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Children are very creative, adventurous, and curious at a very young age. To stimulate their curiosity and creativity, parents should be meticulous when it comes to designing their rooms.

It is every young girl’s dream to have a bedroom that sparks their imagination and makes them feel like they are living in a world of beauty, fun, and magic. As a parent, keep in mind that a wonderfully designed bedroom is more than just the soft plushy pillows or the charming decorations and accessories. It is also about how the furniture in the room is arranged, the lighting, and the overall convenience of the bedroom.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce several room ideas for girls that they’ll surely fall in love with from their toddler years, up until their early teens. 

1. Whimsical


There is no specific aesthetic that defines whimsical design; however, it comprises designs that evoke a sense of amusement, lightheartedness, and fantasy. Whimsical design is subjective depending on the child’s interests and fascination.

If she is fascinated by fairies and princesses, creating a whimsical environment inspired by that theme is the way to go. On the other hand, if she’s into animals like rabbits, unicorns, and kittens, you can define your own whimsical aesthetic and craft a unique bedroom design composition out of that theme as well.

The key thing here is knowing how to capture their fascination and translate it into a bedroom theme.

2. Vintage Chic


Vintage chic room ideas for girls are characterized as cheerful, colorful, cozy, and girly. It is the kind of bedroom design that can be easily updated whenever the child reaches a certain age and wants to switch styles.

Vintage chic is pretty versatile so different design styles can be overlayed or mixed together and it still would look aesthetically charming and timeless. Incorporate vintage decorations like lamps, an old telephone for display, and a comfortable accent chair to add comfort and style.

3. Sweet Minimalist


If you are looking for a simple yet beautiful bedroom design, then opt for a sweet minimalistic look. This type of bedroom style is perfect for toddlers because girls at this stage, do not have design preferences yet.

As a parent, when you start with a minimalist design, it will be easier to make changes or add on as the child grows. A sweet minimalist design has elements that are cute, colorful, and functional. There are elements of wood against a neutral or pastel backdrop and the decorations are kept to a minimum.

4. Pastels and Rainbows


Young girls love pretty things and magic. They are easily attracted by light colors like pink, pastels, yellows, and blues. Incorporate these bright colors into their bedroom by color blocking, putting a wallpaper, or painting a rainbow mural on the wall.

Pastel colors can also be present in the form of pillows, cushions, blankets, and duvets. Pastel colors are easy to blend because they look subtle yet alluring to the eye of youngsters. If you want to incorporate colors that are not too distractive, pastel colors are the best option so far.

5. The Canopy Bed


Originally designed to keep people warm and provide seclusion, canopy beds are today prized for their luxurious appearance. Linen hung over the top and over all sides of these beds, which are usually four-posters, is often completed with tassels or other features to create drama.

The canopy bed is playful and fun – something that kids will totally adore. As we all know, the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and dressing the bedroom with a lovely canopy is a wonderful way to make any girl feel like a princess.

6. Bedroom with Swing Chair

The plush cushions and mattresses that come with hanging chairs make them comfy. A bedroom with a swing chair looks extra chic and playful. This, however, is not ideal for girls who are still toddlers. But if your girls are already at the age of 8 and up, they can have a swing chair.

There are many great uses for having one. They can sit there while they read or relax in the afternoon. Installing a swing chair is also another way to establish a little nook in their room that can be their favorite space up until they become teenagers.

7. The Twin Bedroom Ideas for Girls


If you have two girls sharing a room, twin beds are great. While bunk beds are still a possibility, a twin bed is regarded to be far more suitable for girls, especially if they are not of the same age.

Having separate beds and designating opposing portions of the bedroom as their corner is a smart approach to split the space and make it work effectively and conveniently for both girls to live together. It’s also an excellent method to help them develop a feeling of responsibility for their own space in the room and avoid sibling conflict.

8. The Bohemian Vibe


A bohemian bedroom is characterized as unconventional, providing for a wide range of decorating options. Earthy tones dominate most boho homes, with bold and colorful accent colors drawing the eye in.

A joyful combination of color and patterns, furniture types, and surprising decor—along with asymmetrical layouts—defines the bohemian style. Boho design is known for being extremely informal and easygoing, with a laid-back attitude to decorating.

These room ideas for girls are some of the most sought-after designs that young girls love. If you are wondering what bedroom design your girl will love, you can pick from one of these or show your daughter what design she would most likely prefer.

Designing a bedroom is a fun and exciting activity both the children and the parent can embark on. Let your child participate in the process so that she will be able to exercise her creative skills and form a sense of attachment and responsibility to her new bedroom.

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