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There are a lot of things to consider when designing a kitchen, from the correct type of flooring to the paint color of your walls. This article will discuss one of the most essential design aspects in the kitchen that should not be overlooked. It is, of course, the kitchen backsplash.

If you believe your kitchen is too plain and monotonous, consider giving it a makeover. Adding a pop of color with trendy kitchen backsplashes may help your kitchen seem like the ones you see on cooking shows. Continue reading as we guide you through the best kitchen backsplash Singapore designs. You might just find the right design for your kitchen!

Kitchen Backsplash Glass Ideas


A glass backsplash for the kitchen is now a thing. Traditionally, tiles or marbles were often used as kitchen backsplashes, but many interior designers are recognizing the capability and durability of glass in the kitchen scene.

Glass is more resilient and adaptable than you may believe. This type of material does not require sealing and is mold resistant. A glass backsplash is very simple to maintain because there is no grout to keep clean all the time. Simply wiping the surface with a non-abrasive cleaning will keep your kitchen looking new and fresh every day.


A glass sheet backsplash is just a sheet of glass that may be painted in the color of your preference and then put on your wall. This method provides a totally customized appearance while being very practical.

The glass reflects light, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen with limited natural light. A glass sheet backsplash is an excellent backsplash choice for today’s kitchen. It requires little upkeep, is simple to construct, versatile and timeless, and is reasonably priced. So, if you are thinking of revamping your kitchen backsplash Singapore, a glass sheet material is definitely something to consider.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles


Tile is the most commonly used material for kitchen backsplash. Tile is a popular material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces because it is resistant to water. There are also several tile materials from which to pick. Porcelain, ceramic, stone, marble, and even glass sheet are examples of such materials.

A tile backsplash is an excellent design feature to create an accent and make identifying elements of your kitchen, depending on the pattern, style, or color of your choosing. A colorful tile backsplash draws attention to your sink and counter area, making your kitchen backsplash Singapore more appealing and eye-catching.

Tile is also simple to clean and maintain, apart from requiring a fair bit of work to scrub the grout so that dirt does not build. Overall, tile material is a fantastic choice whether you want to go simple with your kitchen or go for more fun and colorful design with interesting mosaic patterns.

Kitchen Backsplash Marbles


Marble’s distinct feature is the primary reason for its widespread usage as a countertop and backsplash material in kitchens. The Greeks were among the first to utilize marble to decorate their structures. The Parthenon, for example, was finished with a marble sculpture.

Marble backsplashes are well-known for their beauty and elegance. It can turn any kitchen from drab to opulent. Because marble is a natural stone, you can be sure that no two backsplashes or kitchen countertops will be the same. So, if you are looking to add a unique feature to your kitchen, consider marble for your backsplash.

Although marble is more expensive than other materials, it is well worth the investment because it is one of the most long-lasting backsplash options. Marble can look new and pristine for a long period of time if it is properly cared for.

#5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Ever wondered what are the different ways you can make your kitchen backsplash Singapore unique? Here are a few interesting ideas.

1. Patterned

If you want your kitchen to look stylish and fun, what other creative way to do it than to incorporate unique patterns! For this particular style, you can choose tiles either made of marble, glass, or ceramic and create a mosaic pattern to add an interesting visual appeal.

You can choose repeating patterns or non-repeating patterns. It is the best kitchen backsplash idea if you want to add a statement feature in your kitchen.


2. Artistic

Of course, since it is your kitchen, it should show your own artistic touches. You can get creative with your backsplashes in many artistic ways. This includes, color blocking your backsplash and your overhang cabinets so that it creates visual interest. Select a tile with your color choice or else use a glass sheet as a backsplash for a sleeker and more contemporary appeal. Another way is to choose tiles with different shapes and sizes.


3. Minimalist

One common misconception people have about minimalistic design is that it looks dull and boring. Well, that does not have to be always the case. Minimalism is not the absence of interesting features but it is in fact, the right balance of certain design elements that makes it pleasing to look at.

If you are into creating a simple, minimalistic style, opt for the same material with your kitchen countertop and kitchen backsplash. For example: having the same marble pattern for the counter and backsplash creates a waterfall effect and makes your kitchen look visually cohesive.


4. Wood

If you want to add a wooden texture to your kitchen, you can choose faux wood tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Wood design is one of the most sought-after design features so it’s no wonder why people are looking for creative ways to incorporate wooden texture in their homes.

One good thing about faux wood tiles is that they look exactly like real wood. You don’t need to make the extra effort of finding genuine wooden planks to put on your kitchen walls. Simply purchase a tile with wooden texture and there you have it.


5. Rustic Chic

Choose white-tiled walls with a brick-style pattern if you want a rustic-chic, farmhouse kitchen atmosphere. This design, when combined with wooden features such as overhang cabinets, creates a geometric impression that adds warmth and brightness to your kitchen.


When choosing the right kitchen backsplash Singapore, keep in mind that it barely matters if you have a small, cramped kitchen or a large, open-plan kitchen. The most essential thing is that everything in your kitchen is useful, practical, and attractive. There’s nearly always an appropriate backsplash material for your desired aesthetic, regardless of what interior design style you want your kitchen to look like.

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