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Using feature walls in an interior space is a terrific way to add character to a wall and draw attention to it. Rather than leaving walls dull and empty, interior designers have come up with new creative ways to make them interesting and architecturally appealing.

Adding feature walls is one of them. In this article, we will be talking about one of the most sought-after feature wall designs, especially in living rooms. This is the Fluted Panel TV Feature Wall

What is a Fluted Panel?


Fluted panels are constructed of engineered wood fibers with polyethylene densities or wood plastic composite. It has a natural wood finish and has linear or vertical designs. They typically imitate the look of natural wood.

The materials in which they are made are also are resistant to water, mold, and termite. Fluted panels add texture and depth to walls making them an elegant aesthetic feature that works well with any styles.   

Fluted Panel TV Feature Wall


Among the most common areas where fluted panels are used are in the living room. They are often placed as a backdrop in a wall that will serve as the living room’s focal point. A fluted panel Tv feature wall is popular in Singaporean Contemporary homes, condos, and apartments.

Its design gives off a streamlined sophisticated look that’s perfect in houses with modern, Scandinavian, and minimalist themes. When coupled with the correct furnishings, fluted panels are extremely popular for TV unit walls. It may also be used as a compartment to hide the Tv unit utilities and wires.

Why Is It So Popular?

With the hundreds of wall feature designs out there, what makes the fluted panel so popular? Here are nine reasons why they’re a must-have in your space.

1. It provides a great aesthetic.


Unarguably, having a fluted panel TV feature wall adds a wonderful aesthetic. It creates texture and a sense of continuity in the space. Since fluted panels are also made of wood, they embody nature and in Japanese interiors, they symbolize the presence of a bamboo tree which is known as one of the most popular plants in Japanese culture.

2. Perfect for minimalist homes


So, you want to adapt the minimalist interior design but you think white bare walls are boring. The solution? Fluted panels of course. The earthly natural wood grain color of fluted panels is perfect for minimalist two-toned color palettes. It makes your house look simple, minimal, yet interesting.

3. It is a great feature wall

What is good about having a feature wall like fluted panels is that it gives your eye something to look at. When you look at a TV Unit, you don’t just see the Tv on the wall. You can also admire the craftsmanship and design of the wall where it is mounted. Fluted panels can be used anywhere not just behind Tv Units. They make good partition walls and are considered a unique architectural feature both indoors and outdoors.

4. It is eco-friendly

Since most fluted panels are made of wood-plastic composites (WPC) they are considered environmentally friendly and sustainable. WPCs are frequently regarded as a sustainable material since they can be created from recycled plastics and wood industry waste.

5. It adds depth and texture to the wall


While you can add the texture you your walls using paint, and you can also spruce it up with artwork and mirrors to make it less bare, nothing can beat a feature wall from making it a hundred percent more attractive. If you’ve ever been to retail shops, restaurants, and coffee shops in the malls, you will notice that some, if not most of these commercial establishments use a fluted panel on their walls. It is because it is a simple and straightforward way of adding depth and texture without thinking about paint color, and other elements to make a wall pop.

6. It is considered a contemporary architectural feature

Fluted panels are not only used in walls where they are attached to a concrete structure. Architects and interior designers also use them to serve as a partition wall. If you are considering dividing your spaces into two sections, a fluted panel would be an ideal feature wall.

7. It is simple yet sophisticated to the eye

Wooden elements have the power to transform any space into a sophisticated, elegant, and comfortable environment. When you think of places like salons and spas, resorts, and other places for relaxation, you’ll often see fluted panels on these walls. Aside from the fact that they are simple, they also provide sophistication that makes these places feel and look at their finest.

8. It is clean, calming, and relaxing


Most fluted panels have the color of the wood. However, you also have the option to pint it with a different color if you want to. Its natural earth tone finish is clean, calming, and relaxing to the eye. Regardless of what color scheme you have in your room, the natural color and finish of fluted panels will fit just fine.

9. Serve as an acoustic wall panel.

A common acoustic panel is usually square or rectangular. But did you know that fluted wall panels are good sound absorbers? Yes. Having them in a closed space improves the quality of sound within the room because the grooves between each vertical slat, reduce the number of sound waves that are reflected off the walls.

Fluted Panels are versatile. Whether you want to add one in your living room as a Fluted Panel TV Feature Wall or in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the office, indoor or outdoor areas, it will absolutely look good. Its durability and resistance to any form of damage, water, termite, and mold are exceptional. Fluted panels can be purchased by panel depending on how large the wall you want to cover it with. It is also very easy to install. Moreover, fluted panels come in a wide range of colors and textures, making it simple to create different appearances for feature walls.

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