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About Carpets in Singapore


Over the years, the demand for a carpet in Singapore is witnessing an upward trend. Undoubtedly, carpets play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics of any space. Whether you are designing your residence or trying to modify the look of your workplace, carpet flooring has always been a favorite piece of decor, especially for Singaporeans.

More and more Singaporeans are opting for elegantly designed carpets for their homes. The reason is that carpets exude a sense of comfort, warmth, prestige, and grace. They add an eye-catching effect to a rather boring space. Homeowners in Singapore highly prefer carpeted floors for their own or rented homes owing to their durable nature.

In Singapore, carpets are available in a wide array of high-quality styles, textures, patterns, designs, and materials. This vast selection has captivated the aesthetic sensibilities of most Singaporean residents making it easier to decide on carpeted floors. The top-notch range of carpets and rugs has enthused the selection for home or office furnishings.

Carpets impart a sense of texture to any room making them an integral part of interior design. They not only strengthen the beauty of living rooms and bedrooms but also prove to be more cost-effective than other flooring materials. In this article, we have gathered well-researched information about different forms, types, and ranges of carpets available in Singaporean markets.

Varieties of Carpet Singapore


Singapore offers an extensive range of carpets with varied color schemes, designs, shapes, and materials. While making changes to your interior, consider your budget. If you enjoy experimenting with your interiors frequently, you can pick from economical options whereas for occasionally changing your interior look, you can go for pricier ones.

Buyers can choose from woven, needle felt, tufted, flat weave, knotted, frieze or twist-style, loop-style, and patterned carpets. Each category has unique characteristics that can suit different interior designs. For example, you can go for a geometric patterned carpet for a Bohemian interior design or a needle-felt one for a Minimalist interior design.


For commercial areas, tufted carpets are the prime choice because of their easy maintenance and resilient nature. They are made by inserting tough yarn material that can be well-preserved for a long time. Knotted carpets are finely processed through hand finishing, while flat weaves are manufactured using a loom.

For residential furnishings, woven carpets are a perfect option. These are made through the process of injecting sensitive interlocking fibers. This type gives the ultimate splendor to home settings owing to their sleek, luxurious, and cozy appeal. Needle-felt carpets are another alternative for heavy traffic areas. They have synthetic fibers in their appearance, thus adding more strength to the carpet.

Carpet Production Using Multiple Materials and Patterns


With the increasing demand for carpets in Singapore, the focus of the manufacturing phase is highly centered on designs, patterns, materials, and textures. Despite the introduction of new formation ways with the advancement in technology, many ancient techniques are still in practice to develop a timeless item.

To cater to conventional and contemporary needs, carpets come in various designs such as geometric, abstract, floral, oriental, and Nordic. Homeowners prefer geometric designs with chic delineation for a modern interior. On the other hand, carpets with abstract formations suit interiors with minimal design settings.


Contemporary interiors can be played with by adding a romantic touch using floral patterns with a blend of attractive intrinsic colors. In contrast, traditional interiors have Persian or Asian carpeting on their floors. This approach not only takes visitors back in time but also adds sophistication to a simple setting.

The manufacturing of a carpet in Singapore involves using diverse materials with varying characteristics. The main fabrics used for manufacturing are nylon, jute, wool, polyester, and other natural fibers such as seagrass. Each type of material holds a unique set of specifications to suit the specific area where the carpet is to be installed.

Where to Buy Carpet Singapore

Singapore has a plethora of buying options and locations that will never leave carpet purchasers disappointed. Multiple carpet showrooms and stores are available, incorporating almost every type of design and pattern suitable for different interior styles and spaces.

Besides shopping in-store at carpet outlets, there are also countless options for Singaporeans to shop online by browsing different suppliers’ websites such as HipVan, Lazada, and The Carpet Shop. Making a purchase decision through online shopping will help homeowners make a sheer comparison of designs and prices.

For those who are conscious and have concerns about the material quality when purchasing online, they can visit huge Singaporean carpet factory outlets or warehouses. The edge of purchasing carpets from such a platform is that you can avail maximum discounts. This makes a significant difference in the budget compared to shopping from renowned stores such as IKEA, Taobao, or Courts.

Cheapest Carpet in Singapore


Singapore has a wide range of carpet collections that cater to all types of budgets. While there is a pricey assortment for high-end elites, there is also a nominal range of beautiful options for those on a restricted budget. If you’re looking for cheap carpets in Singapore, distributors or wholesalers are the right choices. Their discounted rates will surely match your budgetary constraints.

Nordic Carpet in Singapore


Nordic carpets are popular among homeowners who prefer simple yet chic interior settings. Inspired by Scandinavian interior design elements, they feature minimalist designs with muted or neutral color schemes and fine, clear pattern lines. Nordic carpet Singapore is amongst the most durable and premium products that are available from designer brands or luxury carpet outlets.


Carpets are a perfect finish to any room adding an impression of complexity and comfort. Depending on the interior and space, they anchor the décor and furniture by tying them together. Singapore offers floor carpets that suit all kinds of tastes and preferences. From simple to opulent, low maintenance to sturdy, and high-end to classy, there is a carpet for everyone.

With a broad spectrum of colors, designs, patterns, fabrics, and textures to choose from, Singaporean carpets are artistically curated using both traditional and modern techniques. Whether you prefer a minimalist Nordic style or a traditional Persian or oriental design, Singapore has it all.

With numerous physical stores and online options, shopping for carpets in Singapore is a convenient and hassle-free experience. So, if you’re looking to add a perfectly crafted, soft addition to your interiors, you can find your dream carpet in Singapore.

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