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Let’s face it. You’ve heard those stories of people breaking into homes and stealing valuables. And more often than not, they go through the windows rather than the doors. More often than not, many homeowners increase the security of their windows by using hard to break glass, top of the line locks and hinges and even installing CCTV cameras aimed directly where the windows are at.

But is it possible to combine both function and aesthetics when it comes to security? Yes. It is quite possible. Most homes in Singapore have employed the use of window grilles in making sure that the home is secure and protected. However, some people have opted against the use of grilles as it could also present a potential hazard in the event of a fire. In recent years, many companies have developed innovations in design and function for many window grilles. So here are a few things you need to know about Singapore’s window grilles and what you need to consider when opting to have one installed.

1. What Is A Window Grille?


A window grille by definition, is a decorative pattern on a window or door made up of vertical or horizontal bars that divide the piece of glass into smaller panes. Apart from metal, grilles can be made from narrow strips of wood and vinyl.

They are used primarily for the purpose of aesthetics, since it can be arranged in a particular pattern to create an interesting pattern on otherwise dull windows, but in recent times are beginning to serve a more preventive function. There are two types of window grilles Singapore’s modern homes have employed in the last few years. These are namely the slim grilles and the invisible grilles.

2. What Is A Slim Grille?

Perhaps the most classic of the window grille types, the slim grille takes its name from the overall size of its grilles. While most grilles tend to be thick as they are constructed from thicker metals such as an angular bar, the slim window grilles are thin, having a measurement of at least 6mm or less. These type of grilles give off a more classic contemporary feel. Here are a things about the slim window grille Singaporean designers talk about.

  • Protection- Most homes use these grilles as a means of protection. While many homeowners dread the idea of intruders entering the house via a cracked window, the slim grilles provide that much needed obstruction thanks to its equally spaced bars; either horizontally or vertically. With these in place, it will make it virtually impossible for the intruder to enter the home.

  • Flexible and Adaptable- When looking to create a unique and functional window grille, Singaporean designers often use the slim grilles since it can be arranged in a way that makes the room’s windows appear lighter or compact. It can also adapt to various styles such as contemporary, modern, minimalist and industrial.

  • Framed View – Believe it or not, many Singaporeans will agree that a view is something that many would like to look at. However, grilles could easily obstruct and destroy its overall aesthetics. Luckily, slim window grilles can make the view look much more picturesque. Because of its narrow size and overall spacing, homeowners are treated to a picture window of the outside. Depending on how the grilles are placed, you can have a narrow looking frame or even an equally cut view.

3. What Is An Invisible Grille?

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While the slim window grille has remained one of the popular types of window grille Singapore homes use, there is another type that is slowly making its mark in many homes. While regular grilles provide both protection and security, it can also age a house’s exterior and obstruct the view of an otherwise beautiful scenery.

Luckily, there have been innovations in design that provide revolutionary solutions to the age old problem of obstruction and aging. These come in the form of grilles that seemed barely there. These are called invisible window grilles and they have become quite popular with designers and developers. Here are several pros and cons if you should consider using invisible window grilles in your Singaporean home


  • Barely there– As mentioned earlier, grilles tend to obstruct the view of an otherwise beautiful and interesting view .Invisible grilles provide the much needed shape while providing the much needed function. Because they appear seamless in composition, these allow homeowners to enjoy the great and clear view outside without having to move closer to the window

  • Stylish– What makes them unique is the fact that they are designed to accommodate just about any style imaginable. They also make the windows look uncanny from the outside and the best part of all is that they do not rust.

  • Quick Installation and Maintenance– Believe it or not, many designers and contractors will agree that installing invisible grilles are quite easy. There are many professional who specialize in providing these kind of grilles and will easily walk you through the process from manufacturing the grille to installing them. Apart from easy installation, they are also quite easy to maintain and clean, with methods ranging from a damp cloth to simple wiping them with a cleaning solution.

  • Alarm System– Do you recall the concept of the Trojan horse? It appears harmless from the outside, but inside it is a different story. The same principle can be applied to the grilles. Since they appear invisible, they also appear less threatening. Designers and security companies take advantage of this factor and create security systems for these type of window grilles. Once installed, it would appear as though they are barely there, making it difficult to be seen by potential intruders.


  • Accidents– Because the grilles are almost invisible to the naked eye, it also presents a potential hazard in the form of people accidentally walking into the glass. Children who are particularly active and who cannot see the glass could also get hurt. The grille is considered to be particularly strong and could easily knock a person out. It’s important to make sure that everyone is protected from external as well as internal factors.

4. Are They Pricey?


A window grille at a Singaporean price will vary depending on their type, size and overall composition. Slim grilles are easily the most affordable grilles since they come in various styles and the material is abundant. It is normally priced at around $450 to $1000. There are many suppliers who also price this at around $300-$900, relying entirely on the material itself. Invisible grilles, however are of a different variant.

With a very innovative design to boot, you can bet that it will also come with a hefty and innovative price. These kind of grilles are known to be a bit pricier than most window grilles. They range from $1080 to almost $1450. This is due in part to the manufacturing of the grilles’ materials, size, installation and aftercare services.

If you are still sure of employing these grilles, consult other suppliers on their prices and see which one is favorable to you. You can search online for the best suppliers and they can provide you with a consultation as well as a free quote and design. However, you must also consider that when you purchase and install these grilles, these are an investment and you will be glad to have them in your home. So always go for the best and most reasonably priced option.

5. Are There Other Types Of Grilles?


When it comes to creativity and functionality, window grilles come in various shapes and designs. Apart from the popular slim and invisible window grilles, many homeowners prefer employing more creative patterns in their windows.

  • For some that prefer the classical look, grilles shaped like florals and scrolls are often used. Other patterns like meander keys, diamonds and even shutters are also used.
  • For a more eclectic look, patterns utilizing the Moroccan ogee, the fleur de lis and even abstract lines are employed.

However, one must take care when choosing a different type of grille as it could either be prohibited by the hdb property itself or it could age the overall interior entirely.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to choosing a particular window grille for your home, it’s always best to consult with a designer and professional contractor as they are familiar with the property’s regulations as well as the installation and replacement process.  While some HDBs are rather strict with their window grille, Singaporean designers often use HDB approved grille designs when designing or renovating windows.

More importantly, when choosing the perfect window grille, it should not be a daunting task, but rather a fun and engaging experience. Choose suppliers and installers who will be able to work with your budget and size of window as well as overall grille type. You can also go the extra mile and make a unique and completely different window grille.   After all, the most important thing you need to have in your home is protection and security. And that is exactly what window grilles can do for you.

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  1. Hi there, we are looking to install Invisible Grilles in our Living Room (270 x 85 cm), Master Bedroom and Common Room (200 x 85 cm each), preferably bifold. We are also hoping to install roller blinds (blackout) for each of them; Living Room (270 x 175 cm), Master and Common Room (200 x 125 cm each). Can I get an idea of how much it would cost please? Thank you!

  2. Hi wants to enquiry bout invisible grille for hdb flat,4 window n a balcony,how how will it be ,thank u

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  4. Eddie Soh says:

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    2) Can uninstall after the rental period?
    3) More information?

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