Creative Dressing Table Ideas for a Promising Bedroom Outlook

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Dressing Table Ideas For Your Bedroom


A dressing table serves as the most important part of a bedroom. For Singaporeans, a dressing table is not just an additional part of the furniture but an essential functional piece of their bedrooms. They incorporate several dressing table ideas for elevating the room’s practicality.

A common thought is that without a bed, a bedroom is incomplete, but in reality, a room without a dressing table becomes dull and dreary. Following the current trend, numerous dressing table designs can flare up the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom to the next level. Having a single piece of stylish furniture complements the overall interior.

At times, a dressing table is considered an old-fashioned fitting acquiring a huge bedroom space by many. But you will never deny the fact that it is a worthy investment for your belongings. Its multi-functional purpose has made it a necessary piece of furniture to invest in. This article provides useful information about its functionality and practicality for Singaporeans.

Modern Dressing Table Designs Photos


Singaporeans continue to follow ongoing trends and are now more involved in designing their living interiors and bedrooms to make them more sophisticated. They have abandoned the use of space-occupying bulky tables and are welcoming more sleek, stylish, and minimalist structures that give a modern appearance to a space.

Dressing tables come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and formations. They are placed according to your space and interior design style. Some dressing table ideas for an elegant look include:

  • Wall Mounted Sleek Design
  • Transparent Glass top dressing
  • LED lighted adjustable mirror table
  • A Boho Rattan dresser design with a textured appearance
  • A Multifunctional dresser design for HBD bedrooms

From fine-lined thin structure tables to wall-mounted designs that are compact enough to free up floors from occupying additional space, there are many dressing table varieties. The integrated vanity of dressing storage within cupboards is another useful addition.

Unique Makeup Dressing Table Ideas


Makeup is a lifeline for females as it adds color, self-reliance, and confidence to their personalities. Having an urge for a huge collection of branded makeup requires considerable space to keep it safe. But what if you do not have a proper place to store it? This is when you know you need an ample storage option for keeping pricey makeup stuff in an organized way.

Makeup enthusiasts in Singapore, be it anyone; a makeup specialist or a professional beautician, perceives their makeup dressing tables as a sign of their creativity and art. Designing a makeup dressing table of multiple-sized vanity mirrors on a gallery wall stimulates visual interest by creating an artistic piece that can reflect the versatility of holding makeup activities.

A Hollywood-styled vanity dressing table for makeup is accompanied by proper LED lighting and a bulb affixed at the top of the mirror that creates the ideal atmosphere for makeup application.


A floating shelf-styled table is a space-saving idea for those with constricted space to hold a beauty setup. It allows for hanging a huge mirror above the table giving plentiful tabletop space for organizing a great collection of beauty products or decorative items. This efficient shelf arrangement helps to manage cosmetics, brushes, and other beauty items.

A makeup table with an adjustable mirror and pull-out drawers is the most comfortable dresser idea. A well-lit clean mirror is all that you need. Moreover, the installed sliding drawers make it easy for you to arrange your makeover accessories clutter-free.

Additionally, the seating space plays an essential role in increasing comfort level when applying makeup. An upholstered cushioned seat for these types of tables is the best option to opt for making your makeup experiences a joyful one.

A Miscellany of Modern Dressing Table SG

Whether it is a lounge or a bedroom dressing area, Singaporeans prefer including a cultural touch to their interior and decor. Peranakan’s inspired SG dressing table includes a wood carving and Nonya glass panes. It comes with a large mirror, drawers, and lockable shelving for storage which makes it a popular dressing table choice for Singaporeans.

The modern SG dressing table designs come in the form of nature-inspired tables that use bamboo wood with a leafy arrangement. Furthermore, a Scandinavian dressing style in light pastel colors is best suited for a minimalist HDB bedroom.

For small-sized bedrooms, Singaporeans go for a corner or desk-vanity convertible dressing table that looks impressive yet adaptable to less space settings. On the other hand, a sliding mirror dressing design option is gaining more popularity for SG HDB homes due to its great compatibility feature to fit in any room space.

To incorporate culture in designing dressing tables, Singaporeans use traditional furnishings like Malay textiles or porcelain vases. Moreover, a combination of contemporary style and conventional aesthetics elevates your dressing table design.

Eco-Friendly Dressing Table Material Consumption


Singapore puts great emphasis on the eco-friendliness of material usage while manufacturing any furniture. When considering varied dressing table ideas, it is important to pick a dressing table that follows sustainability measures that promote a healthy environment.

Singaporeans mostly use solid or engineering wood while manufacturing eco-friendly, modern dressing tables. They also incorporate sustainable bamboo for wooden furnishing to add a chic visual appeal to the dressing area. They follow governmental policies to protect everyone from hazardous effects.

Dressing Table Ideas: The Significance of Having One


A dressing table is an ideal addition to a bedroom that plays a pivotal role in our lives. Its functionality and style ultimately elevate its worth. Check out some highlighted points on the importance of a dressing table and why you need one:

  • It helps individuals to maintain their daily care and personal grooming routine.
  • It provides a generous storage solution for housing expensive accessories with its shelving, drawers, or compartment setups.
  • The mirror on the table acts as a centerpiece of attention and makes the room look more attractive.
  • It transforms the bedroom ambiance with its distinct designs.

Final Words

With our extensive dressing table ideas, you now have multiple options to choose from for your bedroom interior. A dressing table is not just an addition to your room but rather an important piece of furniture that helps reflect your personality whilst adding aesthetics to a boring room.

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