Rattan Furniture In Singapore 2024 (Everything You Need to Know)


About Rattan Furniture in Singapore


Rattan is a naturally renewable vine-like palm, similar to bamboo that grows in the tropical regions and jungles of Africa and Asia. There are many types of rattan but the majority can be identified by its tough, solid stems that can grow to extensive lengths. Rattan furniture has become an iconic piece in almost any interior design style. Furniture pieces, decorations, and accessories that are made of rattan lend a warm and cozy vibe to the space. Its features are versatile and flexible and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Another advantage of having rattan furniture at home is that it is very lightweight which makes it easier to move around. However, like any other furniture made of organic materials, proper care and maintenance are required to keep the furniture in good condition. If you want to know more about rattan furniture in Singapore, continue reading below and see whether rattan furniture is the right furniture for your space.

Different Types of Rattan Furniture

Before buying rattan furniture, it is important to make sure that you have basic knowledge about this organic material.

  • Where did it come from?
  • How is it manufactured?
  • What are the different types of Rattan?

Knowing all these characteristics about the material will help you take proper care of your furniture so it can last for years. Here are different types of Rattan furniture in Singapore today.

1. Cane

Image source: rattanfabric.com

Cane is the layer that can be found just below the outer skin of the rattan plant. It is the part that is removed before the rattan is processed. After cleaning and drying the rattan, the cane is peeled into long strands. These strands are the parts that are used in weaving chairs and other furniture. Because the can is flexible, it is used to wrap and secure parts of furniture and can be commonly seen in the back of chairs, and sofas.

2. Reed

Image source: wickerworks.com.au

The inner, wood-like component of the rattan plant is called reed and is more porous and fibrous than the cane layer. In contrast to cane, the reed is absorbent and susceptible to staining. Reed is frequently used to make the swirls and curls that adorn some ornate pieces of wicker furniture.

3. Synthetic

Image source: freepik.com

There is a material that is manufactured to imitate authentic rattan. This material is called PE rattan. It can endure wetness as well as harsh sunshine, both of which could damage authentic rattan. While polyethylene (PE) is not the only synthetic material used to make rattan, it is more environmentally friendly and of higher quality than other synthetics. Because of its characteristics, PE rattan is preferred to use in outdoor spaces.

Best Rattan Furniture to Add to Your Home

There are a variety of furniture, décor, and accessories that are made of rattan. If your goal is to create a tropical vibe in your interior space, opting for rattan seating would be ideal. However, keep in mind that you should only select significant items and avoid sprucing your entire space with rattan materials. Rattan requires proper care and maintenance. Therefore, before you buy, make sure you have the time and capacity to care for the furniture. Here are some rattan-made furniture pieces you can easily purchase to spruce up your space.

1. Rattan Sofa

Image source: islandliving.sg

The rattan sofa is probably the most popular one you can find. Rattan sofa comes in different styles. Some come with seat and back cushions. Rattan can also be painted with other colors such as white, brown, or black. If you have a modern home, a black-painted rattan would make the room look sleek and edgy.

Unfinished rattan, on the other hand, is best for contemporary, minimalist, and farmhouse-styled interior spaces. If you are planning to buy new seating in your living room, opt for authentic rattan. For outdoor areas, synthetic rattan would be a much more practical option.

2. Rattan Chairs


The craftsmanship of rattan chairs is meticulously detailed which makes them a great piece to add to the space as accent items. Rattan chairs are both decorative and functional. The most popular rattan chair is the peacock chair, followed by a rattan rocking chair and a marina lounge chair. These chairs are usually placed in outdoor areas like balconies, outdoor gardens, and lanais. They can instantly make a room look cozy, homely, and inviting.

3. Rattan Dining Chair Singapore


Rattan dining chairs will look great in your room whether you are aiming for a modern or more classic farmhouse aesthetic. Rattan dining chairs have that sleek and modest appearance that makes the dining area look chic & stylish. Moreover, having these chairs will make it easier for you to rearrange the layout of your dining table because you can easily move these lightweight chairs around. If you live in an HDB unit or a condo unit, having lightweight furniture such as these rattan dining chairs is a great advantage.

4. Coffee Table


A coffee table made of rattan is a great accent piece to complement your rattan sofa. Rattan coffee tables come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. The most popular rattan coffee table is a round or oval-shaped table. Rectangular rattan tables are also available but a round one can bring harmony to spaces with a lot of straight lines. Additionally, they create the appearance of additional rooms. A spherical coffee table also makes moving around much simpler.

5. Floating Egg Chair

Are you looking for a statement-making piece to add to your home? Get a rattan floating egg chair! This type of furniture is often used in lounge areas such as those in hotel lobbies. They add personality and character to your living room composition. To truly embody the tropical vibe in your space, place a floating egg chair in one corner of the room.

Which Interior Designs Are Most Suited For Rattan Furniture?

Since rattan furniture is versatile and flexible, it is suitable in many interior design styles such as Contemporary, Minimalist, Farmhouse, Modern, and Bohemian. It offers a warm, cozy, and clean aesthetic to a space. If a simple interior design style is what fits your current lifestyle, adding rattan furniture into your home will definitely make your space stand out.

Moreover, accentuating it with other decors and accessories will be much easier because of its versatile characteristics. If you are planning to switch the interior design style of your home with rattan furniture in Singapore, our in-house designers can help you. Comment down below or send us an email for more enquires.

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