How To Achieve Modern Luxury Interior Design Without Breaking The Bank

When one hears the words “modern” and “luxury”, what instantly sounds off in their minds is the notion that they are often associated with a lifestyle that is sophisticated and brand new. For some, when they decide on using a modern luxury look in their interiors, they are immediately smitten by the use of clean lines, bold statement pieces and the overall sense that it is comfortable and elegant. To sum it up, modern luxury interiors are something of a status symbol for some people.

However, just because it sounds expensive doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to achieve it. Here are some tips and tricks you can use in order to get the look of a modern luxurious interior.



As with all interiors, start with a basic color scheme. And since you are working with a combination of two styles, you will need to know the colors associated with the two styles.

  • Modern colors would include the neutrals such as gray, black, white, brown, taupe, beige and even graige; the latter being a combination of gray and beige. They can also include metallic colors like steel and platinum.
  • Luxurious colors are often bold colors like reds, purples, teals and even jewel tones like emeralds and topazes. Then there is also the metals such as rose gold and gold.

To achieve the modern luxury look, opt for ratio of 3:2 with 3 representing the modern colors and 2 being the luxurious colors of your choice. In essence, you would want to use at least 2 luxurious colors as your accent or statement color while everything else will be in the modern scheme. Any ratio would work so long as you use more modern colors than luxurious colors.  You can also make a mood or idea board as a guide.  For example, you can paint your walls in an off white color with some modern leather furniture and a few red accessories.



A key element to consider in modern lux design is employing the use of fabrics associated with the theme. There are a wide array of fabrics to choose from ranging from silks to linens. Modern luxury design will see the use of sturdy fabrics like cotton, linen and silk; as well as leathers and dyed fibers.

A good trick to try in your interiors is by making use of classic prints such as Greek meander frets, arabesque ogees, hound’s-tooth’s, and subtle geometry on accents such as curtains, pillows or even arm chairs and sofas. You can even use a carpet or rug made out of finely woven fibers and place them on the floor and you can put either a sofa or a dining table on top of it. This would make for a very subtle yet elegant touch. Take care not to overpower the textures as it may overwhelm the overall look.



Another element present in modern lux design are straight and clean lines with hardly any curved or intricate details present. This is evident in the use of modern furniture, custom built cabinetry and masculine architectural elements like exposed beams and cantilevers.

This is a good opportunity to make the most of your space. If you have exposed beam cornices, you can imitate the look of a modern house by simply painting it in any neutral palette such as beige and white. Then sand it down so that it will have a smooth and symmetrical look. Choose furniture that has less adornments such as L shape sofas and rectilinear dining tables. Choosing these pieces will help build your interior and provide you with an idea on what to pair it with.



While most interior styles will have more elements and motifs as their defining characteristics, modern luxury interiors rely heavily on Mies van der Rohe’s principle, ‘Less is more.’ In this case, less clutter and frills results into a bigger and bolder impact.

When you start accessorizing your place, lay out your accessories and pieces. Then, like trying clothes on, see what fits better. Always go for the more practical pieces as they alone can make the room look even more special. Then eliminate what is not needed.

In modern luxury interiors, you only need to highlight the basics. Don’t forget to space out your pieces in such a way that there is balance and that you can move around it. It will make your interior look clean without overtly making it look empty and bland. For other accessories like small statues, bowls and figurines, you can display them in open cabinets which will give off a pleasing and organized look. Take care to choose accessories that complement the overall color scheme.


Apart from metallic and jewel tone colors, another characteristic of modern luxury interiors is the use of naturally made pieces such as stone, wood, granite, marble and even concrete. Having stone and natural elements gives off a bolder, more elegant look. And the best part of having these elements is that it can last longer and can easily be used in other design styles.

Instead of using actual granite, why not go for a similar material like synthetic granite or quartz stone. They are both sturdy and will give off that clean, modern look. You can also bring in marble painted accessories like vases and trays; polished pebbles, carved minimalist wooden statues and even have some built in concrete planters. You can go further and have wooden dividers to serve as both accent and room divider.



Modern Luxury interiors call for the use of simple, yet bold furniture pieces. The most common pieces seen in this type of interior include a full living room showcase that includes either an armchair, a 3 seater sofa or even a sectional sofa that make up the overall seating area; coffee tables that have either solid or glass counter tops that are supported by steel or metal frameworks; a dining showcase that includes rectilinear dining tables and high back dining chairs and a bedroom showcase with the beds having fully upholstered headboards or built in wooden ones.

When choosing the furniture, opt for a practical alternative to the aforementioned pieces. There are many .sofas that have the same straight and clean aesthetic that are quite reasonable and have good quality.  Take note of how big and wide your sofa will be. As much as possible, you will need to get a piece that is neither too big nor too small, but somewhere in between. You can also look for dining tables that have straight legs and ordinary table or glass tops. You can have high back chairs that are either plain or fully upholstered. Or you can even use iconic modern chairs. A more subtle option is to get furniture in a monochromatic scheme, save for one piece that will serve as your accent piece.

You can even consult a designer for a custom built cabinet and entertainment center that will not only make the most of your space, but it can also help keep several of your things organized.



An interior wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have a matching set of lights; in this, a grand lighting of sorts. Most modern luxury interiors utilize modern chandelier or drop pendants that utilize both straight and intersecting elements to create a showstopper of its own. The most common forms of lighting used in this interior include cove lighting, which give off a subtle yet dramatic feel; pin lights strategically placed around the room to light certain parts of the room; a chandelier or main lighting fixture that ties the whole look together and even some floor lamps for that subtle ambiance.

You can achieve this look by getting lighting fixtures that have unique and interesting elements like multiple hanging lights forming a spiral; Or modern fixture like the Sputnik lamp. Or even getting a tall and sleek floor lamp that droops to the center of the area. Another element to consider is that most modern luxurious interiors use bright fluorescent light in order to illuminate rooms and make them look bigger than they appear to be.



Like most interiors, you will need a few accessories to make it uniquely yours. And in the case of modern luxury interiors, you will need accessories such as modern vases, small figurines or even statement artworks.

To achieve the finishing touches, opt for artworks that are minimalist and modern in design. You can use triptych art frames that show line drawings or paintings done in soft neutrals and gold paints. You can also use figurines that have little gold or metallic finishes. White, gray or black vases can also be used. It’s all about bringing the most out of your interior.


Just because it’s associated with status and prestige doesn’t limit one’s desire to have this look. It’s all about understanding the basics of the look as well as using one’s creativity and practicality in making it a reality. The overall goal of this interior style is to bring out a clean and comfortable ambiance for both you and your guests.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson says:

    I never knew that it’s important to stick with a proper color scheme when designing a house. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a house or building one for my family. I should keep your suggestions in mind and consult a painter for help so I could get a vintage yet modern home aesthetic.

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