#8 TV Wall Design Ideas (How to Decorate Them)


Introduction About TV Wall Design


A living room is not complete without entertainment walls. In almost all cases, your sofa is huddled around or in front of your entertainment wall. It serves as the focal point of your living area which is also the main element that determines your seating arrangement.

When you pick a certain design style to incorporate into your living room, you also focus on the design of your TV wall panels aside from the furniture and décor items. Because it is the first thing that people see when they enter your living room, it is also the most crucial area to style and decorate.

How do you choose the right entertainment tv wall design and how do you style them? Pick among the 8 TV wall design ideas below and read the 5 easy-to-follow decorating tips we have prepared for you to achieve the perfect TV wall. 

#8 Trendy TV Wall Design Ideas

1. Marble Panel Effect


Mounting your TV on a marble-paneled wall is both stylish and sophisticated. It embodies a luxurious yet minimal vibe that can truly capture the attention of your guests. Marble has a sleek and smooth texture with an interesting pattern.

When you have a marbled wall panel, you can stick to minimum decorations since the high-end marble effect is enough to highlight and make your entertainment wall stand out.

2. TV Wall Cabinet Design


There are many ways to use cabinetry for your entertainment walls. You can opt for sleek, handle-free modern paneled cabinets. You can either choose floor-to-ceiling, closet-like style, or squarish cabinetry depending on the size of your entertainment wall.

If you wish to create a high-ceiling the vertical cabinet layout would be ideal. For spacious horizontal walls, go for squarish cabinets with a mixture of closed and open shelving.

3. Minimalist Wood Effect


Wood is the most popular finish material both in the exterior and interior areas of the home. For the interior, wood makes every space feel and look warm, homely, and comfortable. A minimalist woodgrain mount behind your TV showcases the unique fusion of sleek modern elements with a natural texture.

4. Industrial Style Concrete Panel


If you are looking for a straightforward and effortless TV wall design idea, an Industrial-style concrete panel is the way to go. A TV mounted on a simple concrete wall finish is not as dull and uninteresting as it usually sounds. In fact, it is considered unique and stylish.

Think of a modern industrial loft where you can see everything in the open and the elements from the flooring, furniture, and décor, to the walls and lighting looked natural and effortlessly placed yet never failed to convey an interesting stylish allure.

5. Open Shelving


Somewhat similar to TV wall cabinet design, open shelving entertainment walls are meant for living areas with limited space. The open shelves create the illusion of more space as you can see directly through them.

However, make sure that you stick to a bare or minimum display of accessories and décor to not crowd the wall. Placing books, potted plants, and a couple of vases is a typical way of sprucing up the shelves.

6. Contemporary Wainscoting


Wainscoting or beadboard refers to a decorative board or panel on the interior wall of the house. This design element dates way back to the 18th century as is commonly found in Western homes.

Wainscoting is still a very popular interior design element and is often applied in homes with an added twist of modern style. A wainscoted wall acts as a border element on your TV wall design which is good for creating visual symmetry in the room.

7. Color-Blocked Panels


Color-blocked TV wall design is playful and visually attractive. It’s a design style where you create colorful geometric patterns on your wall with paint to create stimulating visuals on your walls. These types of walls are not only popular in homes but in public areas where huge Televisions are displayed for public viewing such as schools, lobbies, and commercial spaces.

8. Shabby Chic Brick Wall


Quite similar to industrial, a shabby chic brick-walled styled entertainment wall looks natural and effortless. The contrast between a grungy wall and a modern sophisticated mounted TV creates a wonderful blend that makes the setup appealing to the eye.

The fact that you can choose to paint the brick with the color of your choice and create the texture, gives you a variety of options whether you want a shabby brick wall or a modern one.

TV Wall Design for Living Room Decorating Tips

1. Keep it simple.

The key to achieving the perfect entertainment wall regardless of style is to keep everything simple. A TV mounted on a wall with a couple of accessories and décor items will do.

2. Declutter.

Don’t display too many accessories so you don’t make the shelves and cabinets look cramped. When this happens your living area will look smaller. If you have open shelving, practice decluttering at least once a week.

3. Use the rule of thirds.

Similar to photography, imagine your entertainment wall as having imaginary nine equal parts divided by equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines. Applying the rule of the third principle in positioning your TV and décor items helps you to determine certain points to make the arrangement visually balanced and interesting.


4. Create balance and proportion.

You know that something is off if your entertainment wall design composition is off balance. This is where the previous tip (rule of thirds) helps. Aside from that, you can also use symmetry to make everything aesthetically pleasing.

5. Use lighting.

Lighting is another décor element that highlights certain elements and textures on your entertainment wall. Placing an LED light behind your mounted TV gives off a very contemporary and sleek look.

Similarly, you can use under-cabinet lighting for added visual contrast and style. Without lighting, entertainment walls would actually look dull and boring. Make sure that it is well-lighted, and that it complements the overall interior design of your living area.

When creating your TV wall design, invest in good finishing materials, and incorporate as much storage space as possible to make use of the space. Pick your design style and create a mood board to serve as your guide. Remember that you can always call an interior designer for help. Looking to redesign your entertainment wall? Tell us how we can help by commenting below or sending us an email!

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