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Kitchen appliances are always considered a huge investment. When buying them, you need to carefully research the different models, designs, and different functions that each brand offers so you can make a better purchase that’s worth the money.

Understanding the many types of Singapore gas stove is a smart starting point when selecting one. However, you should also think about how your cooking preferences, space constraints, and home needs will be met by the hob. The factors you should take into account while selecting a kitchen hob will be covered in this article.

What Is A Gas Hob in Singapore?


While both gas stoves and hobs are types of cooktops, their functionality and aesthetics are very distinct. While gas stoves may appear like a straightforward option for cooking, new hobs have several advantages and are quickly gaining popularity among homeowners.

Modern hobs feature a built-in design, unlike traditional gas stoves, which have a freestanding body type. The only options available on conventional gas burners are on and off. The modern gas stove, on the other hand, has a wide range of functions that make cooking simple. In conclusion, hobs are unquestionably preferable to gas burners for modern homes.

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove


In the world of cooktops, it’s easy to get confused because there is a wide range of them with somewhat similar looks and functions but are actually very distinct in certain aspects. A few examples are induction stoves and gas stoves.

With the use of electromagnetic coils, induction cooktops quickly cook food by transferring heat straight to metal. Conductive cookware is necessary for induction cooktops to function. Special cookware on the other hand is not required for gas stoves to operate effectively.

Induction vs Gas Cooker

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Induction cooking comes out to require less electricity and is, therefore, a more cost-effective option when compared to cooking on a gas stove because of its efficiency of energy transmission and faster heating time. Induction cooking is, once again, more affordable, safer, and effective than gas cooking.

7 Points to Consider When Buying a Gas Stove in Singapore

1. The Size of Your Kitchen


You will know what type of Singapore gas stove to buy depending on the size of your countertop. Domino stoves, which usually have 30 cm widths and one to two burners, are a good option for small kitchens. Approximately 60 to 70 cm is the width of medium-sized hobs, while 90 cm is the width of bigger hobs.

2. Your Cooking Habits


Cooking habits also matter. An induction hob is an excellent option if you cook frequently and don’t have much time to prepare meals because it quickly raises your pots and pans to the desired temperature. For people who detest cleaning up after meals, an induction hob’s smooth glass top makes cleaning up after cooking a breeze.

Consider purchasing a kitchen hob with three or more burners if you enjoy cooking multiple dishes at once. Also, take into account kitchen hobs with greater room between the burners to permit stacking larger pots and pans. A cooking stove with two burners is more than enough if you frequently make one-pot meals.

3. Budget

Another important factor to consider is your budget. If you want to invest in a more expensive gas stove for your kitchen, a four-zone induction range is something that you should look into. You can also choose more affordable models if you are only upgrading a small kitchen space. There are gas stoves that cost more or less $300. This typically has a 3-burner to the 4-burner gas hob with is quite reasonable considering its price.

4. Your Preferred Cookware


Gas hobs are considered more adaptable and compatible with any cookware material. A gas burner is preferable if you enjoy cooking with cookware made of clay pots, glassware, and ceramic pots. Your cooking utensil must be magnetic and flat in order to function on an induction stove. The majority of cookware will function on ceramic hobs, but for proper heat conduction, they also need pots and pans with flat surfaces.


Of course, when it comes to choosing the appliance to be integrated into the kitchen, the interior style should also be considered. There is a variety of gas stoves with different sizes and designs on the market that will suit your style.

Induction and ceramic hobs, with their flat glass tops, give a clean, sleek, and modern appeal which is perfect if your aim is to go for a contemporary or minimalist kitchen vibe. Gas hobs can be just as attractive though. A few variants have glass surfaces with colors including black, brown, white, and grey instead of merely stainless steel.

6. Safety


When it comes to safety concerns, an induction hob is perhaps the best option there is. Because there is no open flame or a chance of a gas leak, an induction stove is safe. The heat is contained inside the pan, and an induction hob’s surface remains safe to touch even while cooking. If you prefer gas hobs, on the other hand, make sure you find a model with safety features that will instantly cut off the gas supply when there is a leak.

7. Supply of Gas

Check your home’s current gas supply system because the sort of kitchen stove you require will depend on whether gas is provided by LPG cylinders or piped town gas. Piped town gas or LPG cylinders are commonly used in newly built homes. If you choose LPG, be sure to designate a space in your kitchen cupboards where the cylinder can be kept upright and away from the heat source.

The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in the house. Kitchens can be really messy at times especially when there is an occasion such as a family dinner or gathering. If you are a homemaker who enjoys prepping meals, baking, and cooking, investing in a high-quality and durable gas stove is everything. It affects the efficiency and quality of your cooking. So, make sure to purchase the best Singapore gas stove according to your needs.

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