10 Unique & Creative Space-Saving Bed Ideas


Are You Looking For Beds That Save Space?

Houses, nowadays, are getting smaller and smaller. Most condo units, apartments, and HDBs are compact residential houses. The smallest 3-bedroom HDB is around 60 square meters. Young individuals who are starting to look for houses to buy would prefer smaller boxed-like units because of practical and economic purposes.

Having a small space available to work around the furniture arrangement and décor is a challenging task. You’ll have to come up with ingenious solutions on how to squeeze everything in the space without making it too cramped. Moreover, there is the challenge of incorporating enough storage space to store all the items and keep them organized.

If you have just moved into your new home (or planned to buy a small HDB unit), this blog might be useful for you. Here, we’ve curated the top 10 unique and creative space-saving bed ideas you can do in your very own tiny bedroom. Make the most out of your space by choosing a space-saving bed with lots of functions and benefits.

Below Are 10 Ideas Of Space Saving Bed That Can Save Your Space

1. Murphy Bed

Image source: nytimes.com | Mod Barn’s Murphy beds

A murphy bed, also known as a hidden wall bed or pull-down bed, is perhaps the most common type of space-saving bed. It is a bed that is stored or tucked away vertically in the wall when not in use. Murphy beds are designed to save some space, especially in very small apartments or studio-type condo units where the bedrooms and living areas seem to blend. When a murphy bed is hidden in the wall, the space where the bed was once can be used as a living area, study area, or dining depending on your preferences.

2. Loft Bed


The best way to describe a loft bed is to think about a bunk bed but with no lower bunk. The area where a lower bunk should be is often optimized for storage, a study nook, a closet, or a mini library. If your room is too small to squeeze a study desk or to add a closet and storage space you might need, you can raise your bed and create a loft bed and then utilize the space below in whatever ways you like. 

3. Bed With Storage Space Underneath


Another space-saving bed idea is a bed with storage space underneath. It is usually a normal bed, but instead of a hollow or empty space underneath, the space is utilized for storage. Drawers are custom-built, and they will become part of the structural component of the bed. Storage spaces underneath the bed can be used to store bedding, sheets, blankets, or shoes.

4. Foldable Bed

Image source: unicornglobal.co.uk

We all know what a foldable bed is. It is basically a bed that can be folded and tucked away when not in use. Foldable beds are light and portable. This means that you can easily move them, rearrange, and even carry them with you. There are comfortable foldable beds with soft cushions that can be found in many stores now. So, if you are on a tight budget or renting a house for the short term, a foldable bed is a practical alternative.

5. Trundle Bed


A trundle bed is the type of bed that can be found in hotels. It is a low-wheeled bed that can be pulled out and hidden under a twin-sized bed. This type of bed is often used in children’s rooms and teens’ rooms. When a guest comes over or when you are hosting a pajama party, the trundle bed can be pulled out from underneath the twin bed and can be used as an extra bed for the guests.

6. Desk-Convertible Bed


A desk-convertible bed refers to the type of bed that can be folded and transformed into a desk during the morning. This type of bed is rarely found in retail and furniture stores and is usually custom-built for very small and compact bedrooms. You can create and design your bed that will fit exactly in your space. If you are planning to get your bed custom-built, think of creative ideas on what mechanisms and design features your bed should have to save space.

7. Bunk Bed With Lots Of Storage Space


A bunk bed is also considered a space-saving bed. Two beds take up more floor space, whereas if you create a bunk bed, there will be two beds or sleeping areas but more floor space. Bunk beds can have any storage area. You can use the space underneath the lower bunk to install pull-out drawers where you can store your shoes, clothes, books, and other items in your bedroom.

8. Cabinet Bed


An actual bed would take up more room than a cabinet bed does. The cabinet has the appearance of a small table or buffet when the bed is folded up. The bed frame enlarges, and the cupboard door opens like a drawer. The mattress is brought out from the interior, folded up, and placed on the frame.

9. Divan and Ottoman Beds


An ottoman bed is a bed with an integrated storage mechanism that raises the base with hydraulics to expose storage space below. Since ottoman beds utilize the full space under the bed, they typically have greater storage space than divan or drawer beds. Both ottomans and divan beds are useful options for under-the-bed storage. For those who need authentic style and a large amount of storage, the ottoman is ideal. For those who desire plenty of storage and wish to make a bed smaller and more compact, a divan is a perfect option.

10. Sofa Bed


A sofa bed is a piece of furniture that can be used both as a couch for lounging during the day and as a bed for sleeping at night. These were created with this dual purpose in mind. The majority of sofa beds resemble futons. This kind of furniture forms a bed by lying flat and lacks a conventional mattress. However, sleeper sofas come with a hidden mattress that you can quickly unroll or fold as necessary.

Are you designing a small bedroom and finding it hard to choose the right bed for the space? We got you! Tell us more about your current bedroom interior design project, and let us help you choose the best space-saving bed that would be perfect for your bedroom.

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