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Small houses are very common in Singapore. Singaporeans have the impression that properties sizes are shrinking. Smaller flats are ideal for individuals seeking short-term rentals. Because of Singapore’s vertical building structure, shoebox apartments are a thing, and people are coming up with new small bedroom ideas and inventive ways to live large in small spaces. 

You’ve come to the right place whether you’ve been looking to buy a small condo or apartment, or if you’re just browsing for ideas on how to make extra space within your little house. We’ve compiled a list of the best 12 inventive ideas for maximizing space and elegance in a tiny bedroom.

1. Bedroom Ideas Design: Create Additional Shelving


Storage is an important factor to have in an ideal house. For people who live in small apartments, one of the challenges they face is the lack of storage space. A cluttered space can make even the largest house feel crowded and small.

If fitting a piece of large cabinet furniture will shrink your space, opt for open shelving. Look for spaces, nooks, and crannies where you can potentially create extra shelving. These could be an empty wall or under the stairs.

2. Hidden Storage Small Bedroom Ideas


Hidden storage spaces make any room appear spacious and organized. The trick here is to remove any sort of clutter that can crowd the room. Things like books, toys, fabrics, extra pillows, etc. can’t be lying around your small bedroom space. therefore, make hidden storage in your walls, under your bed, even behind your closet doors.

3. Bedroom Ideas Design: Multifunctional Furniture

Arod Study Table - Sage Green | Image source: womensweekly.com.sg

Multifunctional furniture pieces are a must-have in small houses. It is a smart choice especially if you aim to provide comfort and practicality for the family. Functional furniture can transform into a variety of forms for convenient use in small rooms. Examples of these are a bed with storage shelves underneath, a folding bed, sofa bed, folding chairs, couches with storage room underneath, and many more.

4. Choose Light and Pastel Paint Color (for Your Small Bedroom)


Neutral and light paint colors can lighten up the space. Neutral colors are also easy to the eye and evoke a contemporary feel. A white-painted interior has a fresher and cleaner look compared to interiors with bold color block paintings and murals.

While you can always go for artistic walls depending on your style, take note that if you aim to create a brighter and more spacious-looking living space, avoid too much play in colors when painting your walls as it can be a little too overwhelming.

5. Bedroom Ideas Design: Decorate With Mirrors


Mirrors are a great décor piece because they brighten up the room and the reflection create an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. there are many ways you can decorate with mirrors but for tiny rooms, designers are recommending opting for a full-length mirror placed against the wall. Closet door mirrors are also something worth checking out.

6. Loft Bed Small Bedroom Ideas Design


A loft bed is one of my top favorite small bedroom ideas. This is perfect for people who like to have an office right inside their bedroom. If you wish to create a small study nook for the kids, a loft bed is a great choice. Similar to how Singapore solved its housing problem, getting a loft bed is a vertical solution to solving bedroom space scarcity.

7. Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes are closets that are flat against the wall. Because wardrobe furniture takes up more space in your bedroom, choosing a flush-in-the-wall closet is a smart choice. Having this element in a bedroom increases the value of your home. So, if you ever intend to leave the house and sell it, you will receive a high-value offer as a result of incorporating a clever technique of conserving space.

8. Proper Lighting and Ventilation


One factor that can make a space more cramped is the lack of adequate daylight and poor ventilation. Does your room feel so uncomfortable? Perhaps it is because the room is not orientated in an ideal location and airflow and daylight is affecting the overall atmosphere of your bedroom. To improve the ambiance, select a good window treatment that fits the room. Get blinds if it is too hot or if the room is too dark, opt for light sheer curtains.

9. Get A Minimalist Chair

A smart move to maximize the space of your bedroom is to go for the minimalist style. Avoid large and bulky furniture. Instead, choose Scandinavian-styled iconic chairs. These types of chairs are light and easy to move. This means that it will be easier for you to move the chairs and other furniture whenever you wish to change the layout of your bedroom.

10. Floating Shelves


Floating shelves are great for storing minimal accessories to beautify your bedroom. You can place your extra books on floating shelves. A couple of accessories maybe, and a small potted succulent to add vibrancy and make the bedroom look visually fresh. Floating shelves are easy to install and you can also easily remove them from the wall if you wish to move their position somewhere else.

11. Consider Hanging Racks

Another good small bedroom ideas is to maximize unused closet space is by integrating hanging racks. It serves as extra storage for everything, from coats, dresses, bags, pants, etc. They’re also a good option for people who don’t have enough room in their bedrooms.

Their modular nature enables you to customize them to your specific needs. Their style and design are also versatile which makes hanging racks perfect add-on storage regardless of what design style you are trying to achieve.

12. Choose A Daybed

Daybeds are flexible additions to any home, especially when space is limited. Nothing makes greater use of your home’s layout than a daybed with a convenient trundle. Daybeds are a great alternative for any guest room that also functions as a study or as additional sleeping space in a bedroom.

When not in use by visitors, a daybed functions similarly to a couch or love seat, providing the person, their family, and friends with an alternative seating option to the bed.

What are your favorite small bedroom ideas for maximizing space? We are pretty sure that there’s a lot. However, don’t get too overwhelmed. Find out what would work best for your space and start from there. Need assistance? Tell us how we can help you in the comments.

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