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TV Console Design Ideas

Ever since their invention, almost every living room or entertainment room has a TV. This iconic appliance has since entertained homeowners and guests alike and over the years, new designs and features are added to the television.

And just as new designs are added to the television, so comes new designs and schemes for mounting and displaying them. Television display consoles have come a long way from being a bulky wooden case to a sleeker, streamlined piece with numerous storage features and aesthetics.


And with the rise of minimalist living and smaller spaces, the TV console has never been more adaptable to sizes and stylings. But the thing is:

  • How well do you know what kind of TV console you would like?
  • What suits your interior? 
  • What materials work well with?
  • What size should you get depending on the TV?

When it comes to TV consoles, there is so much to consider and so many designs and innovations to explore. Especially when it comes to making your own, one of a kind TV console design. That being said, here are several tips and ideas to consider and try.



As stated earlier, television units have come a long way from simply being a small, bulky box to a wide and slim screen that can produce the highest resolution you can possibly want. One of the biggest changes the television has gone through is perhaps the size.

The most common sizes in the market range from 14 to 52 inches to suit every client’s needs and preferences. However, when it comes to choosing the right size or length of your console, you need to think about several considerations when choosing the right TV console design and size. A rule of thumb for all TV consoles is that its length must be at least bigger by ¼ of the TV’s size. The most common console lengths range from 1.2m (120cm) to 1.6m (160cm); though there are some that can be as long as 1.80m (180cm) to 2.0m or (200cm), depending on your preference and space for it.

Another factor to consider is the space for the console. If you happen to have a wide enough space, you can go for a more elaborate console design. But if your space is smaller, your best option is to have a custom sized console. It’s best to take a tape measure and measure your TV and space. Take note of these measurements as these will be very important when choosing your console.



When it comes to TV consoles, an important thing to consider is the materials. As much as possible, you will need consoles to be made out of a solid and firm material. The most common materials in the market are solid wood and wood laminates; though there are some that are made entirely out of glass and steel. Wood is quite popular since it comes in different finishes and can easily fit any interior style. Go for woods such as mahogany, oak, teak and beech wood.  If you’re looking for a more cost efficient and sleek look, you can also go for wood laminates. Apart from having various textures and finishes in every color imaginable, it is also inexpensive and easy to install.

Choosing materials is one thing, what usually makes the TV console unique is perhaps the design features. These innovative features include compartments for remotes, speakers, movie players and even some books and frames. You can search for ideas on various sites like Pinterest or you can also consult experts who specialize in custom furniture design. They’ll be able to advise you on what appropriate size you ought to get based on measurements and preferences. You can even tell them the features you want and the materials and they’ll come up with options for you to choose from.


Not all designs for TV consoles are the same. In fact, the most popular TV console designs in Singapore range from Mid-century modern to Scandinavian and even Modern Contemporary.

  • Mid-Century Modern/ Scandinavian – easily the most popular choice for interiors requiring minimal, yet bold pieces. Scandinavian design focuses entirely on the principle of functionality and form while incorporating youthful and playful colors to counterbalance the severity of wood. This style has since enjoyed a Rebirth of its own as of the late 2010s with the rise of condominiums and the need for minimal living with character.
  • Modern – characterized by sleek straight lines and the use of modern materials like steel, metal, and even laminates, modern TV consoles are favored for their versatility and modular look. Most modern consoles utilize a two-color scheme to make it pop, similar to the Mid-Century look. Storage features include drawers utilizing a soft closing mechanism and hinges that keep door flaps in place when necessary. A cool feature that is making its mark is the use of movable surfaces that pivot or slide out to create a makeshift table. You can even go the extra mile and add LED strip lights to your TV console design.



As mentioned earlier, TV consoles have many sizes and designs to choose from. But that all depends entirely on both the size of the television and the space for it. In recent times, the rise of minimal and high-end living has also seen the rise of small spaces.  This is where custom design furniture comes in and one of the most frequently made furniture pieces is the built-in TV console. This can be seen in condos and HDB homes. Aside from the usual drawers and cabinet doors, the TV console design can also include an attached vanity table, storage cabinets, and even shelves for books. The built-in console can also incorporate other furniture pieces such as a foldable table and bench and even incorporate built-in lighting. All you need is a little bit of creativity and ingenuity.


Two important factors to consider in your TV console are that it should serve its function while having a unique form of its own. TV consoles in the modern design style tend to exemplify functionality and form as one. It’s evident in the use of simple lines over complex curves as well as maximizing the most of an allocated space.

Also called modular design, this involves using pieces that can easily be installed and fitted to create a pre-fabricated furniture piece. Here are a few things you could incorporate in your console.

  • Take advantage of the space above the television. You can also install overhead cabinets or open shelves. You can also display some frames and photos to make it look as inviting as ever.
  • Try to make your console’s backdrop as interesting as your console’s. Go for pops of color, wallpaper patterns, and even textured walls to make it interesting. Some of the most common backdrops for consoles include red bricks, marble tiles, Scandinavian wallpapers, neutral paints, and even wood planks.
  • Accessibility is also important, especially if you intend to place your television on top of the TV console instead of mounting it on the wall. A big nuisance for most homeowners is having the television wires exposed and tangled all over the floor. Consoles have provisions wherein the wires can be threaded through and concealed without so much as exposing them out in the open.
  • If you have children, see to it that the edges of your TV console are curved so as to avoid any accidents and injuries. You can have it where the console’s body and doors have rounded edges, giving off a distinctly modern look.
  • Apart from LED strip lights, you can also install small pin lights inside your TV console so that, apart from your television your console can have other highlights such as books, figurines, and even artworks.


You might be thinking by now, that with so many things to consider and know about TV consoles, it’s almost impossible to get the best option, right?

Well, when in doubt, consult a professional. We mentioned furniture makers who can custom make your furniture piece, but in particular, go for those who specialize in modular fur nature. They have designers and professionals with years of experience and can even come up with solutions. Let them have an ocular inspection of the area and let them measure. Then have a sit down and discuss possible designs and features you would like for them to create.

They will also propose the materials they will use as well as mechanisms and hinges. This is designed so that when it comes to creating your unique TV console design, it is done efficiently and with fewer complications including revisions and back jobs. Their craftsmen are also skilled since they take it upon themselves to make sure the finished product passes all quality control without any defects that could result in potential future problems.

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