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If you have an apartment unit or a landed house with a rooftop, it’s a great opportunity to create a new space in your home where you can spend some time relaxing with friends and family. Having a rooftop is considered a luxury.

Not many people have this extra feature in a home because rooftop features can make a property expensive. So, if you happen to have an empty rooftop or you are planning to add or convert a space into one, we created a list of some unique house with rooftop design ideas you might find interesting.

1. Open Terrace Rooftop Design


Perhaps the most straightforward way of utilizing a space located on your roof is to convert it into an open terrace. This is a great option if you want to stay on the budget or are still looking for ways how you can maximize the potential of your rooftop space.

An open terrace is a great asset especially if you have a wonderful view of the city. Later on, once you have the means and the right budget, you can transform it into a private lounge or a small coffee shop if you intend to utilize it for profit.

2. Roof Garden


Roof gardens are pretty common. You have probably seen one in your neighborhood or perhaps it is your dream to have one. Roof gardens, aside from their aesthetic value, also provide a good effect not just on the environment but also on the overall health and well-being of people.

Gardens are known to evoke a sense of tranquility and calm that can lower anxiety and depression. So, if you have a rooftop space and are considering using it for personal purposes, you should definitely convert it into a rooftop garden.

3. Glass Rooftop Railing Design

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There are many kinds of materials you can use for your rooftop design but glass is perhaps the best option among all others. If you don’t have time to maintain other railing materials, like wood, then glass is a fantastic alternative.

The majority of stains and dirt may be readily cleaned, and it won’t rust or corrode. Many individuals are concerned that the glass may shatter or that it won’t be able to withstand the weight that conventional railings can. That is untrue. In many aspects, glass railings are safer than conventional railing systems.

4. Pergola Rooftop Shed Design

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The way you use your rooftop might change with the right pergola roof designs. They help you enjoy your rooftop in all weather conditions, turning it into a useful addition to your house. They provide protection from the sun during heatwaves and the rain during downpours.

5. Outdoor Living Area Rooftop Deck Design

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If you want to have a house with rooftop design outdoor living space, you can transform your rooftop into one. Spending time outside has been shown to boost both mental and physical wellness. People who spend a large amount of time outside are more likely to be happy and healthy. So, grab a few furniture pieces and create a seating area on your rooftop where the family can bond.

6. Rooftop Bar

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Do you want to transform your rooftop into something grand and luxurious? Why not build a rooftop bar! A rooftop bar is a great idea if you want to use the space for fun and recreation. It’s a plus if your rooftop has a wonderful view of the city. You can invite your friends over and host a party on your rooftop. It is definitely a great option for millennials and for people who love to have fun.

7. Mini Cinema House With Rooftop Design

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The non-traditional moviegoing experiences, such as rooftop screenings and outdoor film clubs, are extremely well-liked among millennials who are constantly on the lookout for social encounters to capture in a photo.

With Netflix nowadays, you don’t have to go to a movie theatre. What you can do instead is make your own and make one that is unique to experience something different. Set up a small theatre on your rooftop and invite your friends for a Netflix and chill overnight.

8. Lounge And Dining Areas

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Dreaming of having a house with rooftop design outdoor dining area? Look for extra space in your property to have one. Most of the time, in houses located in neighborhoods where there is little to no space for a backyard, the rooftop is the second choice for an outdoor space. So, if you have a rooftop, you can make a dining area by putting a picnic table or a dining table where your guests can dine.

Being surrounded by a variety of sights, smells, and sensations when dining outside helps to calm our whole sensory experience. This provides us with a respite from the stuffy indoor environment, which helps with better creativity, enhanced attention, and our general wellbeing.

9. Rooftop Pool

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The sheer luxury of having a rooftop pool is one of the major reasons you would desire one. Imagine spending lazy days poolside sipping a beverage while admiring the breathtaking scenery.

The privacy that a roof-top pool provides is one of its main benefits. While You may unwind and enjoy yourself in full secrecy without worrying about being watched. On top of your roof, you may create your own personal sanctuary by planting lovely plants and bushes.

There you have the most popular house with rooftop design ideas! Don’t just leave your rooftop space empty. Utilize it for your own personal use and watch your property transform from ordinary to extraordinary!

The possibilities are endless if you have an extra space that you can utilize. Don’t know where and how to start your rooftop transformation project? Give us a call or message us through email and let us know how we can help you.

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