Modern Victorian HDB: How to Achieve the Modern Victorian Style in Your HDB Flat




The beauty and charm of Victorian homes are exceptionally timeless. Defined primarily as a style fit for a queen, Victorian interior never fails to capture the eyes and hearts of interior décor lovers. With its meticulous details, historic allure, and affluence, it’s not a wonder why a lot of people in today’s modern era are still so obsessed with having a Modern Victorian HDB home.

Despite it being an old Interior style that originated way back in the 1800s, many Interior designers are still highly influenced by its fascinating aesthetics. As the design progresses, designers found new and creative ways to blend notable design styles like Victorian with modern and contemporary trends.

So, it doesn’t matter where you live. Or how big your house is. Whether you live in a Victorian house or a contemporary HDB flat here in Singapore, you can definitely create a Modern Victorian HDB enthused with the traditional eclecticism of a Victorian-style interior.

Here are some of the key designer tips on how to achieve the style.

1. Mix the Old and New


Blending the old elements of interior design styles from different eras is something that Interior designers do all the time. It is a simple process but it’s not easy. To be able to completely tie a coherent design together, it needs to be carefully thought of.

To decorate your modern Victorian HDB home with a touch of historic charm you need to look for significant décor elements to throw into the scene. The most ingenious way on how to do it is to accentuate and create contrast. But more on that later.

If you have darker or muted colors on your walls, opt for ornate Victorian sofas and accent chairs with a brighter colored upholstery. You can also mix your furniture. A modern sectional sofa when paired with traditional accent chairs creates an interesting visual dynamic to your space.

2. Keep the Colors Subtle

Originally, Victorian Interiors are characterized with darker shades of colors such as deep brown, emerald green, and jewel tones like burgundy. This type of color palette would suit best if you have a Victorian-style interior complete with ornate moldings and decorative ceilings.

However, if you have a contemporary space with clean geometric lines, choose lighter colors to paint your walls. You can always add a bit of Victorian flair when you start layering your decors and accessories. Brighter colors also create an illusion of space making the rooms look livable and refreshing.

3. Create Contrast

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Contrast draws your attention. It is a technique in Interior design that is utilized very often when conveying concepts and expressing something. Creating contrast makes your space look remarkably appealing.

There are many ways in which you can add contrast. And when it comes to inducing an enthralling Victorian vibe against a modern backdrop, you can completely take your interior to a whole new level of visual drama by creating contrast.

One creative way to do this is to introduce pops of color. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors. Create an interesting design statement by color blocking your walls. Place a bright-upholstered sofa against a dark background or pair two iconic pieces of furniture from different design eras together.

4. Introduce Modern Lighting

Lighting is an essential component when it comes to decorating a room. It is the element that creates a certain ambiance and it has the ability to transform a space and affect our mood. Lighting activates not just our visual but our emotional sense as well.

Look for a stylish lighting fixture to accessorize your ceiling. It can be as typical as a round modern chandelier or a pendant lamp with a unique geometric design. To eliminate dark corners and to amplify warmth, install wall sconces. Also, don’t forget to decorate with table lamps on console tables and side tables.

Aside from selecting the right luminosity and warmth of each lighting fixture, it is also important to consider its design. We know that it’s not a Victorian-styled interior without a grand chandelier. However, to give your space a modern twist, choose contemporary lighting fixtures, instead of antique ones.

5. Add Classic Wallpapers

Photo by: Phillip Ennis (Design by Alex Papachristidis Interiors)

One popular distinguishing feature of a Victorian home that makes it incomparable from other design styles is the use of meticulously designed wallpapers. Victorian wallpapers are characterized by colorful floral patterns. In Victorian homes, they usually place the wallpapers on the wall spaces between the moldings – namely, the frieze, filling, and the dado.

To evoke a Victorian charm in your modern Victorian HDB space, you don’t necessarily need to fill your walls with wallpapers. Unless you want your home to have that outdated grandmother appeal of course. Simply use wallpapers as an accent feature in your wall ideally in kitchen areas.

6. Hang Large Abstract Paintings

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Nothing ties the furnishings and decors together other than the artworks on the wall. Artworks are a defining element in the overall scheme of your interior. One can directly tell the language of your design composition based on the artwork hanging on your wall. That is how critical choosing an artwork is.

So, why should we opt for an abstract painting for our modern Victorian interior space? Simple. To create a character. Large abstract paintings make for a good focal point. While you have the option to go for classical Victorian paintings, abstract paintings are way better in demonstrating visual contrast.

7. Spruce up with Decors and Accessories


This is everybody’s favorite part. The final touches. Accessories and decors are as important as the large and grander features in the interior. After all, it’s the small details that complete the look and provides comfort and warmth to our spaces.

There are a variety of ways on how you can spruce up with décor but one important thing to keep in mind is to layer, layer, layer. You don’t want your house to look crowded and overly decorated. You need to follow your prearranged interior scheme to organize everything together.

To add a hint of modern Victorian style with your décor, mixing the old and new techniques applies quite effectively. Select accessories like a vintage gramophone, traditional-styled table lamps, sculptures, clocks, jars, and mirrors. Setting up these types of decors on a contemporary styled console or coffee table creates a significant contrast.

Style it the way you like it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Interior design. Blending the charm of Victorian interiors and the elegance of contemporary is like experiencing the best of both worlds right in the comforts of your humble abode. Who wouldn’t love that right? So, if you’re dreaming of a modern Victorian HDB themed interior space, no worries. Just follow the tips above or you can leave us a reply below for more assistance.

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