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The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms that we have in our homes. When we buy a property, we always make sure that the bathroom is in good shape, functional, and at the same time, comfortable. But when it comes to designing a home, we tend to overlook the bathroom.

But actually, we spend most of our time in the bathroom. We use it every day and is considered an essential part of making our lives convenient and efficient. With that being said, it is beneficial to give our bathrooms a complete update or makeover every once in a while.

Here are 10 modern HDB toilet design ideas that you can do no matter how big or small your bathroom is. Stick until the end of this blog and you’ll surely find one particular design that will be perfect for your bathroom.

1. Color-blocked Walls


Nothing can make a wonderful impression in a room quite like the playful splashes of color. If you are planning to update a toilet in a children’s room, introducing bright and bold colors would make the toilet an interesting room for the kids.

Color blocked the walls in your bathroom with complementary colors to create contrast and visual play. Colorful bathrooms like these are common in modern and contemporary HDBs. They not only make the bathroom look trendy but they also improve the overall ambiance of the space.

2. Luxurious HDB Common Toilet Design


A Luxury HDB toilets design is not only for classic good-class bungalows and premium condo units. You can also achieve this even for your tiny HDB unit. Do you ever dream of having a bathroom decked in marble? Go for it! Luxury is not only for grand spaces.

With the right materials and design concept, you can transform even the smallest bathroom in an HDB unit into a spa-like retreat. If you are not sure how to do it, interior designers are always there to help you out. Consult a designer and make your dream bathroom a reality.

3. Old HDB Toilet Design


Old or traditional bathroom designs frequently incorporate materials and decor that are appropriate to the historical eras they represent, such as Victorian, colonial, or Georgian forms, as well as what is now popular in the design world. In Singapore, traditional design themes are common not just in landed houses but in HDBs as well.

Of course, many people are charmed by the nostalgic and delightful design of a traditional themed space. If you like to add character and stick to a traditional theme throughout your unit, consider designing your toilet in a traditional style. Incorporate vintage decors such as mirrors, lamps, and an old vanity and clad the walls with stone or brick tiles.

4. Industrial Bathroom Design


One of the most well-loved interior styles in contemporary spaces is the Industrial style. Industrial-style bathrooms frequently have exposed wires, ducts, tubes, and pipes. This intensifies the design’s sense of incompleteness.

On the ceiling, a sizable silver duct can be seen. Above the vanity, pipes are visible for aesthetic purposes. The room doesn’t appear too dilapidated because the floor and ceiling are covered in hardwood to create contrast and add visual texture. If you are tired of the all-white bathroom aesthetic, try designing your bathroom in industrial style.

5. Scandinavian Toilet


Scandinavian bathrooms have a simple aesthetic but are quite practical and functional. Although white serves as the foundation for Scandinavian design, you can avoid having your bathroom look institutional by adding various muted color bursts that will give it a sense of character.

6. Japandi Style


Japanese design frequently promotes sustainability. It’s an excellent decor trend because natural materials and straightforward designs are so common. Japandi’s success is not surprising given that more and more consumers are drawn to eco-friendly aesthetics. Natural wood, neutral colors, and simple lines make this design ideal for bathrooms. This style exudes serenity, making it ideal for achieving a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

7. Rustic Chic


The rustic design makes use of raw materials like salvaged wood and soaring stones. All bathrooms of all sizes and forms can benefit from rustic bathroom decor since it highlights a natural aesthetic with a rustic edge.

Rustic bathroom decor ideas include the use of reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, rough stone, and cast iron. These unpolished, raw materials impart a sense of handcrafted originality and instantly add personality to any space.

8. Modern Toilet With A View


A hotel-style bathroom or a toilet with a view is perhaps every HDB homeowner’s dream. White having a toilet with a view depends on the layout of your unit or whether or not your bathroom has a window with a view that overlooks the city, you still have a chance of achieving such a look even without a huge window.

Designers use the faux window mirror trick to make a small bathroom appear luxurious and spacious. By incorporating huge mirrors on the walls, the light will bounce off the walls making the space brighter and airer.

9. Patterned Walls


The bathroom can be one of the trickier rooms to design because of the focus it places on utility. Finding the ideal bathroom paint color is important, but wallpaper may offer a unique and appealing touch. Wallpaper is available in countless styles, patterns, and hues.

In places prone to spills and splatters, use vinyl wallpaper because it is the most durable of all wallpaper kinds. Keep in mind that vinyl should be hung below the toilet and around the shower.

10. Minimalist Suspended HDB Toilets Design


For tiny HDB units with very small bathrooms, incorporating décor elements can be challenging because it might end up overcrowding the space. If you want to maximize the space, opt for a suspended toilet.

A wall-hung toilet or commonly known as a suspended toilet is one that has its tank built into the wall and a toilet bowl that is fastened directly to the wall. As a result, wall-hung toilets can be more compact. Since the operating components are covered, placing the tank behind a wall gives it a more contemporary appearance.

A well-thought-out bathroom design may give you a soothing spot to rest after a stressful day as well as an efficient way to meet your daily demands. For instance, adding cool design elements and ambient lighting can give your home a spa-like environment and atmosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Pick at least one of the HDB toilets design ideas we presented and give your bathroom the update it deserves!

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