10 Colourful Kitchen Cabinets Designs That Make Kitchens Interesting




White is the most popular colour for kitchen cabinets for many reasons. White is versatile, which means it can be paired smoothly with any other paint colour or interior design style. Secondly, white is undoubtedly clean and modern.

Modernized kitchens are very popular in HDB units, small apartments, and condominiums. Lastly, white is easy to incorporate. While there are many good reasons to choose a neutral colour for the kitchen, it is not the best approach if you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen interior stand out among others.

Many people fear incorporating colour because there is the risk that it might not turn out the way they wanted. But there is actually no reason to fear. Colourful kitchen cabinets are becoming a trend and for great reasons as well! Whether you like it modern, rustic, or classic, having colourful kitchen cabinets is the way to go.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the most sought-after colourful kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Wood and White Cabinetry


Wood and stone are always fashionable. Have maple, birch, or cherry cabinets installed by your contractor. Consider granite, limestone, or slate as stone choices. These elements can add a pop of colour and texture to your kitchen and make it look warm and cosy. It is also a smart way to add contrast and avoid making your kitchen space look very dull and bare.

2. Bright Yellow


If your kitchen lacks natural light or needs some visual warmth, yellow is the ideal color: it’s the brightest colour and it can instantly make any space look vibrant. Any space can be made to appear more spacious and pleasant by having yellow cabinetry.

The vibrant color will make the space appear larger. It is not only ideal for the kitchen but also for corridors, entryways, living rooms, tiny areas, and bathrooms.

3. Cool Mint


Mint is a bright, lively tint comprised primarily of green, blue, and white. It gets its name from a crisp, cool-toned shrub of the same name. Mint is a bright, happy hue that conjures up images of energy, freshness, and lightness.

Green is a terrific way to bring the outside in while also making a kitchen feel light and spacious. Cooler greens, like mint, complement white and light wood accents effectively in kitchens.

4. Zesty Orange

When dealing with orange paint colors for kitchens, there are several options. Orange may be quiet and calming or joyful and vibrant, from brilliant citrus-inspired colours to more earthy, terracotta tones. Orange is a warm hue that works well in kitchens in colder locations.

5. Olive Green


Regardless of whether you have a more contemporary or classic kitchen, olive green would look great in any home. It goes well with neutrals and dark colors like blue or crimson. To give distinction to your white or oak cabinets, consider olive as an accent color for a kitchen island.

6. Classic Blue


Classic blue is another kitchen-friendly hue. Lighter blues, whether utilized on walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling, may produce a crisp, clean aesthetic. Blue is a refreshing hue that works best when utilized in balance so it won’t overwhelm the overall visual appeal of the space.

7. Minimalist Colourful Kitchen Cabinets


Clean lines and black and white items are synonymous with minimalism. But to be a dedicated Minimalist, though, you do not need to perceive the world in two colours!

Minimalism does not imply that you can no longer use colour, in fact, colourful yet minimalist kitchens are the most popular kitchen styles commonly seen on Instagram and Pinterest. Designers incorporate colours by colour-blocking walls and installing colourful modern cabinetries while maintaining that subtle yet playful vibe.

8. Beige


Beige is a flexible neutral that offers a smooth, serene, and harmonious design that is stylish and trendy when combined with matching colours. It gives a kitchen a clean, bright look while still adding warmth that is not always possible with an all-white or neutral-coloured cabinetry. It also works with traditional shaker doors as well as more contemporary flat fronts.

9. Dreamy Pastel

Even though pastels are regarded as being soft hues, they add individuality, joy, and lightness to a place when utilized as kitchen cabinets. However, because to their lighter tones, they reflect light better than dark hues, allowing them to seem soft and airy while still retaining color.

10. Charcoal Gray on White


Gray is another common color for kitchen cabinets. Although white kitchens are fashionable, they can expose dirt, fingerprints, stains, and drips. Gray, on the other hand, creates an elegant and clean aesthetic in your living area. It is a wonderful mix of white and black, so it doesn’t make a room seem dark.

Colour can do so much for your kitchen space. It can highlight certain features, make the room look cheerful and vibrant, and on top of that, you’ll have a kitchen like no other.

So, it’s about time to veer away from the neutral sterile kitchen look and add a splash of colour by incorporating colourful kitchen cabinets. We hope you find this short blog helpful. If you’d like us to join you in your kitchen redesigning project, don’t hesitate to reach us via email. 

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    Using gray and black as a color scheme really feels interesting to me. This could be something that would really bring in a “sleek” look to our home, something I’ve always been trying to do since I appreciate that look whenever I saw it in showrooms or staged houses before. As soon as I find a kitchen cabinet provider in the area, I’ll ask them for these models for sure.

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