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What is the most overlooked element in any interior? When we say overlooked, we quite literally mean something that is never given a second look over. Could it possibly be the windows? No, windows come in various sizes and styles and it often makes the space both brighter and interesting. Perhaps the doors? Doors do come in various styles and finishes. But sometimes, it’s a hit regardless. Could it be the walls? The floors? Or even the ceiling?

Not quite. What if we were to tell you that the most overlooked element in most homes is where you take the next step. We are talking, of course, about the staircase. Now, you might be thinking, how in the world is a flight of stairs the most overlooked element in any interior? To put it simply, most people would think that the stairs is merely a structure with steps that lead to the second floor of a house a functional element, but nonetheless just a structure.

However in recent years, designers have begun taking the basic design of the staircase and have since improved its overall look, aesthetics and function.

Staircases are no longer just structures that lead to the next floor, they have now become an integral part of the interior and have also become a functional accent or two. That being said, here are several staircase design ideas that you can use in your interiors.

1. Dual Function Stairs


Perhaps the biggest improvement in staircase design is the fact that it can serve as an access point and as a room in itself. If one were to look at it, the space in the bottom of the stairs is almost spacious for a room or piece of built in furniture. And with most hdb homes having limited space, it is imperative for so many designers to make use of whatever space is there. So here are several staircase design in small spaces that many designers often use.

  • Cupboard under the stairs– While it may be a reference to the famous Harry Potter chapter, it also has meaning. Cupboards are small spaces with shelves that are often used for storing things like shoes, travel luggage, seasonal linen and even the household cleaning supplies. When creating your cupboard storage, consider how deep it is so that when allocating the necessary shelving.

  • Lounging and Reading Area-another idea to try out, especially if you are a bookworm at heart, is creating a reading nook underneath your staircase. You can have a small daybed outfitted to the size of the space and install a few shelves. You can go the extra mile and install a small light in the center of the reading area.

  • Work space– if you can’t have an office, why not convert the space under the stairs into a small working space. You can custom make a table and cabinet storage and fit them out underneath the stairs. For that added feature, install some electrical sockets so that you can plug in your laptop, computer or even your printer if needed. A cool idea to incorporate is an integrated seat that can be kept under the desk so that it would look a bit neater.
  • Open Cabinets and Bookcase– If the space under your stairs is quite small, don’t worry, you can actually make a unique built in open cabinet or storage piece. You can use this to display books, figurines and even shoes.

  • Powder Room – the difference between a powder room and a bathroom is that the former lacks a shower. Powder rooms are favored especially if you need to refresh yourself before heading out. The same can be said for guests when they need to relieve themselves. When creating the powder room, you will notice that plumbing is quite important since you will need to provide a source of water for your fixtures. Take care also to choose adequately sized fixtures. You wouldn’t want a sink that is too wide or too tall or even a water closet that is too high or too low. Always consider the height of your stair space since when you enter the powder room, you may need to provide allowance so as to avoid any head bumps and accidents.

2. Uncanny Staircases


What if we told you that staircases can be as picturesque as a statue? What if we were to say that staircases can become something beautiful? Instead of having the traditional monolith type stairs, why not have your stair steps attached to the wall for a more modern futuristic look.

This type of staircase design is often employed in modern design homes, but you can also see this in contemporary and even tropical style homes. You can even go to the next level by making the finish of your stairs similar to the finish of the wall where it is attached to such as wood, marble or even stone.  

Another unique idea to try is creating a seamless continuous set of steps made entirely out of bentwood. This gives a curved almost spinal looking aesthetic which is biophilic and almost natural in nature. You can also have you stairs suspended from the ceiling as a sort of floating step. You can also try mixing different wood finishes to create an interesting set of steps instead of the usual wood plank and paint combination. You can also be a bit daring and go for a spiral staircase using various materials such as iron and bentwood. 

Speaking of spiral staircases, you can even make a sculpted type of staircase that could resemble petals or leaves or even twigs. Be a bit experimental with your stairs, but take care to consider the length of your riser and tread. You wouldn’t want stair steps that are too high or too narrow; too short or too wide.

3. Artistic Railings


While we are on the subject of uncanny staircase design, let’s delve in further to what completes the look of the staircase. We are referring of course to the handrails. You might be thinking, handrails aren’t really that interesting. Some stairs don’t even have them. We beg to differ. Most handrails, apart from helping to stabilize and support a person when climbing up the stairs, also defines the access point. But that doesn’t mean you have a boring railing. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to create a very unique railing for staircase design. You can try some of these ideas;

  • French wrought iron – often seen in classic and contemporary homes, wrought iron is quite durable and can support and soften the look of your staircase, Apart from the typical straight cut bars and posts, you can also opt for scrolls and florals if you like or even geometric motifs. More often than not, this favored due to it being quite an affordable material.

  • Glass – often seen in modern interiors, glass railings make for a clean and almost seamless look. Glass can make any modern staircase look timeless and gentle, however, you must be particular when selecting the glass for your railing. Go for tempered glass as they can withstand a particular weight. You can opt for either clear tempered glass, tinted or even frosted glass; depending on your preference. You can consult a specialist in glass fabrication and ask which type of glass would suit your railings, your budget and your overall look.
  • Laser cut Railings – a very modern method for creating unique and beautiful railings is by having your design laser cut into the material of your choice. Laser cutting is a method that utilizes a laser and etches out a pattern on a particular surface. Two of the most popular materials for laser cut railings are wood and metal. When it comes to patterns, there are many patterns you can use in creating these railings. Some of the most popular patterns include geometric cuts, curved edges, florals and leaves and even minimalist dots.

  • Stainless Steel – if wrought iron railings are not to your liking, there is also stainless steel railings. These are often associated with modern interiors and compliment glass railings as they are used as the glass’ frame. Because of its mirror like finish and clean, straight lines, stainless steel railings are ideal for modern and minimalist staircase design.

  • Wood Railings – of course, you can never go wrong with the classic wooden railings. Especially if you have an affinity for the look and feel of natural wood. Apart from the usual use of mahogany, oak and Birchwood, there is also bamboo, teak and even ironwood railings employed in several contemporary homes.

When it comes to having a unique interior, many Singaporean designers will think out of the box and transform just about anything to make the interior pop and with these unique staircase design ideas constantly employed by both homeowner and designer, it is a sure fire guarantee that many Singaporean homes and interiors will be employing these uncanny ideas to make their interiors truly one of a kind works of art and design.

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