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What You Need To Know About Wall Designs


Are you wondering how to decorate your living room walls? Or looking for design inspiration to freshen up the look of your living room and bedroom spaces? Perhaps one of the tricks lies in redesigning your walls. It’s about time to say goodbye to those dull, sterile-looking white walls and transform your home’s interior into a more interesting and visually stimulating space.

Whether you are planning to redesign your living room’s interior space to give it an updated look or simply looking for wall designs to enhance the look of your property and increase its value, this blog will help you choose at least one wall designs you can do for your living room and bedrooms. Discover new ways to add life and color to your living space. Here’s a list of #10 unique and beautiful wall designs that you and your family will surely adore.

1. Board and Batten Paneling


Board and batten paneling is popularly known as classical wainscoting. Wide boards are fastened next to each other, commonly vertically, to create the board and batten style of wood paneling. Additionally, the siding has a little piece of wood called a “batten” that is attached over the joints between wood planks to give it more dimension and personality. This type of wall design can be applied if you are planning to create a traditional home interior design look.

2. Accent Mirror Wall


If you are decorating a tiny bedroom or living room space, adding a huge mirror will do the trick. We all know that mirrors create the illusion of more space and light bounces back from the mirror’s reflection, thus making the interior look brighter. Opt for mirrors with interesting frames. It can also be of any shape and size. However, just keep in mind the principles of interior design such as balance and proportion when placing multiple decorative items on the wall.

3. Color Blocked Wall Designs for Bedroom


Another wall design you can do to add character and personality to your home is to color block the walls. Be creative as you can select colors that go well with each other. One of the reasons why color-blocking walls are so popular these days is probably because it is by far the easiest to integrate. You only need paint, and a paintbrush or roller to color blocked a wall which makes it very affordable on top of being the easiest to put.

4. Creative Mural Wall Designs For Living Room


If you want to go extra bold and a little more playful in your home, you need to consider repainting the walls that your children will adore. You can paint scenery, some beautiful landscapes, geometric figures, and other interesting yet creative murals that both the inhabitants of the facility or building can truly appreciate in the future.

5. Pastel Paint Color


Everyone is obsessed with the pastel aesthetic these days. Pastel colors can help enhance the mood and set a good and relaxing atmosphere in your home. If you are living in a small condo with a very tight space to move around, you should get rid of your unnecessary things and replace the color of your walls with something lighter yet calming to the eye. Pastel-colored walls give each space a very dreamlike atmosphere which can make your home Instagram-worthy.

6. Fluted Bedroom Wall Design


Engineered wood fibers with polyethylene densities are used to create fluted wall panels. Because wood fibers are used to create these products, they frequently mimic the appearance of real wood and frequently have a wooden finish. A mix of polystyrene components, however, makes a flanged wall panel resistant to termites, water, and mold.

7. Wood Slats


If your goal is to add texture and an interesting feature to your living room, go for wood slats. Wood slats can be readily bought online or in manufacturing stores. They are also available in different finishes, colors, and sizes. Adding wood slats on one of your living room walls is a great technique to create an accent wall or to integrate wood elements in the interior.

8. Floating Shelves


Instead of color blocking, placing furniture, or installing wood slats behind the TV monitor, you can mount floating shelves in the room instead. Floating shelves can be both functional and aesthetic. You can use it to store small books that won’t fit anymore in your bookcases. Floating shelves add depth and visual texture and most importantly, you can decorate on them such as adding a small potted succulent, sculptures or figurines, books, and other decorations and accessories they wish to add.

9. Wallpaper Designs For Living Room


Putting wallpapers are a way to exercise your creativity. When deciding to decorate your living room and bedroom with wallpapers, think of the result first. What interior design style are you aiming to achieve? What is the color palette of your living room? Determine all these factors to be able to choose the right wallpaper designs and patterns that will be suitable for your living room.

10. Statement Art Pieces


Lastly, you can decorate your living room walls with statement paintings. You can choose to have one big painting on a frame and hang it on your living room wall where the guest can instantly notice it the moment they walked into your home. Another cool strategy is to place a gallery of art pieces. A gallery of artworks means there are more than two or three paintings on your wall. Usually, these artworks are different in size and are mounted on the wall symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on how you do the layout. Choose art pieces that stand out from your living room’s color scheme. It can be abstract art, pop art, modern, classical, or something entirely different yet eye-catching.

We haven’t covered everything yet about wall designs but we hope that the ideas we have mentioned above inspired you in transforming your house into a home as well. If you need help in deciding what wall design to choose from, don’t hesitate to contact our design team. Our in-house interior designers will gladly assist you in your journey to making your house a lovely place to be in.

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