi-private altar with a very minimalist approach. For tiny altars in small HDB units and apartments, wall altars and altars on a table will perfectly suffice.

We hope that this short blog gave you an idea of what altar design to choose in your home whether you live in a small HDB unit or a large landed house.

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