The Importance of Shelving for the Wall in Singaporeans’ Life


Introduction About Shelves For A Wall


Along with storage options like drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, etc., shelving for the wall holds an intrinsic value in a home for storage. It is termed the most adaptable and convenient solution to broaden the storage capacity of a house. Wall shelves provide you with an opportunity to display your belongings or masterpiece stylishly and attractively.

In Singapore, where people love to live the way they feel comfortable, an additional storage option is necessary. Wall shelving is becoming essential for everyone with advanced lifestyles. In this article, we have covered some elemental features of wall shelves pertaining to their designs and functionality with respect to compliance with Singaporean Laws.

Popular Types of Shelves for a Wall in Singapore

As we all know, Singaporeans are always finding ways of increasing space in their houses. The concept of wall shelving has become popular in Singaporean homes today. The reason is, it offers a wide storage option compactly and offers great aesthetics. There are an array of shelving types for offices or homes. Let’s have a look at some main highlights.

1. Floating Shelves


These shelves are a simple yet stylish choice for Singaporean residents. Floating shelves create the illusion of a hanging shelf as they are elegantly mounted with the help of invisible attachments that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This shelf type is suitable for displaying decoration pieces, lightweight plants, or books.

2. Cube Shelves


Another type of shelving for the wall is Cube or Box shelf that provides a modern and handy solution for storing things. Its cube-shaped structure combines to form compartments that offer substantial space to store, display or organize things. These shelves have the characteristic of multiple arrangements in different locations and have an antique wall visual appearance.

3. Corner Shelves

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The concept of corner shelves originated to artistically utilize the empty corner spaces of a place. They impeccably occupy the corners to provide a wide display storage option. This type of shelving is best for displaying extra books or ornamental items that have no place in the front showcase.

4. Ladder Shelves


Multi-tier wall shelving design is also called “Ladder Shelves” that incorporates a ladder style to showcase items. These shelves are the most practical and aesthetically appealing option that provides storage differently. You can display or store plants, attractive accessories, and useful books to enhance the splendor of a place.

Attractive Designs of Shelving on Walls

A shelf is designed in a way to make it a deliberate part of a place. Shelf styling depends on the area it is going to be located. The designs used in a living room differ from those that are used for a bathroom. Singaporeans love to design their shelving storage in different styles according to their preferences and suitability to their home or office interiors.

1. Minimalist and Modern Shelving


A preferred shelving style for Singaporeans is Minimalist and Modern shelving. Fine lining, soft finishing, and neutral shades are a favorite choice for a fresh and sophisticated shelving experience. Simple shelf design can merge with any interior. It, without any doubt, adds a touch of elegance to any space.

2. Rustic and Customizable Shelving for the Wall


Rustic often referred to as Industrial shelf design is yet another vintage-inspired shelving option. This design incorporates a wooden or metal appearance lending a rugged or weathered appearance to any space.

Moreover, Singaporeans are now opting for customizable or modular options for their wall shelves. This personalized choice is for those who want flexible and adjustable storage space for rearranging items whenever required.

3. Geometrical Shape Shelving


Geometrical shape designs for shelf-making are gaining popularity in Singapore. Incorporating formations such as triangular, asymmetrical, hexagonal, or any other geometric outlines adds an eye-catching effect and a unique addition to the walls.

Viable Functionality of a Wall Shelf in Singapore


In Singapore, the addition of extra storage space holds immense value to any property. In such instances, shelving for the wall offers a high degree of practicability and feasibility for providing more capacity to store items. It maximizes vertical space, foregoing the need for extra floor space and creating valuable additional space. This contemporary concept allows you to utilize your walls to the maximum level.

The functionality of wall shelving in Singapore extends to multiple areas within a space. Whether it is a bedroom or a living room, the kitchen or even a bathroom, you can make your space according to your choice. Wall shelves for an apartment play a role of a display unit for storing regular-use items or a bookcase. It creates an organized space motivating individuals to work in a clean, spacious environment.

Material Utilization for Making Wall Shelves Singapore


Material usage for constructing wall shelves is strictly compliant with Singapore’s state laws and regulations. According to the Government rule, there must be a great focus on fire safety elements while constructing a building. However, wall shelving in Singapore utilizes material that is in line with these regulations and does not involve any aspect that comes under law violation.

Singaporeans commonly use materials including solid or engineered wood, and metal for creating shelves. This is because these materials are resilient, long-lasting, harmless, and can survive the severe climatic conditions of Singapore. Before making up their mind about wall shelving, Singaporeans always opt for honest suppliers. They fully adhere to the stated laws and regulations while ensuring complete protection.


In Singapore, the wall shelving concept is the most prominent feature of any place. It offers a multipurpose solution for compactly storing many items. There are different types, styles, and designs of decorating walls with aesthetically approved shelves to elevate the magnificence of an area. You can never run short of the perfect wall shelf ideas that complement your space functionality.

The utilization of vertical space for shelving for the wall allows you to make the best use of your place while maintaining your desired ambiance. However, it is crucial to consider the regulatory authorities before considering the material used for wall shelves. Making the right shelving choices can greatly enhance the manageability and charm of your space.

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