#10 Small Garden Ideas (to Beautify Your Outdoor Space)




We all want to have a vast, lush garden, sweeping lawns with beautiful plants and landscape. A cool outdoor space for dining and sitting, maybe even a pool or a small fountain. But the truth is that if you live in an urban location, like here in Singapore, your square footage will be quite limited.

In certain cases, if you live in a high-rise apartment or condo unit, you don’t have space for a garden. Making your tiny garden appear larger is something that many homeowners desire to do. While some Singaporeans may think that having a garden is impossible if your property does not have a yard, keep in mind that Singapore is known as a pioneer for creating vertical gardens.

So, without further ado, here are a few small garden ideas balcony or for your detached house property.  

1. Create An Indoor Atrium


Don’t have a lawn or an outdoor space for a garden? Well, bring the garden inside. Garden atriums are popular among contemporary homes that are designed with either feng shui or Zen principles in mind.

A garden atrium really gives off that calming natural vibe. It is a perfect feature to have in a house especially if you live in a country as hot and humid as Singapore.

2. Hanging Plants


Gardens can be in any form and size. If your property does not offer you the privilege of creating a garden, make one by creatively putting the plants in containers or pots. A hanging plant is ideal to have regardless of what type of house you are living in.

It also makes a good décor element. You can hang them on your kitchen, living room, bedroom windows, and balcony.

3. Small Potted Succulents


Build an indoor succulent garden by collecting a variety of succulents and planting them in pots. You can mix different types of these plants in one big plant box like a large succulent terrarium.

You can then place these plant boxes by the window or near the entryway. Succulents are excellent at purifying the air and removing toxins and is one of the easiest small garden ideas to do in your home.

4. Plant Herbs and Veggies


Singapore is known as the Garden City, and the city-state has encouraged residents to build their gardens where they may cultivate and gather food. Roof gardens and cascading house plants are examples of this, which may be seen in a variety of high-rise residential buildings.

So, if you have a balcony or a large window, there’s no reason you can’t start your home garden. Planting herbs and vegetables is a long-term gardening strategy that will undoubtedly pay off.

5. Make A Beautiful Landscape


For people who owned a detached property, making a beautiful landscape on your lawn is a great option. Landscape enhances the exterior look of your house and also increases the property value. Make use of the yard that you have and hire a landscape designer or if you want to DIY, research more about landscaping and gardening methods to transform your yard.

6. Small Garden Ideas Balcony


Since many people live in vertical housing units, garden balconies are a thing. If you have access to a balcony, you can grow a variety of plants. This includes hanging plants, succulents, herbs, and even veggies.

Be creative with your choice of plants and see to it that everything is organized. Avoid including plants that are challenging to care for and maintain.

7. Opt For Climbing Plants

Climbing plants look undeniably good especially when the plant crawls beautifully on the exterior of your building. There are many ways to incorporate climbing plants. You can place them in your bathroom to give off that clean, fresh, and natural vibe.

You can also plant them on your balcony and let the plant crawl freely on the façade of the building. Taking care of crawling plants is a bit challenging but the most important thing is to always be mindful and check them from time to time.

Trim them if necessary or if the plants crawl into areas where they shouldn’t be unless you want your house to look like the Amazon rain forest.

8. Decorate Windows


Place a plant box right outside your windowsill. European-styled windows look aesthetically pleasing when decorated with flowering plants. But depending on the style and design of your window, you can choose different kinds of plants.

Anything that you think would fit best for the kind of look you are trying to achieve. For windows on high-rise residential units, you can decorate them with hanging plants, small potted succulents and even climbing plants. The trick here is to look for interesting features in your home where you can designate your small garden ideas beautifully as a décor element.

9. Pave The Pathway


Another great small garden ideas is paving pathways. If your property has a huge lawn, create a beautiful landscape and pave the pathway. Pathways are considered a hardscape garden element. You can integrate pathways leading to your front door, backdoor, indoor garden, or even to a covered patio or pool.

Pathways make the outdoor landscape of your property a high-end and luxurious type. People are attracted by certain elements that allow their perception of space to easily guide them to a certain location or destination. This is basically the role of a pathway – to guide. A paved pathway means a clean and organized outdoor and indoor space.

10. Create A Cottage Core Vibe

Love the florals? Don’t be afraid to be creative and try planting a variety of plants. The cottage garden setting was widely romanticized by many because of its nostalgic vibe that resembles the quiet, serene, and fairy-tale-like impression of country living.

Cottage core entails the idyllic country lifestyle that embraces nature and the use of simple organic elements in design and ornamentation. A clear picture of this is a garden just outside of your kitchen where you can grow your herb garden, add some pretty florals, and place old or repurposed furniture under a shade of a tree. This will completely top that cottage core feel.

There are no strict rules in gardening. All you really have to do is to work around a certain layout, plant the flowers that you want and shower your garden with care and love. We hope you find this small garden ideas guide helpful in creating your home garden.

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