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Sit back and get comfortable because this blog will go through everything you need to know about ergonomic chair Singapore and the benefits of having an ergonomic office chair

Now that work from home has become the norm, a lot of office workers, students, and business owners are swiftly transitioning from the traditional office space set-up to the home office set-up. Along with this, comes a new set of challenges with adjusting to the new work environment. If you tend to sit for long hours back in the office, expect to spend longer hours in a sitting position while working remotely. 

Research shows that office workers spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down. With much of this time spent sitting, you might think that it’s normal to have body aches after a whole day of working in front of your desk. But chances are, the blame is on your chair.


The appropriate sitting position should have both your feet flat on the floor. Your hip is far back in your chair and your knees are aligned with your hips. But truth be told, it’s extremely challenging to maintain this sitting posture when you don’t have the right chair.  

This is where an ergonomic chair will come to your rescue. Having one in your home will serve you a lot of benefits not just in improving your sitting posture but also in increasing your levels of work productivity. 

Here are different classifications of Ergonomic chair in Singapore and how you can use a variety of office chairs to match the interior design theme of your home office.

1. Autonomous Ergochair 2 Singapore

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Whether you’re getting your home office set up or looking to update your office space with new equipment and furnishings, an autonomous ergochair 2 singapore should be on top of your list. 

An ergonomic chair is more than just a fancy chair. It’s a necessity for everyone who spends 8-10 hours sitting in front of the desk. This type of ergonomic chair has a sleek and modern design perfect for offices with a contemporary look.

2. Wooden Ergonomic Chair

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Chairs play an important role in interior design. In-home offices, for example, chairs are considered an accent element that complements the desk. For small offices with a minimalist wood accent, a wooden desk chair will definitely add a flair of charm and coziness into the space.

3. Colorful Office Chair

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Who says office chairs had to be all black and white? Colorful office chairs are a thing too! Stylish chairs like these add a little bit of excitement to your home office. It’s a great way to add a pop of color and make your office come to life. 

Colorful office chairs are commonly found in offices that have a contemporary chic look. It’s best suited for creatives and artists who love to have that element of uniqueness and ingenuity in their workspaces.

4. Futuristic Ergonomic Chair

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If you wish to create a conceptual look with your office set-up, a futuristic ergonomic chair would be a wonderful addition. This kind of office chair has a contemporary look with leading-edge features to keep you comfortable even while sitting for hours. 

A futuristic-styled ergonomic chair adds drama to the interior of your office. If you have a huge contemporary office style, having this type of chair on your desk will definitely induce a sense of authority and sophistication.

5. Petite Ergonomic Office Chair


Petite office chairs are obviously small chairs that can fit in offices with limited areas. Although smaller than most ergonomic chairs, they still serve their purpose and provide quality seating features and comfort. 

Some people don’t have an extra room to convert into a home office. They often find comfortable nooks in their homes where they can configure into a working area. This is where petite office chairs will come in handy. You can still have a visually appealing office even with limited space. 

6. Executive Office Chair


This is probably the most popular type of office chair. Just as its name infers, executive office chairs are typically used by executives. It is designed to look elegant and imposing. This type of chair has plenty of cushioning in the seats which makes it very comfortable to sit on. 

But executive office chairs are not limited to the higher-ups. You can get one for yourself if you want to! Regardless of your office style, an executive office chair would look just fine because this type of chair is pretty much very versatile. 

7. Armless Swivel Office Chair


Similar to a petite chair, an armless office chair is best suited in small offices. It’s a conventional office chair design that functions well even without an armrest. Some people prefer this type of chair as it allows them to move freely with less restriction. 

If you’re the kind of person who tends to move a lot or switch to standing and sitting positions while working, this would be the right chair for you. Armless chairs often have an iconic design that fits well with minimalist office spaces. 

Why is it Important to Have an Ergonomic Chair?


Designing an office does not end only with the visual elements to please the eye. It should be functional, comfortable, and convenient as well. To achieve that, it is important to have the right ergonomic equipment to add to the functionality of the office space. Here are 5 reasons why an ergonomic chair in Singapore is definitely a must-have

  1. It supports the natural S shape of the spine
  2. It reduces back and neck pain
  3. It improves your blood circulation
  4. Allows you to work comfortably
  5. Boosts Productivity

Choosing The Perfect Office Chair That Best Suits Your Office Design

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There you have your options. Now the next step is all about choosing the right chair for your particular office interior style. It’s actually pretty simple. As you now know, an ergonomic chair is versatile in design. So, it doesn’t matter whether your office is modern, minimalistic, contemporary, or even a little unconventional in design. Just keep in mind the importance of visual balance and proportion to perfectly pull off your desired office design composition.

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