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The entertainment wall is the focal point of the living room so it is only essential to carefully think about a TV Unit Design that will go with the overall interior theme of the house. The TV Unit serves two primary functions. It holds the TV of course, and at the same time, serves as a storage space for TV accessories such as remote, speakers, and decoration fillers like books, vases, and figurines.

When it comes to selecting a TV unit, you need to consider a few things. Determine how big your TV is as well as your entertainment area. You don’t really want to buy a TV unit that is too small for your TV to fit. Second, think about its function. Do you want to store accessories and a couple of decorations? Or do you want to go for something minimalistic?

Selecting the right TV unit furniture is a bit challenging. You can get inspiration from these 10 TV Unit Design for hall 2022 that we’ve gathered.

1. Wall Mounted Console


The wall-mounted console also known as the floating console is one of the most sought-after TV Unit design in the market. Its appearance is sleek and minimalistic. It is the kind of console that works for both spacious living rooms and living rooms with limited spaces.

The floating console evokes a hint of contemporary style which makes it perfect for modern homes. Floating consoles can also contain a couple of shelves or drawers for storage. Depending on your preferences, there are numerous designs of TV Units that can be wall-mounted available in furniture stores.

2. Solid Wood Backdrop


Wooden elements look amazing in the interior of homes. Almost all contemporary designs embrace the element of wood either as part of the architecture, furniture, or small details like decorations and accessories.

Wood is often used in the interior as a design feature on walls. So, if you ever want to add a wooden element to your living room, choose to place it on your entertainment wall. Opt for a wooden TV Unit Design with a solid wood backdrop to frame your TV and make your wall stand out.

3. Cabinet With Floating Shelves


The cabinet with floating shelves can be somewhat similar to a wall-mounted console, except that the TV cabinet unit is not mounted to the wall. It can be a piece of furniture that you can place on the floor. If your TV is attached to the wall, the floating shelves are mounted on either side of the TV to serve as some sort of framing.

This will add character and visual appeal to your entertainment wall. It will make the space appear less empty and more interestingly styled. 

4. Scandinavian Tv Unit Design Stand


A Scandinavian-styled TV Unit Design is a console or cabinet with tapered legs. It is made of wood and the natural wood grain is highlighted as its main feature. This type of TV Unit usually comes with drawers with its doors painted in white to contrast with the wooden framing of the furniture.

This type of TV unit is ideal for contemporary homes, condo units, and small apartments. If you’re not ready to invest in expensive furniture, you can start with this one. It’s typically affordable, lightweight, but also very durable.

5. Luxury Modern


A luxury modern TV unit design is basically any type of console furniture that embodies the luxurious theme of a modern contemporary home. It could be made of wood or a different material but with a hint of bright sparkly colors like gold, bronze, or silver to truly evoke that modern luxury ambiance.

6. TV Unit with LED Lights


In one of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed entertainment wall designs. Entertainment wall designs commonly have lighting (flushed LED lights) to highlight the wall design feature. Quite similar, you have the option to install LED lights on your TV unit design console or cabinet to make it look extra appealing especially during the night.

Regardless of what cabinet style you choose, adding a lighting design can enhance the look of your living room to a whole new level. When watching movies with the lights dimmed, you can have the LED lights open for a wonderful movie marathon experience.

7. Modern Minimalist


A modern minimalist TV unit design is the kind of console furniture with handle-less cabinets which have grooves called channels to open them. It usually has a solid color either white, gray, or the natural grain of the wood.

This tv unit is perfect for minimalist homes. Its modest appearance also makes it a piece of versatile furniture that can be easily added to any type of interior design look.

8. Low Lying TV Unit


A low-lying TV Unit is a cabinet or console that has more or less 12 inches in height. It lies on the floor and is typically smaller than ordinary console cabinets. This type of TV Unit looks sleek and stylishly modern in homes with limited spaces as well as in luxurious mansions and penthouses.

If you want to have this type of TV unit, make sure you don’t have dogs or pets running around as they might climb onto the surface and topple the decorations.

9. Classic Tv Unit


Classic Tv units are those cabinet consoles with a traditional style inspired primarily from the English and French styles of the 18th and 19th centuries. This type of furniture has intricate design and ornamentation that’s typically seen in traditional luxurious homes.

If you’re into traditional designs like Modern Victorian or Neoclassical, this TV unit design will definitely embody that era.

10. Contemporary Clear Glass

Wood is a common material used to make TV unit furniture but did you know that glass is too? Glass TV consoles are popular because it’s furniture that you can disassemble. Having a glass tv unit can make your space look extra spacious.

The transparency and sleekness of its appeal make it a perfect addition in contemporary homes. Glass consoles also come in a variety of designs. There are consoles with 1-3 tier shelves.

We’ve pretty much covered the different TV unit design ideas commonly found in Singaporean homes. We hope this blog has inspired and helped you decide on what kind of TV unit you should have in your home. If you ever found yourself struggling with the process of designing your living room, feel free to reach us through email or drop a comment down below.

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