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Rustic Interior design is defined as a beautiful way of incorporating nature and organic elements into the home to add warmth and create a character. Rustic design is not about streamlined features crafted into perfection. Unlike modern contemporary homes, rustic celebrates the native charm of distressed building materials like reclaimed wood, stone, and bricks.


What makes people love the rustic theme so much is its knack to completely transform the space into a simple yet elegant and homely abode. Rustic homes make you feel like you are living in the quiet countryside in the middle of a bustling metropolis.  

You don’t need to live in a cabin somewhere in the woods to incorporate the rustic style in your home. Rustic interior design is widely popular that you can basically find rustic décor pieces, furniture, and other distressed building material on online décor shops. Wondering whether the rustic design is the perfect style for your interior space? Let’s talk more about it to help you decide!

Origin of Rustic Interior Design


The rustic interior design originated from the early settlers of the United States who live in places far away from the cities during the 19th century. These early settlers didn’t carry their furniture and home accessories with them and instead, started to build and create something out of the materials found in their surroundings.

They created furniture out of reclaimed wood and clad their interior spaces with stone. Now, these people are skilled craftsmen in home building and construction. They made houses that we’re able to stand the test of time and created a beautiful interior aesthetic that remains popular even to this day.

Characteristics of Rustic Interior Design

1. Color palette


A rustic style home has a neutral-colored backdrop with a hint of warm shades and organic colors. Its color palette is naturally leaning into earth-toned hues paired with the warm illumination from lighting fixtures.

The integration of stone and wood claddings on walls is highlighted against a white painted wall. This creates substance and depth, therefore, making the interior look naturally homely yet elegant.

2. Texture


In keeping the interiors organic, texture plays a huge part. Instead of sleek and glossy surface finishes, the rustic design embraces the authentic characteristics of natural building materials.

Imperfection is key to achieve the style. Wood is ideal when it is distressed. The more textured the wall claddings are, the more rustic the house is. This organic play of textures creates a warm and welcoming environment.

3. Décor and Accessories

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Décor is simple, homely, and comfortable. Since rustic is centered around a home that is comprised of materials that are easily found just right outside the backyard, decors and accessories are also bounded around the same theme.

Decors made of wood are accentuated by antique accessories made of metal. A lot of these decorations can be found in thrift shops and flea markets. Rustic also promotes the works of local artisans, thus, displaying handcrafted accessories and hand-woven tapestries.

How To Achieve the Look?

1. Stick To Natural


If you think rustic design is not appropriate for houses located in urban areas, you’re wrong. Yes, it can be a little challenging to completely pull off the look but it’s not impossible.

Simple things like integrating organic elements into your space will eventually add up transforming your dull apartment or condo unit into a rustic country retreat. Stick to natural. Add wooden elements such as floating wooden shelves and simple wooden claddings.

2. Create Contrast with Textures

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It’s hard to create that rustic vibe if you live in a country that doesn’t necessarily need a fireplace. But there are many creative ways to add texture other than on fireplace mantels and walls.

You can add visual texture through your choice of furniture, ceiling design, and window framing. Opt for distressed wooden furniture pieces. For the ceiling, integrate false wooden beams and stick to wooden window frames. 

3. Antique Decors


Decorating is always the fun part when it comes to dressing your interior with a new style. To achieve the rustic look, keep everything simple. You don’t have to spend money on luxurious décor items. Avoid the glimmer and ignore the shiny accessories. If you can’t help it, then chances are, rustic style is not for you.

You see rustic design offers a homey yet elegant vibe that you can attain without having to bleed so much money. Look for furniture, and accessories on flea markets to obtain the best décor finds. You can find a lot of treasures there that can enhance your interior at a budget-friendly price.  

4. Cozy Textiles

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Add an ample amount of coziness to the space with textiles. Living in a country with a tropical climate, it’s unnecessary to have these layers and layers of fabrics and blankets. But there’s always an alternative way to evoke an inviting atmosphere without going over the top with fabrics.

One way is to select the appropriate sofa fabric with material and color that complements the rustic vibe you’re trying to create. Adding a rug is highly suggestive. Then, spruce your living room seating by tossing in a couple of throw pillows into the scene.

5. Add Your Own Spice

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Lastly, personalize your space. The key to creating a house that feels like home is, of course, to add your own touch. It is the human element that truly makes every space warm and inviting. Select decorations and accessories that have a personal connection to you.

Display your choice of artworks and don’t forget to be creative in doing so. Rustic design is a design that is timeless and versatile. So, you can basically put your personal décor choices and everything would still look totally rustic. Keep in mind that it’s all about making your house feel like home.

You can definitely achieve this style!

The rustic interior design is truly a mesmerizing style to have at home. Why with all these rustic interior styles flooding Pinterest and Instagram, it’s not surprising why a lot of people want to achieve the style too!

However, make sure that you’ve done your research and that you have enough knowledge on how to decorate your home in rustic before you get started. That way, the process will be so much easier for you.

Now that you’ve got an idea about what rustic interior design is, do you think it is the perfect style for your home? Why and why not? Leave us a reply below!

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