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Cabinets are essential furniture pieces in the living room. Without cabinets, our living room may look disorganized, uncluttered, and overcrowded with stuff. The existence of a cabinet for the living room keeps our small stuff hidden in plain sight and makes us easier to find them.

Here in Singapore, where people are mostly living in HDB units and apartments with limited space, adding an extra cabinet in the living room would be very helpful not just in terms of keeping the home organized, but also for aesthetic purposes. Cabinets make the living room look furnished. Moreover, they are considered an extra storage space and everyone needs an extra storage space.

If you are still in the planning stage of furnishing your home and are wondering what type of cabinetry to put in your living area, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we gathered the most common cabinets that homeowners have in their homes. You can include at least 2-3 types of these cabinets in your home and hire a professional to customize them for your space. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

1. Floating Cabinet for Living Room


From the name itself, a floating cabinet refers to a cabinet that is mounted or attached to the wall without any support. This creates the illusion that the cabinet is floating. Cabinets like these are popular in modern and contemporary homes because of their streamlined, sleek, and clean appearance. Although they don’t have legs to support their weight, floating cabinets are strong because they are mounted on the wall and it is the wall that supports their weight.

2. Sideboard Cabinet


If you are looking for storage that you can rearrange or move around, go for a furniture type such as a sideboard cabinet. There are many things you can do with a sideboard cabinet. You can place it in your living room and decorate its surface with accessories and artwork. The advantage of sideboard cabinets is their ability to be moved around. You can place it in the dining room, entryway, or hallway.

3. TV Stand Cabinet


Perhaps the most common location to put cabinets is on your TV stand. TV stands are furniture pieces that you can purchase from a furniture store. If all you need is another storage space to add to your small living room, purchase a TV stand with drawers and cabinets. You can then use these drawers and cabinets to keep books, remote control, and other electronic devices and TV accessories.

4. Hidden Cabinet On Wall


Maximize the space on your walls by creating a hidden cabinet for the living room. If you want more storage space but don’t like the idea of having it in the form of bulky furniture, then create customized cabinetry on your walls and camouflage it so it is hidden in plain sight. This trick is best for modern or contemporary homes where everything must be streamlined and clean. Hidden storage areas like these also tend to be a lot more spacious since you can have an entire wall of cabinetry to store your belongings.

5. Cabinet in TV Wall Panel


You can also have cabinets on your TV wall panel. Some homeowners prefer to have their TV wall panels custom-made. You can ask your handyman to create cabinetry in your TV wall panel design where you can store your TV accessories, wiring, and other appliances

6. Ornate Cabinet Furniture


A piece of ornate cabinets for the living room furniture is not for everyone. Unless your home has a traditional vibe or you want to create an interior design composition that combines modern with traditional. Cabinets like these are bulky and they can easily catch the attention of people because of their ornate designs and detailing. You can find this type of furniture in thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets. Get something like this if your aim is more than just to add storage but also to evoke a sense of grandeur in your space.

7. Glass Display Cabinet


A glass display cabinet is intended so you can have a place to display your accessories and decorations. Glass display cabinets are common in kitchens where most people place their prized cookware to display. There are also a variety of glass cabinet designs that are appropriate for the living room. These designs usually have a two-door cabinet and have a more modest and streamlined design to fit in minimalist and modern spaces.

8. Side Table With Cabinet

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Side tables are tables placed on one or both ends of the living room couch. Side tables often come with a drawer and a cabinet depending on the style. You can place one or two of these on the end of your sofa. It will serve as a space where you can put a vase, a stack of books, or a table lamp to style your living room. On the drawers and cabinets, you can store small things like coffee table books, phone holders, bowls, candles, and other things that you will find scattered about in your living room.

We know that the living room is one of the rooms that are difficult to keep organized and free of clutter. Keeping things organized becomes even more challenging especially when there are kids, toddlers, and a pet in the house. Having extra cabinets whether it is on the wall, a piece of furniture or storage space under your sofa’s seating can make a whole lot of difference.

If you are redesigning or renovating your living room always consider the storage spaces. Do you have enough of them? If not, where can you possibly add one? Is it on the walls? On your TV wall panel? Or maybe you can squeeze in a side table, a display cabinet, or a sideboard in your space. Assess your surroundings and make a rough estimate of how many cabinet for living room you should have or whether or not you should add one.

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