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What makes an interior look incredible? Is it the furniture? The wall paint? The use of blended textures and materials? Or perhaps it is something that serves more than one purpose.

Windows have often been employed as a means of regulating and allowing natural light and air, but it also serves another purpose. It gives the homeowner a view that helps them relax and feel good. In fact, the higher and wider the window, the more people are inclined to relax and sit next to it. And there is no window type that can offer this feeling than the bay window.

By definition, a bay window is a type of window that projects outward of the main structure to form a space. This type of window is quite iconic in San Francisco home, but as of late, a more modern variant is being employed in many Singaporean homes and condominiums. And if you happen to have a bay window in your interior, here are several clever bay window ideas you can employ to make your bay window stand out from the rest.



Traditionally, bay windows are often seen in the living room, family room or just about any place area in the ground floor. You can even see bay windows in dining rooms. In many traditional or classical interiors, bay windows have always been considered a staple in living rooms. A common, yet functional idea for bay windows in living rooms is by making a storage bench.

While it is a common bay window idea often employed as both a space saving and unique furniture piece, having a bench allows more storage for seasonal things like photo albums, linens and even treasure boxes. You even have the option to decide what kind of mechanism you want for your bench such as the classic hinged truck, drawers or even open shelf cabinets. You can also have a fully upholstered seat or a completely bare seat.

Speaking of benches and seating, if your dining room has a bay window, you can have a breakfast nook made. Simply have a bench built along the bay window and place your table in the center. Traditionally, breakfast nooks consist of a 4 seater table and 4 chairs.
However in more recent times, it has evolves into simply being a bench and 2 chairs. Take inspiration from this and make a cozy and intimate dining place.



Perhaps, the most interesting place for a bay window to be at would be one’s bedroom. The idea of having a bay window inside the bedroom has since been favored by those who’s who enjoy the comfort and security of their rooms while looking out at the view. Especially if view in question is quite stunning to say the least. Here are some bay window ideas for the bedroom.

  • Desk by the window:
    There is nothing more stimulating than working or writing at a desk next to a window with a view. But what if you could have your own study/desk in a bay window? This interesting bay window idea combines both the allocated space for the bay window and outfitting a small study against it. You have the option to fit a pre-existing desk against it for a more eclectic look or have a custom fit desk fitted perfectly into the space. If the wall space allows for even overhead shelves or cabinets, you can hang some decorative shelves or even frames to make it more engaging.
  • Lounging Bed:
    For some, staying in bed is akin to lounging, but would it not be better to have a lounging space in your bedroom? Like with benches being built for bay windows in the living room, you can also design a built in day bed or lounging bed of sorts. This is one of several popular bay window bed ideas that are often made with precision and client oriented consideration. Mainly because of the many sizes and styles that can be employed in making an intimate and personal element. You can add a small blanket or two and even some pillows since the bay windows can also be a sofa if you feel like it. As much as possible do whatever makes you want to be lazy. It is first and foremost your space and therefore you have full creative liberties. You can make your lounging bed. 
  • Recreational Area:
    Your room is also your personal and private space. You can do just about anything here…with the right view and light source of course. If you like to sit and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee, you can do so by placing two arm chairs and a side table in between. If you like to play instruments, you can do so by placing your favorite instrument in the center such as a piano, guitar or drums. If you like to sew or craft, you can have a craft table made and placed there so that you can create things to your heart’s content while enjoying the view. If you like doing yoga or are into deep breathing meditation, you can create a small meditation spot by placing a yoga mat and some potted plants. You can go the extra mile by adding perhaps some incenses, as stated before, it is your room and you can do whatever you want with your space.



Not all properties and condominiums have bay windows. In fact, the more contemporary and newly built ones only have the closest thing to a bay window which is wide windows. But did you know that you can make your own bay window…from scratch? You might be wondering, do I need to ask the property to do a reconstruction for me? You don’t really have to do some major reconstruction. It’s all about analyzing and working with the space you have.

Try and get the measurements of your room and if possibly, the space between your bed and your preferred bay window location. If the proposed area has enough space for it, then you can have some modular cabinets and benches made and installed against the wide windows, effectively making a bay window. This innovative bay window idea can also include a step platform and a false ledge if you want a place to put things on.

You can also make two column cabinets and put them on either side of the window and create a projected enclave while placing some accent chairs or even a bench or two if you would like to enjoy some reading or lounging.



For those who love to garden, but lack the necessary garden plot for it, worry no longer. You can actually create an indoor garden reminiscent of the old greenhouses or sun rooms that are popular in several European homes, using your bay window. You can adapt it to a Singaporean setting and have planters filled with your favorite plants like succulents and cacti and even some small flowering bushes. You can go the extra mile and hang some planters with air plants to frame your bay window. However, if you happen to live in a condominium, you might want to check with the property management if they will allow plants as some properties have a rule about certain plants. Consult with them on which plants they will allow and which ones are not.



Yes, you heard correctly. You can even place your kitchen along your bay window. Because the bay window is quite wide, it allows for both natural light and cool air to come in, thus making cooking and meal prep a lot more relaxed. Place your sink or prep station against the bay window for that much needed light and ventilation. Washing your dishes or prepping your ingredients while having a nice view to look at will make doing kitchen chores a thing to look forward to.



Have you noticed why most people like to eat at restaurants? No, it’s not just the food. It’s also the location. Specifically, if the location has a view. Most modern restaurants often have wide windows that offer breathtaking views to customers as they eat. You will notice that there are some tables and chairs next to the windows with breath taking views. By all means, take a cue from them and place your dining set in the center of your bay window. You can opt to use the space saving 4 seater set or If the space allows it, you can go for the 6 seater set. While the bay windows do provide natural light during the day, you can also hang an adequately sized pendant light to provide ample lighting at night. 


And if you still need more insight on the bay window ideas you want to try, you can always consult a designer or professional who can help narrow down the perfect idea to try out for that bay window. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out those ideas and have the best bay window there is.

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