[HDB Corridor Ideas] 8 Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Corridor Space



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HDB units are connected by corridors, elevators, and stairs. If you live in an HDB unit, chances are, your house has a recess area that is either directly or indirectly connected to the corridor. The corridor is like the curb appeal of an HDB house. How it looks like can have a huge impact on first impressions.  

A lot can be said about the interior of your HDB unit even by simply looking at how clean and well-kept your corridor is. You can design it, decorate, or do whatever you want to make the entrance to your house appealing and none like any other. Keep in mind that there are limitations on how much you can customize and decorate your HDB’s corridor. After all, the corridor is a public and shared space!

In this blog, we’re going to shed light on the most popular HDB corridor ideas that a lot of Singaporeans are doing, as well as the do’s and don’ts when it comes to enhancing the look of your corridor space.  

Here are several HDB Corridor ideas you can do to enhance the look of your corridor.

1. Create a vertical garden


If you are a plant lover and you’ve always dreamt of having your own little garden even when you live in a high-rise residential building, then you can create a vertical garden instead. There are a lot of benefits that come along with vertical gardening.

Vertical gardens function as natural air filters because they help absorbs carbon dioxide and enhance the air quality thus providing a clean and healthy atmosphere that benefits human health and productivity. On top of that, vertical gardens save space which makes them ideal to have in your corridor space. 

2. Color block the wall and floor

Let’s say you want to go minimalist or creative. A splash of color will definitely be a great idea. Simply paint your corridor floor with a different color just to highlight your space. You can paint your wall with a mural, geometric art, or any kind of creative graphics to make your wall space stand out from the rest.

If you’re into making a statement, you can do this while keeping in mind the rules and regulations and the things that your HDB building allows. Simply repainting the walls can give it an enhanced look as well.

3. Decorate with faux florals and plants


You love plants but you don’t have much of a green thumb or you don’t have enough time to take care of your small garden. No worries! You can always choose to decorate with faux plants and flowers. There are many kinds of artificial plants and florals you can buy that look realistic you can’t even tell the difference.

Faux plants are great if you want less maintenance and upkeep and permanent décor. Since you won’t have to water or take care of them, there will be lesser bugs and insects and you can keep your corridor looking like a garden haven in a residential housing building all year round.

4. Place an artificial grass carpet

Rugs are great for indoors but not so much for the outdoor especially if it is a high traffic area. Corridors are not really a high traffic area but most of your neighbors or the people living in the building with you might pass through it so laying down an artificial grass carpet is way better than a rug.

Grass carpets are also great to have to complete your vertical garden or faux plants garden. It’s impossible to grow authentic grass on the building’s corridor of course, but artificial grass carpets make it possible to achieve that effect.

5. Style it with lanterns

Image source: pexels.com | Max Vakhtbovych

Another great HDB Corridor idea is to decorate the corridor with colorful paper lanterns of different shapes and sizes. Lanterns are common decorations on Christmas and New Year but you can create paper customized paper lanterns that are not only designed for holiday occasions.

It can be really hot in Singapore during the summer season and with nothing to block the heat of the sun from hitting the front door or walls in your HDB unit, the heat will penetrate. Having little obstructions that will filter the light and heat such as lanterns, blinds, and a vertical garden will be of great help.

6. Place a stair plant stand

Image source: pexels.com | Julia Volk

If you don’t want to fill your entire corridor space with plants, simply put up a stair stand to place your small potted plants and succulents. Instead of shoes and other things, plants make your entrance look more pleasant.

People who are deciding whether to have a garden or vertical garden often start by having a small plant stair stand first. It is a great choice if you’re also just starting with gardening. One of the advantages is you can always move the stair stand indoors or outdoors to keep your plant hydrated during the hot season.

7. Put up a small picnic bench/chairs/table

Image source: pexels.com | Charlotte May

Place a small foldable bench, chair, or picnic table with a couple of chairs. This setup is an idea especially if your HDB unit is located in the corner. It can serve as your small comfortable nook for lounging and drinking your coffee in the morning or having wine in the evening after dinner. Pick a piece of furniture that is light and can easily be tucked away. A foldable one is so it is easier for you to move it indoors anytime.

8. Place a wall-mounted parcel drop box

Now if you don’t want to do all the effort and spend a lot of time and energy decorating your corridor and you’re just looking for a practical way how to utilize it, then why not place a dropbox!

A drop box is ideal for people who are constantly doing online shopping. If you are that kind of a person, a wall-mounted drop box should be in your corridor. It will be easier for the courier to leave a parcel even if you are not at home. That way, your parcel is safe when you collect it once you got home.

HDB Corridor Ideas Do’s and Don’ts
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  1. Read the HDB guidelines on corridors to be able to know what are the things to avoid when designing the corridor.
  2. Keep at least 1.2 meters clearance width
  3. Keep the decorations modest and minimal.


  1. Do not block Emergency Exits and Stairs
  2. Do not place anything that is fixed or cannot be easily moved such as fixed laundry racks, fish tanks, and heavy furniture.
  3. Do not overcrowd with unnecessary stuff.

There are many things you can do with that corridor space in your HDB front door rather than leave it empty. You can utilize empty spaces whether it be for a practical purpose or decorative. We hope you found this blog fun and informative to read. Let us know what HDB corridor idea you liked the most and don’t forget to share this blog with your neighbors so that they too will have an idea on how to spruce up their corridor space.

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