Conference Table Singapore (How To Redesign Your Existing Office Space)



Employees spend an average total of 40 to 60 hours per week at work. With employees spending this much amount of time at the office, it’s important to have the space look comfortable so it can boost productivity and creativity. Even right down to how the conference and meeting rooms look, it’s important to look into what is best for the appearance such as a conference table Singapore.

The appearance of an office matters to clients and potential clients as well. If you want your business to look welcoming for clients, and comfortable enough for employees, then redesigning the office is the answer. The interior design of an office gives a sense of what the office is about but also gives an idea to clients and talent how the company culture is.

For example: if your office is cluttered, this will signal that the management or overall business is scattered and unorganized. If you’re looking for ways to help bring more satisfaction to your office, and even the business, then try redesigning with these methods.

1. Ergonomic Furniture


You’ll want to start by looking into whether or not your workspace is functional for everyone. The office should be comfortable, however, the furniture should not look outdated or worn down. Ergonomic furniture is an excellent choice for an office. Some employees have different working styles that should be taken into account. One example of this would be standing desks, some workers prefer to stand to work rather than sit the whole day.

The same can be put into an account for meeting rooms as well, conference table Singapore should be looked into because these need to be ergonomic for long meetings. Take into account what everyone in the office is interested in and how a compromise can happen to where they’ll have comfortable furniture and the office space looks updated.

2. Plenty of Natural Light


Natural light plays a big part in day-to-day productivity. This is the best lighting for offices, however, not all offices are lucky enough to get a sufficient amount. Sunlight is an excellent way to improve everyone’s mood, and staff must benefit from it.

This not only helps everyone feel better, but the office space will look much better as well. If your office is lacking in natural life, then visual aesthetics can be your friend. Placing stylish lamps along desks and corners can be a great way to make the office look more stylish. If it’s possible to change out light fixtures, try something such as a pendant light.

These modern fixtures are both stylish and add some uniqueness to the office space. It’s also best to have good lighting in conference areas as well, conference table Singapore should be near large windows for maximum sunlight. This will not only look better, but the bright lighting can help employees feel better.

3. Conference room and the Conference Table Singapore


Meetings are not exactly something people look forward to in an office. By creating a pleasant environment, can make everyone more comfortable and at ease during the meeting. While many offices have an open floor plan where the space is open and airy, conference and other meeting rooms should not be this way.

This room should still stand as one of the areas that should be private so productive meetings and stay suit. These meeting rooms would have plenty of natural light, comfortable seating, and enough personal space for everyone. Furniture helps set the environment in this closed-in space so be sure that everything is of high quality. Look into a conference table that can suit your needs for these important meetings.

4. Scents


Interior design and scents go hand in hand together. A space isn’t truly beautiful unless it has a nice scent because no one wants to be in a space that smells bad, no matter how good it looks. Incorporating candles is a great way to bring an aroma to the office. This helps with creating a less tense environment, plus it helps make the environment more welcoming to visitors.

5. Décor


Accessorizing is very important to complete any look. Skip out on the generic-looking corporate art or inspirational phrases, no one likes them. Instead, use art pieces that draw the eye. Try to find paintings or prints that are colorful, make sure it has some of the colors currently found in the office or it may look too out of place.

Decorative accents such as rugs and pottery can make an office look inviting. Allow employees to have their decorative accents for their desk, this can help them stay inspired and boosts their mood. Adding personality to a space never hurts anybody, so just encourage it.

6. Clean Spaces


This tip may seem simple, but it’s very crucial and make a world of a difference. Far too often desks will get bombarded with work, leaving them full of notes, paperwork, and halfopened envelopes. This is a complete eyesore and also has the potential of ruining productivity. While it can be understandable if an employee’s desk is unkempt, it does send a bad message to other employees and visitors.

Try to give small nudges and reminders that desks should be tidy. A great way to help with this is by providing wipes and cloths for desks, this way, it can promote a clean workspace. Also, make sure that any boxes that are received immediately go into a storage area, this will help declutter. If any areas need to be replaced or repaired, such as a stain on the carpet, be sure to take care of this immediately.

7. Indoor Plants


Be sure to have live plants placed around the office space, faux just doesn’t cut it. Plants are a timeless interior trend that will never go anywhere, with good reason too. Plants are known for purifying the air and can be fantastic stress relievers too. Bringing nature inside has been proven to increase productivity. You just need to be strategic about where the plants will be placed for both aesthetic purposes but also so they’ll thrive.

Areas such as dark corners that need to be filled can have a large Peace Lily placed there or maybe a White Birds of Paradise next to a south-facing window. Plants go marvelous in conference rooms, especially near conference tables. You can find a great selection of conference table Singapore for your own office. There are a wide variety of plants available, and they can be styled into a space to look simply elegant. Don’t forget to pick up some pots or baskets to complement the plants.

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