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There are several reasons why most people especially young couples and professionals are eyeing BTO flats over landed properties as their future investments. BTO flats are extremely popular and this is due to their convenience and style.

This means that these houses are versatile and can adapt to just about any design style that you choose to dress it up with. These are the types of properties that appeal to homeowners and investors who are either looking for a new home to move in or a property to purchase and rent out in the future. Below are a few 3-room BTO design trends that homeowners are swooning over

1. Scandinavian


Scandinavian 3-room BTO design will never go out of style. Muted color palette with a tinge of light wooden elements and decors, accentuated by earthy tones of iconic furniture are the distinguishing characteristics of a scandi-style home.

This style appeals to home buyers and renters who have a practical and minimalist lifestyle. Scandinavian aesthetics are so popular among younger generations of homeowners. They want something clean and straightforward and a design style that can easily be modified to their liking.

2. Minimalistic


A minimalistic home can fall under a variety of design styles which include Scandinavian, Modern, and Contemporary. It is more like a concept that can be applied in both the way of living, design, and organization methods. A minimalist BTO flat means a cleaner layout embodies the principle of “form follows function”. Designed for practicality, and promotes sustainability in all aspects.

3. A Touch Of Farmhouse


If you think the farmhouse style is only for landed homes located in rural areas, you’re totally wrong. Design styles evolve over time and that goes for the farmhouse interior design style as well.

Regardless of whether your property is a bungalow or a high-rise BTO unit, you can recreate the country farmhouse vibe by incorporating the right design elements. Things like distressed furniture, faux wood tiles and planks, lighting fixtures, and vintage accessories can be added to your interior to achieve the farmhouse look.

4. Modern Victorian

The essence of a modern Victorian 3-room BTO design is the fusion of the classic design of the Victorian era flavored with a contemporary twist. This unique combination is attractive to a wide range of demographics.

One distinguishing characteristic of a Victorian home is the moldings and trims on walls and ceilings. Typically, walls are designed and painted to serve as a focal point. The walls are often painted with a darker hue in contrast to a lighter-colored ceiling. The furniture items and accessories are what wraps the Modern Victorian look altogether.

5. Industrial

Industrial 3-room BTO design flats are gaining favor in the market for two key reasons. It is adaptable and has a very artistic appearance. The factories developed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries served as inspiration for industrial design.

Forward-thinking Architects decided to convert existing structures into residential apartments during the rise of globalization to avoid wasting valuable space. The designers embraced the building’s architecture by keeping its raw features unaltered and visible, giving rise to this interior design aesthetic.


Today, people who move into their newly finished BTO often decide to incorporate the industrial interior design style because it is raw yet stylish. You pretty much don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive décor to live in a stylish flat. It is all just a matter of creativity and style.

6. Retro Feel


Singapore is strewn with historical shophouses that evoke that nostalgic retro vibe. And what better way to experience a blast from the past than to redesign the interior space of your home in retro style?

If you think retro styles are only seen in cafes and retros, you must see a few HDB and BTO flats that are nailing the look and getting the swoon of interior designers and retro lovers. A simple interior can transform into a space with character and style with the right design elements of your choice.

7. Tropical Vibe


Tropical style is defined by its emphasis on warmth, simplicity, and functionality. Warm and relaxing hues, derived mostly from natural features like the sea, sky, and flora, characterize the style.

Colors can be rich and complex, or they can be softer and brighter. If you ever dreamed of having a home that feels like a vacation house near the coasts, there are certainly BTO units designed like these that you can find.

Although designer units are pretty rare and can be a bit expensive, incorporating the tropical vibe is not at all difficult. Simply spruce up the space with furniture made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, or rattan, and paint your wall with a colorful botanical mural.

8. Mid-Century Modern


The mid-century modern interior design style first gained popularity in the 1940s and has remained popular ever since. The style has an undeniable ageless appeal, defined by clean lines, organic shapes, minimum decoration, and high practicality.

Mid-century modern designs are noted for combining sleek lines examples of these are slim, peg legs on dressers and desks with organic curves, reimagining conventional items with new materials and processes. The appearance was contemporary, yet not completely alien to the past.

9. Stylish and Playful


Many BTO flats have an open-planned layout. This is intended so that residents can have the freedom to modify and design the space according to their interior design style. Multifunctional spaces are created and interiors are looking more stylish and playful as many designers are embracing the unconventional way of decorating spaces.

A few distinguishing features of stylish BTO’s are color-blocked walls and ceilings. Huge windows, open kitchens, and even movable walls. BTO’s with these styles are also easier to market if residents decide to sell the property since buyers can also customize and renovate the spaces with ease compared to traditional-styled units.

If you are planning to purchase a new home or a BTO unit, these are just a few of the hottest 3-room BTO design trends that we have found. At the end of the day, how you want your home to look is still all up to you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the space you create and you can be proud to call it your home. Need help in designing your BTO flat, send us an email and we’ll match you with your ideal interior designer.

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