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Decorating a kid’s room is a fun and exciting process. Unlike designing living rooms and dining areas, the children’s bedroom allows parents as designers to have as much freedom when it comes to selecting colors, themes, furnishings, and accessories.

The kid’s bedroom is their safe haven and as much as possible, it should be designed with them in mind. One thing to do this is to allow and encourage them to participate in the process. Ask the toddler what theme does he want his room to be? What are his/her preferences? What unique feature does he/she like to have?

It’s easy to get lost in the process because as parents, we also have our own preferences. However, keep in mind that it is your kid’s bedroom. And by making their preferences validated and appreciated, you’ll be able to build their creativity and establish independence and identity by doing fun activities together such as decorating and styling their bedrooms.

To guide you in the process of selecting designs, here are several room design for kids that they might love.

1. The Soft Minimalist


Contemporary bedrooms are common in most Singaporean homes especially small apartments and HDB units. Because of the limited space available, a minimalist bedroom is ideal. However, a minimalist kid’s bedroom doesn’t have to be sterile and uninteresting. Inducing a bit of visual play such as color blocking walls, adding fluffy elements like area rugs, poufs, and bean bags can brighten up the space.

2. The Disney Room Design For Kids Themes


If your kids want a Disney-themed room, here’s a simple tip on how to achieve it. Select the color scheme of the particular Disney movie or character then draw all your paint colors, furnishing colors, and other accessories from that palette.

It’s a simple and straightforward way of incorporating a Disney theme without stuffing the bedroom with stickers and wallpapers. You can then style and accentuate with accessories and perhaps a few stuffed toys to achieve the setting in the movie.

3. The Mural Wall


Colorful walls are popular in the nursery room and room design for kids. Nothing can bring the fun and playfulness of the space quite like painted walls. If you want to brighten the walls and add a splash of color, consider painting a mural. You can color block it or create a concept such as animals, nature, fruits, or other cute things and characters that your kid might love.

When creating a mural on the wall, let your kid participate in the process. It’s a good parent-kid bonding activity you can do every once in a while. It will enhance the kid’s creativity skills and make him/her appreciate the painting more.

4. Pastel Wallpapers


Pastels are lighter, softer, and calmer than primary colors because they are less saturated. This is what makes them an ideal room design for kids’ color to use in their walls. They go nicely with neutral hues in the spring to give off an earthy, sophisticated vibe. The use of pastels gives the space a vibrant atmosphere.

5. The Playful Scandinavian


Scandinavian is characterized by the use of wood and a neutral scheme in the interior. The Scandinavian design focuses on quality over quantity and prioritizes clean, clutter-free surroundings.

It encourages peaceful and straightforward appeal that many parents wish to include in their children’s bedrooms. Sprucing the space with a splash of color in the form of beddings, rugs, ottomans, throw pillows, and voila! Your kid can enjoy the playful Scandinavian vibe in his/her bedroom.

6. The Jungle Effect


The jungle is one of every kid’s favorite themes. Why with all the fantastic stories involving jungle settings such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King, it’s no wonder why a lot of kids want to recreate the environment in their own bedrooms.

On top of that, it is a fun theme and there are many things you can incorporate to pull off the look. A netting-covered canopy bed or a basic rattan bed with a low headboard is ideal for this kind of bedroom style. Adding wildlife decals, camouflage, or jungle-print bedding will complete the look.

7. Colorful Geometry


Geometry is used in interior design to create both striking and lovable forms, lines, and shapes. It’s a creative and attractive way to add individuality to your kid’s bedroom wall. There are many ways to add geometric elements to the bedroom. You can either paint the wall with an interesting pattern or opt for textiles filled with colorful geometries and shapes. Another way is through rugs, throw pillows and blankets.

8. The Fairytale Dream


The bedroom should be every kids’ haven where they would love to spend their day playing, doing their hobbies, and even spending time with their parents. This is why fairytale-like room design for kids is so popular both young boys and girls alike.

The fairytale world feels like an escape. An adventure that they want to embark on. Kids have a very wild imagination and these imaginations are the ones that foster their creativity and make them enjoy their childhood.

9. Little Astronaut

The astronaut/space theme is somewhat saturated. The reason why is pretty obvious. Kids love to wonder and they are very interested in things that pique their curiosity. Space, stars, science, and other cool things are a few of them.

If your child loves everything about space, one way you can support that interest is by creating a space-themed bedroom for him/her. It is also a great way to educate the kid slowly about the stars and planets. Who knows he might truly become an astronaut in the future!

There’s quite a long list of room for kids design ideas but it will probably take us tomorrow if we enumerate those, so we keep it short and simple. This list, however, is a few of the most popular bedroom designs for kids that almost everyone will love.

So, if you’re quite unsure what style to incorporate, you can definitely select from one of these, or better yet, ask your kid. Chances are, he/she might already have something in mind. Hope you learn a thing or two from reading this blog. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process of decorating the bedroom with your kid.

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