12 Ways to Achieve the Muji Minimalist Living Room Style


What Is The Muji Interior Design Style?


Muji is a Japanese concept that embodies an exquisite and minimalist living room style, influenced by the Japanese Zen religion. It is characterized by sleek minimalistic features, lots of organic elements, and subtle yet interesting hints of iconic design features.

A Muji-styled home is serene, organized, and welcoming. It’s the kind of home that you would surely appreciate after you get home from a tiring day at work. The fewer things you see, the calmer and more relaxed your mind can be. Here are 15 ways to achieve the minimalist Muji living room so you can experience the ultimate Zen aesthetic relaxation that this style offers.

1. Select Wooden Furniture


If you look up “What is Muji minimalist living room” on the internet, you will see images of interior homes that usually consist of two primary colors. The color of wood, and white-painted walls and ceiling. The main element of Muji design is wood. From the flooring to the furniture and partition elements. Opt for wooden minimalist-style furniture pieces to achieve a Muji-styled living room.

2. Stick To Neutral Colors


Since a Muji minimalist living room has a very simple and straightforward color palette, putting much play in your paint colors is unnecessary. As much as possible, stick to neutrals. Chose white for your walls and ceiling and perhaps a little bit of beige, cream, or pastel for certain areas to create an interesting transition and for added dramatic visual experience.

3. Pick Beige-Colored Fabrics


For the furniture, select sectional sofas with beige-colored or neutral-colored upholstered fabric. Fabrics with the shades of gray, the color of cream, pastels, and beiges would look visually appealing and calming against the neutral minimalist backdrop of a Muji-designed living room. Keep in mind that creating a minimalist living room is also about color as it is about decors and furniture layout.

4. Go Organic


Muji is inspired by the Japanese zen aesthetic. The organic design emphasizes minimalism and harmony between man-made features and the natural environment, drawing inspiration from nature. Natural forms and simple materials like wood and glass are promoted in organic home furniture design trends.

5. Declutter


The key to achieving the perfect minimalist living room is to, of course, declutter. Little to no accessories and ornamentations in your living room is ideal. The goal of the Muji-styled home is to create balance and harmony through design and layout. The more organized and clutter-free a room is, the more composed and productive you get. Try practicing decluttering every day and you will notice a change in your everyday mood.

6. Incorporate Potted Plants


Nature elements are one of the most important things that induce peace and tranquility in us. We love to be around nature and one way to do this is to add natural elements and greenery into our homes especially minimalist living room HDB.

The presence of plants accentuates wonderfully with the wooden elements in a Muji home It makes everything look vibrant and alive.

7. Create An Open Minimalist Muji Living Room Layout


When you have an open layout, your living room can appear bright and spacious. If you are worried about having limited space, or if you are planning to redesign your minimalist living room HDB, you can always try to reconfigure the arrangement of your furniture to create a more open layout. Avoid bulky furniture and stick to Scandinavian-styled ones.

8. Paint Your Walls White


We have tackled colors in the previous pointers, but here, I will reiterate again, the importance of the color white in a Muji-inspired home. White evokes calmness and tranquility.

You can pretty much add or decorate with any colors as long as the backdrop is painted in white. A white wall can serve as your canvas. It will be easier for you to complement the white with hanging decors and painting that if you have a bright colorful wall.

9. Paint Your Kitchen White


A clean and white pristine kitchen is the epitome of minimalist living room designs. If you are a fan of Japanese smart home solutions, I am pretty sure that you have stumbled upon photos of minimalistic and innovative Japanese kitchens. Their kitchens top the charts when it comes to the cleanest and most technologically advanced kitchen designs. When aiming for the Muji style, use white as the backdrop paint color of your kitchen.

10. Opt For A Solid Hardwood Flooring


The best acoustic properties are found in solid hardwood. With that being said, solid hardwood flooring is the best choice for a Muji-styled home since it is a great absorber of sound. Having wood flooring makes the interior look organic, sleek, and minimalistic but with a tinge of comfort and warmth. Almost all Muji minimalist living room designs also have solid hardwood flooring.

11. Decorate With Mirrors


Mirrors give an illusion of a brighter and more spacious room. When your living room is small, having a huge mirror on the wall will help make your space look a bit larger than it really is. There are also many ways to decorate with mirrors. You can hang them on the walls in alternative to paintings, or lean them against the wall for a minimalist and effortless aesthetic appeal.

12. Have Enough Shelves And Cabinets for Storage

We talk about how decluttering is important to achieve the ultimate minimalist look. But how can you declutter and be organized without enough storage spaces right? Designate storage spaces and shelves in your living room.

Make use of your entertainment wall and inject a couple of cabinets where you can hide your excess accessories and open shelves for displaying the necessary ones. Don’t forget to integrate one in your foyer or mudroom as well.

Mudrooms can often get cramped with stuff especially when guests come to visit the house. Having a closet where they can store their bags, shoes, caps, umbrellas, and coats will be very convenient for them and for you as well.

We know that you are excited to create your very own Muji-styled minimalist living room. And we know you can do it on your own. Simply take heed of the tips we’ve gathered above and you’re good to go. However, if you don’t know where to start, it can really be a bit of a challenge. Decluttering and organizing along is a chore. If you need help, comment down below or end us an email of your concern.

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