How To Correctly Place Corner Ceiling Fans in Your Space (2023 Updated)


About Corner Ceiling Fans in Singapore

In many modern homes, particularly those in Asian countries like Singapore, you will find the weather is a mixture of both hot and cold, with temperatures being hotter during the summer seasons. As such, one would find in each interior space one singular appliance that has proven to be quite a necessity in many households. And that appliance is none other than the electric fan

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The humble fan has provided both relief and comfort to many homeowners during the hot season. And yet, many homeowners will say that while the fan is indeed a very important appliance, just seeing its wires and chord is often considered unorganized and slightly messy. Fortunately, a solution to such has presented itself in the form of the ceiling fan. 

Nowadays, many homeowners opt for ceiling fans since they can also add depth and drama to a space’s interior. And more often than not, they are placed in the center of the room. But it is not a guarantee that the ceiling fan being in the center will provide an adequate flow of air. Depending on the size of the blade and the output, only a certain part of the room will feel the air.


But did you know that you can mount it in a way that provides more airflow? And did you know that you can add more character to a space by doing so? You can mount your fan in the corner of the room. And if installed right, the airflow would spread further out. All you need to do is assess the space and see if it can accommodate your corner ceiling fan. Then all you need to do is choose the right fan for your needs.

That being said, here are some clever ways you can have a corner ceiling fan in your interior.

1. Corner Celling Fan In The Kitchen


Cooking can be tough, especially if the kitchen gets hot and sweat-inducing. Sometimes a little relief is all a cook needs when they’re waiting for the food to cool down. And even though a window or door is open to allow the steam to flow out, it’s simply hot air dispersing about. You can install a ceiling fan to allow fresh air and disperse the hot air at the same time.

Try installing your corner ceiling fan in the portion of your kitchen where natural air flows such as the window or the door. You can even install and aim it directly at the prep area. For a modern look, opt for a bladeless fan that also has a lighting fixture attached to it.

2. Ceiling Corner Fans In The Living Room


Even though you may have a small living room, there is so much potential for a ceiling fan to be installed. You can take advantage of the tight space and install your fan in one of the beams. Angle it directly towards your chosen focal point. Opt for a fan that can emit a powerful airflow. 

If your living room is big, you can designate a special area such as a corner study, a sitting area, or even a reading nook. You can place in your space a ceiling corner fan to define the overall space. Go for a small ceiling fan whose size is proportionate to the space. You can install it directly above your furniture such as a table, an accent chair, or even above some cabinetry.

3. Lanai

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If you happen to have a lounge overlooking a beautiful garden or a breathtaking view, why not create your greenhouse lounge? You can take a cute from various tropical resorts and install your corner ceiling fans in various corners of the lanai. You can opt for a ceiling fan that can move around or one that has appropriately themed blades such as a fan with a palm shape blade or a fan with wooden blades.

4. Fans In The Dining Room

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Apart from the living room and the kitchen, the most occupied space is the dining room. This is where most of the bonding and dining are done. As such, most of the members of the household will stay much longer than usual; which means that they would need some fresh air coming in. While it normally would be aesthetically pleasing to put a ceiling fixture above the dining table, it is also ill-advised since there will be dust particles flying around and potentially landing on your food. Fortunately, there is another alternative.

You can install your corner ceiling fan in the corner of your wall and angle it towards your dining set. If your ceiling happens to have a cove, you can also install two smaller ones in either corner for a more modern look. Go for some fans that have a modernized shape to them.

This can also apply to breakfast nooks or counters. Install your fan a few centimeters away from the corner and angle it towards the breakfast nook. 

5. In The Bedroom


And of course, if there is a space that demands complete relaxation and comfort, it’s the bedroom. As such, most homeowners invest in good furniture, the right wall paint, and above all the right ambiance to guarantee complete relaxation. Among these investments is a ceiling fan that is installed to insure maximum comfort and airflow. Install your fan in the corner of the wall where your headboard is, preferably near the window. That way, when fresh air enters, the ceiling fan disperses and spreads the air all over. You can install at least two fans on the wall. 

Another option is to install your ceiling fan in the corner where your door is and in the corner where your bed is. This applies if you have a really big space to work with. 

While these ideas may be unique in themselves, the most important things you need to consider when choosing the proper corner ceiling fan are the fan’s overall specifications, and the overall aesthetic of it. You will want your ceiling fan to provide ample airflow as well as compliment your overall space’s interior. After all, there is nothing more fantastic than having the perfect ceiling fan compliment your interior; thus guaranteeing you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.  

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