Bathroom Accessories Singapore (#10 Tips to Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa)




One space in a home that often goes without styling should be the bathroom. This is often the first room people enter in the day once they wake up and the last room before bedtime. This space has so much significance but tends to get looked over.

There are plenty of ways to change up the style such as some bathroom accessories Singapore. Bathrooms, even the smallest of ones can become beautiful spaces such as spas. These can easily be achieved just by having the right accessories, so there’s no need for fancy saunas or tubs. If you’re wondering how to create a spa-like bathroom, then continue reading on for some simple steps.

1. Arrangement On The Counter


Incorporating natural elements is a fantastic way to bring the spa into your home. One of the easiest tricks to creating a beautiful spa-like bathroom is all about how and what items are placed where. You’ll want to incorporate some natural elements such as a seashell, bamboo-made items, or other bathroom accessories Singapore shops can provide.

Fresh bouquets are something that you will often see at spas, so why not have some in your bathroom? Be sure to place some items around it such as hand soap. When it comes to arrangements, be sure to use odd numbers as these look more visually appealing.

2. Style A Bath Tray

If you have a bathtub, then you must invest in a bath tray! These little luxuries are fabulous for when you’re just wanting to take a nice long soak. These are also great for getting into the habit of bathing and destressing. You can just soak in the tub with a glass of wine and a book topped on the bath tray. This is all perfect for giving yourself the spa experience that you deserve. Just make sure you have the items on the tray stay balanced or you may risk dealing with some small accidents.

3. Display Towels


Towels not only add a big splash of color to your bathroom, but they also bring some great texture.
You’ll want to bring a lot of softness into your bathrooms, such as fluffy slippers, comfy robes, and
fresh soft towels. These nurturing textures are exactly what you’ll find when visiting a spa or even
just a hotel. This is one of the key features that you need for truly creating a spa appearance and experience in your bathroom.

There are plenty of ways to display the towels such as stacking them on top of each other on a shelf, hanging them over a towel bar, or maybe even just rolling them up all snug in a basket. There are plenty of towels to choose from but if you want the ones that are often used in spas, it’s best to look for Pima and Egyptian cotton as these are quick absorbent and very fluffy.

4. Beautiful Bathroom Accessories Singapore


A great way to make your bathroom have a spa-like feel to it is all in the accessories. You’ll want to look for stylish accessories that will complement the design of the bathroom. Spas will usually make use out of unique décor, this also goes for bathroom accessories as well. When you’re looking for décor and accessories, what helps best would be natural products.

So these can be things made out of bamboo, cane, or wood as a few examples. These neutral colors can easily blend into the bathroom and help make it look and feel more relaxing. Other accessories to look into would be the containers and bottles that the bathing supplies (such as luffas and soap) will be displayed in.

5. Minimalism Is Your Friend


Spas are not cluttered, so why should your bathroom be? One of the first steps you’ll need to do to
transform your bathroom would be to remove any clutter and create an organized space. You’ll still
want to have your bathroom essentials easily accessible such as your soap and shampoo, but everything else can be neatly tucked into storage areas.

You this time to go through old makeup that is no longer used or expired. Another way to bring more minimalism into the bathroom would be to put shampoo and conditioner into non-branded neutral bottled. This way, everything looks more balanced and put together.

6. Add Some Greenery


Houseplants are a timeless decorative accent that can elevate any space. These are a great way to bring a little bit of nature inside. Having a large plant by the shower such as a White Birds of Paradise or even hanging a Silver Pothos by the window are both beautiful plants that thrive off humidity while simply make a bathroom look marvelous. Bathrooms tend to have high humidity and warm temperatures.

So when you’re searching for plants, put these into consideration, as well as how much natural light
is in the room. You’ll want your plants to flourish. Plants purify the air, all while promoting a calming environment. So to create your little sanctuary spa, be sure to get yourself some plants.

7. Use Calm Colors


If you’ve ever visited a spa before, then you have most likely noticed the color scheme that they have. Spas will often have natural neutral colors such as soft greys, white, beige, browns, and greens. These provide a very organic feel to the space. You can add more subtle hints of these colors by providing plants, artwork, and other readily available bathroom accessories Singapore that can be found in shops.

If you’re wanting a more feminine appearance but still want to stay true to the spa theme, then look into decorative accents that are pale shades of pink. Painting a bathroom isn’t an easy job, nor is changing out the flooring. You’ll want to get special bathroom paint or some type of high-gloss paint for your bathroom.

8. Get Creative With Storage


The organization is one of the key parts of a spa, they have a way of laying everything out to where
it’s organized yet so decadent. There are plenty of ways to stay organized while not completing copying how spas do it. Tiered trays on a countertop are a great way to add a bit of elegance while providing some lotions and soap. Wicker baskets are wonderful for storing towels and beauty products.

Glass jars can be a very fun way to luffas, sponges, cotton swabs, and other hygienic products. You may also want to consider some shelving units such as floating shelves. These can bring a lot of dimension into the space while also being an excellent storage space.

9. Upgrade Showerhead And Faucets


Faucets, showerheads, and knobs should be treated like jewelry. If these are upgraded the right way, they can make an extravagant impact on the appearance of the bathroom but also the experience. These small accessories can will help make up the look that the spa-bathroom should have.

10. Use A Nice Bathmat


Bathmats are a great way to bring in a soft appearance to contrast the hard tiled floors in a bathroom. A simple bamboo or cedar bath mat would be a great way to bring the spa into your bathroom. Both cedar and bamboo bathmats are quite affordable, and they’re water-resistant too.

This looks better than your traditional bathmat, plus the neutral colors of the mat will look exceptional in the bathroom. Try to find some bathroom accessories Singapore that are made out of the same material (bamboo is easiest to find) so it can achieve a nice balance of color and texture in the bathroom.

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