#8 Impressive “Door Design” Ideas for Your Home



Most people don’t think much about the design of a door when they purchase one. They’re more likely to focus on the size, the type of door lock, and of course the price. But the design of the door matters too. In fact, door with design is considered as one of the primary features that can affect the exterior and interior style of a home.

How ornate and sophisticated your door design is, is what defines the character of your house. Palaces, for example, have huge grand palace doors. Traditional elegant homes have elaborately carved front doors.


Choosing the perfect door with design for your preferred interior and exterior appearance is quite a challenging task. If you’re thinking of switching to a new door design, or just starting to build your home and looking for that strikingly appealing door, this article is for you. We’ve unearthed 8 Impressive doors with designs you might want to check out to find your next perfect door. Read on!

1. Wooden Door: Door Design Of Wood


When you search for doors, I bet the first thing you’re going to see are wooden ones. Wood is arguably one of the most common and widely used door materials. Wooden doors are durable and are very good at resisting wear. They last longer compared to PVC and fiberglass doors. A wooden door also comes with a variety of designs.

Door designers and manufacturers can create personalized doors and carve elaborate designs as requested. What’s truly exceptional about wood is its versatile appearance. It can fit in almost any design style you have and. You can find a wooden door for a traditional home, a neoclassical home, and also for modern contemporary homes

2. Paneled Door


Paneled doors are quite popular. They have been adorning homes for ages and even up to now, paneled doors are still loved by many. The concept of this door is simple. It is comprised of rectangular panels that are fit together to create the finished door.

Paneled doors are made of wood and timber although there are newer designs that incorporate a glass panel feature right below the top rail or at the center. You can pretty much use panel doors as your front door. You can paint over it with a different color to add a pop of color to your exterior and make your entryway look interesting.

3. Glass Door


Glass doors are usually seen in interior spaces, patios, decks, and balconies. It is comprised of glass panels fit in a wooden or steel frame. Minimalistic glass doors look ideal for contemporary spaces with an open plan layout.

The design of glass doors is much more significant in their framing and size. You can choose to have one huge glass panel or multiple square-sized glass panels depending on the look that you want to achieve in your home. 

4. Sliding Barn Door


This type of door is pretty unique. You can see them in the farmhouse and rustic-themed homes. Sliding barn doors are used to divide spaces in the interior or create a smooth transition between two rooms. In huge rustic themed houses, you’re often going to see huge sliding barn doors between the living area and the dining area.

It is a good interior design feature that induces a sense of style and warmth to the overall color scheme. Smaller sliding barn doors are perfect to use for rooms with limited space such as the bathroom and bedrooms.

5. Dutch Door

Image source: countryliving.com | Photographer: Alissa Saylor

The Dutch door is a very special kind of door. It is a door that is split in half. The upper portion has a resemblance to that of a glass-paneled window and the lower part is a solid paneled door.

This type of door originated in New England and is designed in a way that allows the breeze and a little bit of sunlight into the room while keeping it closed halfway.

You don’t see this kind of door often but if you want to have a unique and interesting feature to add to your home, then having a Dutch door would be fascinating.

6. French Patio Door


Ever wondered how to achieve that ethereal garden look in your patio? Well, the answer is a French Patio Door. This type of door with design has hinged on its sides and it swings open.

It is designed with squared paneled glass which allows an ample amount of sunlight to stream into the interior space creating that alluring ambiance. A French door patio is commonly seen on French provincial, Neoclassical, and Hamptons-styled homes.

7. Pocket Door


A pocket door functions the same way as a sliding door but when pushed open, its body goes into a small compartment in the adjacent wall. Hence the term “pocket”. Pocket doors are used to save space or if the room is too small for a flush-mounted door, designers would use this type of door as a solution. It’s a smart way to maximize space without compromising the design of the interior space.

There are also a variety of pocket door designs. The wooden pocket door looks attractive against a neutral-painted wall backdrop. There are also pocket doors that are made of glass panels which are ideal to use between walk-in closets and bathrooms for smooth transitions.

8. Bifold Door

Image source: qssupplies.co.uk

Bifold doors are also called folding sliding doors. This door type looks similar to a sliding glass door except that the panels fold when you open it like an accordion. Bifold doors look stylishly sleek and are ideally used in terraces and patios.

If you wish to have that contemporary space with floor-ceiling glazing that opens up to your garden or pool, then a bifold door might be your best option. Because of its mechanism, it can span for a few meters and look way more stylish compared to sliding doors.   

Now is the time to open your door to new possibilities!

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already got an idea of what door with design is perfect to update your old ones. Don’t be mediocre when it comes to choosing your doors. Inject a little bit of creativity and fun and make your door as interesting as the rest of your interior space.

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