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Singapore is well-known for the building of vertical housing projects. In nearly every area, there are thousands of high-rise buildings. Singapore has something for everyone, whether you want an HDB, a condo unit, a luxury apartment, a detached house in Singapore, or a penthouse. Thousands of these properties are available for viewing and buying everywhere you look.

Singapore is also known for its wonderfully built residences with cutting-edge architectural elements. Of course, Singapore is not all high-rise buildings. There is also a variety of bungalow-style or detached residences that are certainly a visual feast.

Singapore has everything when it comes to high-quality architectural and lifestyle houses. This article will look at the many types of detached house designs available in Singapore.

1. A Small Modern House for Practical Living

In today’s modern times’ people want a comfortable and practical way of living. One way to achieve that is to have a house designed to cater to the lifestyle that they want. Singapore is strewn with these types of houses. A small modern house is attractive, especially to young Singaporean couples who are looking to buy their first home.

On the exterior, the building may look simple and ordinary with not many extravagant features to call it luxurious. But that does not mean that the house lacks substance. Design-wise, modern practical homes like these have all the important amenities and features needed to jumpstart a new life.

It is designed with practicality in mind therefore everything from the building materials to the utilities is built to provide a smart and modern way of living.

2. Contemporary Minimalist Semi-Detached House Singapore

Image source: | Designed by: Aamer Architects

Modest and simple homes are one of the most sought-after characteristics of a house that homebuyers want. These homes have the impression of being cost-effective in terms of maintenance and energy expenses. Quite similar to modern practical homes, minimalist properties are also simple and contemporary in design.

The difference between a detached house in Singapore from a semi-detached house is that: a semi-detached house is a single-family dwelling having one shared wall with another property. This means you’ll just have to share a tiny section of the house with another family. In semi-detached housing, the two residences that share a wall are frequently mirror copies of one another.

Multigenerational households are common in semi-detached houses. In many cases, the nearby home is owned by a newlywed couple, while the other is the principal abode of their parents or in-laws.

3. Detached House Singapore with Green Living Features


Green concept homes are popular in Singapore. Even skyscrapers adapt the concept of green living by incorporating green elements in their building design. these kinds of features not only make the property look aesthetically pleasing and vibrant on the exterior but also provide health benefits for the residence.

These features are considered luxurious and have the potential to increase the value of the property. If you are a plant lover or a horticulture enthusiast, a green concept detached house in Singapore is undoubtedly a perfect choice. You can find properties like these in various districts like in the Core Central region or Sentosa and the rest of the downtown region in Singapore.

4. Sustainably Designed Detached House


A house designed with sustainability in mind is composed of efficient features. This means that all of its components from the building materials, water, and energy use, to utility systems, are designed to achieve full optimization and low environmental impact.

It’s easy to spot a luxurious house but sustainably designed homes are actually quite rare. This is because houses with sustainable features can also be a little costly. However, these costs can save you a lot in the future considering that it has efficient and ecological characteristics.

Sustainable homes feature the smart use of natural light and ventilation, green roof terraces, garden atriums, and lush green courtyards. Any property with these amenities would surely be anybody’s definition of a dream house.

5. Simple Scandinavian Style


Scandinavian design is a minimalistic style that uses a combination of textures and soft colors to make clean, modern décor seem warm and welcoming. It focuses on clean lines, practicality, and basic furniture that are useful, elegant, and comfortable.

This style originated in the Nordic region and due to its popularity, it has been widely embraced by many countries all around the world. Scandinavian style is versatile and practical which is one of the reasons why so many people especially those who love the simple and contemporary are designing homes with this style.

Scandinavian design is characterized by utility, simplicity, and workmanship. Natural materials, particularly pale woods like ash and beech, wool and linen fabrics, leather, and glass, are used in the bulk of Nordic-style designs.

6. Modern Victorian Property


A Victorian house is one example of cross-cultural designed properties that can be found in Singapore. These types of houses, however, are old and have probably been renovated a couple of times. But this does not hinder the property from being desired by a lot of home buyers. Some people love the charm and beauty brought by such types of antique homes.

Designers are continuously coming up with ideas by transforming Victorian styled homes with a twist of modern characteristics. This makes the house a lot more interesting than it originally is. If you are looking for a unique property with a hint of vintage appeal, a modern Victorian detached property should be something definitely worth checking out.

7. A Cozy and Chic Smart Home for Millennials


We all know that millennials are huge fans of technological advancements. They love to be updated with the newest trends and they always want to be on top of everything. Nothing can probably be more appealing to the younger generation of homeowners than houses with smart features.

A house with smart features has modern or contemporary design features. These are accompanied by smart home technology where the occupants can easily automate household tasks to make their lives easier and simpler.

While these amenities do not often come together with the house but are something that can always be added or integrated, there are modern homes that are built with these features incorporated from the very start. This makes the home cut out for any technological advancements that the owner may wish to add in the future.

These are only a few of the detached houses that you can find in the country. However, these are some of the most sought-after features or design features that many detached houses have in common. Which among the types of detached houses do you plan to have in the future? What are the features that you want to have in a dream home? Tell us in the comments down below.

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