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Most people would agree that a home’s most essential space is its living room. The living room is where guests are welcomed, where the family gathers, and where the rest of the house is connected.

It wasn’t that long ago that living rooms were bursting with color. But the vividly colorful classical interiors are giving way to subdued and neutral tones in today’s modern environment. Depending on what color you pick for the walls, you may create the appearance and feel of your living room that you’ve always wanted.

House design with paint is used as a means of creating a mood in the surrounding area. If you’re wondering what are the finest paint colors for living room? In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular hues interior designers are highly recommending. Here are some:

1. Crisp White


White will always be an option. It is the most basic paint yet the most popular simply because there’s so much that you can do with white. A white painted living room may represent modesty, minimalism, or sophistication.

What is also great with white is that it is versatile. You can pretty much decorate and accentuate white with bold bright colors and your living room won’t look like a mess. White is a perfect choice for people who are starting to decorate their house or those who are looking to try out different interior design styles.

2. Lime Green


Deciding to paint your living room right away with bold bright colors may not always be a good choice most especially if you don’t have a clear design scheme. Yet if you want to add a burst of color, start with modest but bright colors.

A Lime green-colored wall or ceiling is a great element to add. It makes the space look vibrant without being overly imposing. In addition to being visually appealing, lime green has a relaxing, soothing effect that makes your home appear clean and fresh.

3. Bright Yellow

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A lot of people are scared to paint their interiors in bold bright yellow. While yellows are not for everyone, it is still considered one of the most popular living room house design with paint colors that can brighten and make any space stand out.

Yellow is unconventional. It creates a chic and stylish vibe that can make your house look like it came straight out of a home design magazine. If you’re into that kind of energy and flair, yellow is a great choice.

However, be extra careful and make sure that you’ve got your mood board and design scheme to follow so you’ll be able to perfectly tie everything together.

4. Neutral


Neutral colors such as white, gray, black, charcoal, and beige will never go out of style. It’s easy to decorate and accentuate a living room with a neutral-colored backdrop. Such hues are calming and pleasing to the eye.

There is no incorrect way to start when it comes to neutrals, regardless of whether you are looking for modern minimalism or a fun boho or rustic atmosphere. Colors such as these are used in most contemporary homes since they accentuate the modernistic approach and offer the interior a distinct look and feel.

5. Sage Green


Green hues are perhaps everyone’s favorite when it comes to painting the living room and this is because green embodies nature. It’s soothing and very relaxing. Sage green is versatile.

Whether you are planning to design your interior in traditional, Victorian, or modern, you can use sage green as a backdrop. Sage green is not only for living rooms. It is also widely used in bedrooms and kitchens.

6. Pastel


Dreaming of a living room like those you’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest? Go for pastel. Pastel colors can be light pink, peach, crimson, powder blue, etc. There’s a whole scheme of pastel colors you can find.

Primary and secondary colors can be softened by adding white to them to create pastel hues, which are also called tints. If you’re thinking of pale pink, it’s basically a red color with a small amount of white mixed in. With each additional layer of white, the color becomes lighter. So, if you want to have a dreamy interior vibe, opt for pastel hues.

7. House Design with Paint Color of Cream


In the same way, that pink is the pastel color of red, the cream is the pastel color of yellow. The cream may be made by combining yellow and white. What makes cream so remarkable is that it is nearly usually the color of choice for most homes.

The color cream is not only suitable for interiors, but it also looks beautiful on the outside. Cream, like white, is generally used as a backdrop and may be combined with or adorned with a range of interior design styles.

8. Lilac


A living room with a soft purple hue induces class and elegance. There are many ways to incorporate the color lilac into your space. You can go bold with it, or go subtle. You can also use lilac to create an interesting color-blocked wall to make a statement.

While lilac may be an unusual color choice, it can however transform your space into something interesting and one of a kind. A lilac-colored space is not something that you see every day so if you’re into making creative avant-garde interiors that will amaze your guests, experiment with new interesting colors.

9. Olive Green

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We can’t get enough of green hues. Among other shades of green olive is the perfect hue for a living area! This lovely shade of green brightens up a room, while still keeping it comfortable and classy at the same time.

Green is a hue of calm and rejuvenation, and it is often associated with nature. Due to its similarity to natural colors, it’s one of the greatest living room house design with paint colors to utilize in your home. For those who don’t have the space for an abundance of home plants, green walls are the answer.

10. Pale Blue-Gray

For living rooms, grey is great since it offers a wide range of options, from barely visible to deep charcoal. It is the perfect base hue for creating your fantasy living room. One shade of gray that designers really love is pale blue-gray.

It is a color that’s torn between dreamy pastel and neutral. It’s the color you see in coastal interior styled homes and Hamptons interior style.

That’s probably a lot of information to process but don’t be overwhelmed! While choosing the right house design with paint color for your interior can be challenging, it’s also a fun and exciting process. If you need further help with regards to choosing the right color for your living space, send us an email and we’ll gladly assist you.

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