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Have you ever wondered exactly what makes an interior look so amazing?

  • Is it because of the designer sofa you purchased?
  • Or perhaps the unique square dining table that can seat up to 8 diners?  
  • Or is it due in part to the designer you hired?

That could be true, but what is the designer’s number one skill that creates the look?


Believe it or not, it is often overlooked and can easily fade into the background, unless it is played around with.

What are we talking about, you might ask? Yes, it’s the décor. Specifically, decorative pieces.

  • A sofa would not be inviting and cozy if it weren’t for throw pillows of varying sizes and shapes or colorful throws draped over the backrest.
  • A wall would be boring if it weren’t for framed photos or hanging ornaments.
  • A table would be just pieces of wood stacked together without having something placed on top of it to make it even more inviting. 
  • Even bookcases would look bland if it weren’t for books stylishly arranged with small busts and vases.

Here are some unique ideas for home décor that you can use in your own home. You’ll be surprised to see both traditional and innovative pieces that are guaranteed to make your home stand out above all else.



This is perhaps one of the most popular ideas for home décor that is often employed in various places around the home. Throw pillows are sewn from various fabrics, the most popular being linen, cotton, satin and sometimes silk. They also come in various shapes and sizes such as bolster pillows; which are cylindrical pillows; round pillows, tufted pillows and even rectangular pillows.  While most pillows are often seen in bedrooms and living rooms, they are slowly making their way into other areas such as the hallway, and even outdoors. Pillows will bring out the identity of your interior’s overall scheme.

  • If you want to have a very minimalist take, try using pillows made of cotton or hemp and in shades of beige, grays and taupes.
  • If you are going for a more eclectic look, you can opt for throw pillows made of silk and taffeta with accoutrements of sequins, tassels, beads or simple embroidery.
  • If you are going for a more contemporary take, go for pillows with a solid color with one pillow being an accent or printed pillow. 
  • And if you really want to add a personal touch to your interior, you can actually make your own pillows. You can sew, knit or even crochet your own pillows, which in turn will make your interior even more unique

Once you have your pillows, you can actually try different ways of arranging your pillows. You can arrange them in a window pattern or ascending in height to even in groups of three or four, depending on the area.



They say that if you stare at a blank wall, all you see is a canvas just waiting to become a masterpiece. In fact, any wall, no matter how big or small the space is, would make for the perfect conversation starter. Most homeowners will hang photos of themselves or family members, but apart from photos, they would also hang various decors such as carved woodworks, sculptures and of course, paintings. Now paintings for home décor differ from paintings sold to art galleries and museums. What makes them different is that most of these paintings are often mass produced on materials such as boards and specialty paper and have various options for framing.

Some of the most popular motifs in these paintings include geometric shapes and continuous line arts for a more minimalist approach; quotes and mottos in various typography; florals and other elements of nature and even sceneries and cityscapes. Paintings also come in various styles such as the triptych or three panel painting wherein one scene or painting is broken down into three pieces so as to give more coverage without getting more paintings.

When selecting your painting, take care to choose the right size. You wouldn’t want a painting that is too big or too small. If you want a uniformed look for your paintings, use identical frames for your paintings. Slim black frames make for a clean look while elaborate frames give a more eclectic aesthetic.




The use of pottery and sculpted ceramics are yet another example of simple ideas for home décor, due in part that these pieces serve more than just storing flowers and plants.  They serve as curios that can store just about anything from keys to polished stone and are placed on top of surfaces like coffee tables, consoles, dining tables, side tables and even on book cases.

There are at least four types of pottery and ceramics that are often used in decorating the interior. These are: earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and Bone china.

  • Earthenware, by its name alone, are pots made entirely out of clay and are often reddish in color, which gives you the option to either keep the look as is or paint it.
  • Stoneware are pottery that has the appearance of stone once it is heated, hence the name. These are a bit colorful than the earthenware and come in a variety of colors ranging from white to greens to even blues and blacks.
  • Porcelain is somewhat delicate in look, emitting a gentle clink sound when tapped as well as a translucent sheen when hit by the light. It is often white to beige in color and are were considered a luxurious commodity, hence its association with classic and luxurious interiors.
  • Bone China is considered the toughest form of porcelain, being able to withstand a certain amount pressure and resistant to chipping. It utilizes bone and other elements giving off its distinct ivory white look. This is often seen in dinnerware, cups and occasional vases.

Once you have your preferred pottery, try arranging them in a stylish array. You can add some flowers for that classic feminine look or sticks for that minimalist look. You can even stack some bowls in the center of your dining table or even on your kitchen cabinets. You can also place these pots and ceramics on your coffee table, along with a magazine, some small statuettes and even glass pieces. Try to experiment and play around with the styling, after all, this is your interior and it should make you feel at home.



Many, if not all, homes have windows of varying heights and styles. And while some homeowners refer their windows to be bare, others prefer having some form of cover so as to shield and conceal the contents of the room as well as break the monotony of the room. This is where window treatments come into play. A few window treatment ideas for home décor include blinds, curtains and shutters.

  • Blinds are often employed in more modern interiors such as condos, offices and even select residences. They could be either vertical blinds that can be pulled apart or blinds that roll all the way up.
  • Curtains, however, remain the most versatile of the treatments due in part to the wide variety of ways it can be employed. Often made of various fabrics and prints, curtains come in many forms such as grommet curtains for a straightforward look, shirred curtains, roman shades, café curtains; which are often seen in either kitchen windows or lower halves of any window, Austrian shades and even tab curtains. Apart from providing ample protection from the sun and complete privacy, it also adds that much needed dramatic flair. It could also give the room the illusion of height and the sense of ambience.



Just because it’s walked on most of the time doesn’t mean that it can’t have a bit of personality. Carpets and rugs do more than just add a definitive look in the space, it also helps cushion and regulate the noise in your interior. It also provides that much needed comfort for one’s weary foot. Several ideas for home décor when it comes to carpets and rugs is by employing the use of handwoven carpets in areas that are frequently used like the living room, the hallway or even the lanai. Instead of using the usual rectangular carpets, you can try using round carpets woven together to create a uniquely textured carpet.

You can also use a carpet with uneven edges for that raw aesthetic. If your furniture pieces are of a lighter shade, go for carpets or rugs of a contrasting and unique print to have a more unifying look. If your pieces are of a darker shade, opt for a lighter carpet. Take note also of the size; you wouldn’t want a carpet that is too small or too big that it will make your interior look unbalanced.

And perhaps the most important thing to consider is your creativity. Just about anything can be used as creative and unique ideas for home décor. You can even use indigenous materials to create your décor and even reclaimed pieces to make your interior completely one of a kind!

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